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Harder Search...

Google now requires the word 'porn' in the search string before image search will reveal the hard stuff

Link Here13th December 2012

Google has  rolled out a change to its image search algorithm overnight that makes it tougher to stumble across adult pictures, whether or not you're searching for them.

Here's how a Google representative explains the change:

We are not censoring any adult content, and want to show users exactly what they are looking for -- but we aim not to show sexually-explicit results unless a user is specifically searching for them. We use algorithms to select the most relevant results for a given query. If you're looking for adult content, you can find it without having to change the default setting -- you just may need to be more explicit in your query if your search terms are potentially ambiguous. The image search settings now work the same way as in Web search.

In other words, if you have SafeSearch turned off, you can still probably find anything you're looking for by appending the word porn to your search.



Parted Lips...

Prototype remote kissing device unveiled

Link Here3rd August 2012

A new messaging device, dubbed Kissenger, lets users send kisses wirelessly to one another.

Unveiled at the Designing Interactive Systems conference in Newcastle, UK, in June, Kissenger comprises a pair of pressure-sensitive soft plastic lips which protrude through a smooth plastic casing the size of a large Easter egg.

The lips contain pressure sensors and actuators. When you kiss them, the shape changes you create are transmitted in real time over the net to a receiving Kissenger. There, the actuators reproduce the mirror image of the pressure patterns you created.

Hooman Samani of Singapore-based Lovotics developed the device. For the moment it is a prototype and Samani says it will not be commercialised until all the ethical and technical considerations are covered .



Offsite Article: Dorset Police Censorship...

Link Here3rd August 2012
Full story: Trivial Insults and Jokes...Authorities persecuting insulting comments on Facebook and Twitter
The arrest of the Tom Daley tweeter was not an isolated act by idle coppers -- it was part of today's sweeping culture of intolerance. By Brendan O'Neill See article from



Update: Stoning as an Olympic Sport...

Femen brighten up the Olympics with an anti-sharia topless protest

Link Here3rd August 2012

Four topless activists from a women's rights group were arrested after they carried out a protest in central London.

The protesters accused the Olympics' governing body of having supported bloody Islamist regimes.

The demonstration near Tower Bridge, described as an Islamic marathon by the protesters, was organised by the Ukrainian feminist group Femen.

Protesters said the demonstration was against bloody Islamist regimes which they said had been supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Some of the women had slogans marked on their bare chests. At least one carried the message: No Sharia .

In a statement published on its Facebook page, the protest group said a number of its French members had been arrested. It said:

Femen requires the states that apply the laws of sharia be shut out of the Olympic games, because of the inhumanity of these laws, which are in total contradiction with Olympic principles that are peace and philanthropy.

Femen accuses these states of simulating democratic changes regarding the position of women.

With the support of the IOC, these Islamist governments use the participation of women in the Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead.

If the IOC keeps flirting with radical Islam, new Olympic disciplines, such as stoning or speed raping will be added to the competition.



Update: Religions of Peace...

Religious clashes near Cairo

Link Here3rd August 2012

Muslims have attacked a church and Christian homes in a village close to the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The BBC reports that at least 16 people were wounded in the unrest in Dahshur.

The attack was triggered by the death of a Muslim man as a result of wounds sustained in clashes on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, the Coptic Archbishop of Giza reports that the town's Christian community has now fled.



Offsite Article: Who's to Judge What People Believe?...

Link Here3rd August 2012
A 10-year-old Jewish girl has been permitted to become a Christian after a judge rejected claims by her mother that she had been brainwashed and was too young to change faith. See article from



Offsite Article: Thailand's image in the eyes of tourists...

Link Here2nd August 2012
A few interesting points but the article hardly enhances Thailand's image for good newspaper presentation See article from



Offsite Article: Video: Pattaya's only naturist hotel...

Link Here2nd August 2012
Owned by the Naturist Association Thailand, Chan Resort in Pattaya is the only naturist resort in Thailand which allows guests to fully enjoy the natural surroundings of the area – without wearing clothes. See article from



Today's Weather: Cloudbursts Likely at Any Time...

Don't trust clouds in times of extreme PC

Link Here1st August 2012
Full story: Cloud Computing...How safe is your dat?...not very

Users of Microsoft's consumer cloud service SkyDrive have had their accounts suspended for inadvertently breaking the terms of their end user agreements.

WMPoweruser reports that a user in the Netherlands, going by the pseudonym WingsOfFury , lost access to his Windows Live account, including Hotmail and Xbox Live, after uploading 9GB of content to a private SkyDrive folder.

After asking for advice on a Dutch forum and contacting Microsoft, he was told his account had been blocked because he had uploaded content that violated the terms of service.

The software giant would not explain what WingsOfFury had uploaded that broke the rules, only that it related to files containing nudity, partial nudity, pornography, or content containing links to external sites that contain similar content.

And in these times of extreme PC the slightest insult can be arbitrarily deemed 'inappropriate' and the mildest picture can be seens as 'sexualised'.

Update: Dropbox: Don't trust it for anything valuable

9th August 2012. See article from . Thanks to Nick

Marco Arment is the creator of Instapaper, co-founder of Tumblr, and Internet-famous software developer. Responding to a listener question about the insecurity of Dropbox, he said:

Anything that is really sensitive or extremely valuable or needs to be kept very secret, I wouldn't store on anybody else's servers. That, to me, seems ridiculous unless I held the encryption keys like with the online backup service that I use.

Marco makes some salient points worth repeating here for users who may not be fully aware of how services like Dropbox typically work and the ramifications of storing your data off-premise. In case you didn't realize, Dropbox holds the keys to encrypt and decrypt your data on their servers.

This means that a Dropbox employee could theoretically view (or steal) your data. Why do they hold the keys? Dropbox isn't just online backup, it's a collaboration tool. In order to offer public file sharing features, they have to be able to decrypt data that is stored on their servers.

They also need to be able to decrypt data for legal reasons -- if they get a DMCA takedown notice or a subpoena from the US government requesting certain files, servers, or even racks of servers [1]. And because Dropbox hosts data for 25,000,000+ users, some of which are undoubtedly doing very bad things, the likelihood of being served with a subpoena is far greater for them than for an individual person or organization.



Chirpy Chirpy Censor Shite...

New app to send sound encoded messages to phones within earshot

Link Here25th July 2012

An app that transmits data via sound aims to simplify the way users share images and other files between smartphones.

Chirp plays a two-second long noise that sounds as if it was made by a robotic bird. When heard by other devices it triggers a download. Chirp has the advantage that it can quickly send data to multiple devices at once. If recipients are offline their devices will remember the chirp and download associated content later.

The software was developed by Animal Systems, a spin-off business from University College London (UCL). It is free to use, but companies will be charged a fee for add-on services.

The small team of computer scientists who've developed the app at UCL have big ambitions. They want the word to chirp to enter the vocabulary, they see a future where you pay for a can of drink with a chirp, where crowds at events receiving mass chirps over the tannoy or radio audiences hold their phones up to be sent chirped information.

However Animal Systems seem to a censorial streak and will prevent users from transmitting links to adult content. Animal Systems subscribes to a blacklist service to block known pornographic or illegal-content website links. However, the company says it does not plan to censor other material.

Chirp is currently available as an iPhone app. An Android version is promised soon


29th April   

Future World...

University researchers claim that sex androids could service customers by 2050
Link Here

The future of sex tourism lies in robot prostitutes, two Victoria University researchers have theorised.

Management professor Ian Yeoman, a futurist with an interest in tourism, and sexologist Michelle Mars have looked to how red light districts might operate in the year 2050.

The futuristic scenario of sex tourism suggests android prostitutes will reign supreme, eliminating the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections in an industry free from sex slavery.

Their paper: Robots, Men And Sex Tourism , published in the journal Futures , imagines a sex club in Amsterdam named Yub-Yum.

Sexual tourists will pay about 10,000 Euro for an all-inclusive service from massages and lap dances to intercourse from the scantily-clad sexbots parading around.

The androids would be made of bacteria resistant fibre and would be flushed for human fluids, therefore guaranteeing no STIs are transferred between consumers.

Clients could feel guilt free as they actually have not had sex with a real person and would not have to lie to their partner. [Maybe a little bit of a simplistic view].


13th April   

Open and Decentralized DNS...

Working on a technology to work around internet censorship by DNS
Link Here

A Domain Name Server translates the human readable URL (eg into the IP address (eg, use by computers on the internet.

This Domain Name System has recently become a censorship tool eg by the US who have been frequently banning websites by ensuring that US DNS servers refuse to look up a banned URL. The US had threatened to introduce even more broad powers with the introduction of the SOPA legislation.

In a response to growing attempts at censorship, various alternative DNS systems have been proposed with an emphasis on those that can't be meddled with by the authorities. The latest, called ODDNS, comes out of France.

As its name suggests, ODDNS (Open and Decentralized DNS) is an open and decentralized DNS system running on the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) model. It's creator, web developer Jimmy Rudolf, told PCinpact he invented the system with two specific aims in mind.

  • The first, and of most interest to people fighting censorship, is to show governments that it is not possible to prevent people from talking.
  • The second, of interest to anyone who owns and maintain their own domain names, is to take back control of them.

ODDNS is an application which allows everyone running the software to share information about domain names with each other, a bit like how a P2P network functions. ODDNS can supplement or even replace regular DNS.

Because domain names and related IP addresses are shared among peers in the network, they can no longer be censored.

Still under development, as expected the source code to ODDNS is licensed under GNU GPLv3. PCinpact reports that the current ODDNS website will be updated next week and the first beta release of the software will follow shortly after.


27th March   

Blocking the Hidden Areas of the Internet...

IWF publish their Annual Report for 2011
Link Here

The IWF press release leads on the new concept that child abuse images available on the internet are being hidden in secret portions of seemingly legitimate web sites.

The IWF explains the issue:

Criminals are disguising websites to appear as if they host only legal content. However, if an internet user follows a predetermined digital path which leads them to the website, they will see images and videos of children being sexually abused.

There are several reasons why this method is used. Firstly, it masks the criminal website from those who have not followed the correct digital path. Secondly, it means that a commercial child sexual abuse business may be able to acquire legitimate business services if the website appears to host legal content when accessed directly -- essentially tricking companies into providing their services for what is actually a criminal enterprise.

These disguised websites have not yet been encountered on UK servers but the IWF is working with its Members -- the online industry - and other Hotlines around the world to effectively tackle this trend.

In general the report shows a very laudable near 100% focus on the blocking and taking down of child related material, and doing so speedily.

A useful statistic from the IWF is the number of illegal domains detected. This has declined from a 2006 peak of 3077 domains down to 1595 in 2011. (although this is an increase from 1351 in 2010). Thankfully this seems a pretty low figure for a worldwide statistic. Presumably most of these have subsequently been taken down too.

On the subject of illegal adult material, the IWF received 2779 reports. Only 2 reports were about material hosted in the UK and therefore actionable by the IWF. One of these cases ended up in material being taken down, the other had already been removed prior to action. Most of the other reports involved material hosted abroad. The IWF do not take any action in this case (presumably because the material is probably legal where it is hosted).

There is no comment about whether the recent UK obscenity acquittal of fisting and urolagnia material has had any impact on the IWF definition of illegal adult material.


26th March   

Dangerous Technology...

Microsoft and NetClean provide PhotoDNA software to law enforcement agencies to enable fast matching of images against known child abuse images
Link Here

Microsoft and NetClean have announced a joint effort to combat the sexual exploitation of children by making Microsoft PhotoDNA technology available and accessible to law enforcement agencies worldwide to help enhance child sex abuse investigations.

As the UK Hotline for the public to report child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world - the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) will be one of the first organisations to employ this technology. The technology will be provided to law enforcement agencies, at no charge.

PhotoDNA is an image-matching technology developed by Microsoft Research in collaboration with Dartmouth College that creates a unique signature for a digital image, something like a fingerprint, that can be compared with the signatures of other images to find copies of that image. NCMEC and online service providers such as Microsoft and other online service providers currently use PhotoDNA to help find, report and eliminate some of the worst-known images of child sexual abuse.

Presumably it works on the geometrics within the picture, perhaps like facial recognition and wireframe modelling of pose, and so it can match pictures regardless of encoding, compression, size and, to some extent, cropping.

The technology will allow faster review of the massive number of seized images so investigators and prosecutors can tackle more cases whilst limiting the exposure of investigators to the images.

No doubt the technology will be equally effective in detecting rude pictures of heads of state, celebrity sex and cartoons of Mohammed, or whatever other pictures the authorities would like to put people in prison for.


11th January   

Cumming At Ya...

Television X to broadcast a one-off Angel Long special in Soft 3D
Link Here

The softcore UK adult TV station, Television X, is about to make British broadcasting history by being the first to broadcast in 3D.

The Society 3D will be broadcast on 13th and 14th of January on Television X and its sister channel Red Hot TV to subscribing Sky customers with a 3D TV.

Those who have a 3D TV can watch the interlaced side-by-side version which uses state of the art technology to create the 3D images.

In this one-off 3D special, Television X follows a submissive Angel Long as she is initiated into the sex-mad world of The Society. The landmark film has been produced by Kaizen XXX, which employed many techniques in order to make the 3D effects really impressive.

For the opening image, which shows Angel blowing smoke rings into the viewers face, to the final, closing 'pop' shot, I aimed to make this film an iconic piece of porn history, said Andy P from the production house.

We are really excited about bringing an intensely erotic experience to our customers across the UK and Ireland, said Head of Programming for Television X Chris Ratcliff: The UK has never seen anything like this!

And for once, being totally softcore may be an advantage. Viewers won't have to be worried about being poked in the eye by a long hard dick.

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