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News Monday 16th January...

BBFC NewsBBFC Daily Poster Fist Fight 2017 Richie Keen
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

World Censorship

News of censors, censorship and press freedom from around the world.



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Recent World


15th Jan
Poster Personal Shopper 2016 Olivier Assayas
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
South AsiaSouth Asia

14th Jan
cbfc cuts xxx return of xander cage
FXXXing censorship
xXx: Return of Xander Cage is cut by the Indian film censor
UK NewsUK News matt hancock
Government Opportunities
Minister calls meeting of newspaper representatives to discuss censorship and 'fake' news
BBFC NewsBBFC Daily Poster Klunkerz 2006 William Savage
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC

13th Jan
Poster Disneys Newsies the Broadway Mu 2017
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Embrace, Door To the Other Side

11th Jan
Poster All Nighter 2017 Gavin Wiesen
Weekly US Ratings from the MPAA
Latest classification decisions
Africa NewsAfrica News kenya film classification board logo
Following Britain's lead
Kenya's film censors make a power grab for internet censorship
BBFC NewsBBFC Daily fallen
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
EU NewsWest Europe

9th Jan
government germany press office logo
Update: Defence Centre against Misinformation
German government plans revealed to set up a propaganda and internet censorship office
World NewsEast Europe roskomnadzor logo
Update: Suicide Watch
Russia's internet censors casts its nets wide when banning websites referencing suicide

8th Jan
Poster Ok Jaanu 2017 Shaad Ali
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions

Previous World

UK NewsUK News

7th Jan
Offsite Article: All the stories you'd have missed if Section 40 had applied
The local press does its bit in the campaign against the shameful Section 40 newspaper censorship
Australia NewsAussie News

6th Jan
BBC censors news story about an advert being censored in Australia
Another example where BBC does its best to avoid spelling out of the complaint
EU NewsWest Europe
Political agitation
Finnish MP fined for voicing popular sentiments about terrorists
World NewsAsia Pacific

5th Jan
Update: Western subversion blocked
Chinese Government orders the censorship of the New York Times Apple app

4th Jan
Weekly US Ratings from the MPAA
Latest classification decisions
EU NewsWest Europe
Update: No struggle with the sales figures
Mein Kampf, German edition sells well after years of being banned
World NewsMiddle East
Update: State censors claim more ground
Israel's parliament passes first reading for a bill to censor Facebook and social media
UK NewsUK News
Offsite Article: Disgracing Britain
If another country had a press law like Section 40, Britain would condemn it for persecuting journalists. By Rachael Jolley
World NewsMiddle East

3rd Jan
Clash of Civilisations
Iran blocks mobile game Clash of Clans
World NewsAsia Pacific

2nd Jan
Offsite Article: Demystifying New Zealand's Classification System
How New Zealand tries to keep down film censorship costs by accepting lower categories from other countries, but notes that films are still 'soft banned' when censorship costs make distribution unviable
EU NewsWest Europe

1st Jan
Unconvincing fake justification
The Czech Republic launches a news censor targetting fake news and Russian propaganda that may effect upcoming elections

31st Dec
El Inca
Venezuelan court bans boxing film biography over a legal challenge by the boxer's family
World NewsMiddle East

30th Dec
Russia recommends
Charlie Hebdo's Russian plane crash edition
EU NewsWest Europe
Something to hide?
Irish national archives reveal a long struggle to open historical files from the film censor's office
South AsiaSouth Asia

28th Dec
Miserable Bangladesh
Bangladesh internet censors specify their first 500 porn websites for blocking
World NewsAsia Pacific

23rd Dec
Update: No comment
China bans people from posting their own social media videos about current affairs
Australia NewsAussie News
Big business against people's fair use
Australian Productivity Commission Report Sparks More Unproductive Whining from Copyright Monopolists
UK NewsUK News
Offsite Article: Hopefully the UK's free press will be maintained
Karen Bradley appears to play down likelihood of invoking disgraceful new law designed to force news papers to accept press censorship or else face deliberately unjust court decisions in libel cases
EU NewsWest Europe

21st Dec
Update: But will the government listen?
European Court of Justice finds that the UK mass snooping regime is too broad and must be reigned in
EU NewsWest Europe
If it comes to term
French lawmakers introduce bill to ban 'false' information on anti-abortion websites
EU NewsWest Europe
Offsite Article: A first in recent times
Possession of a banned book gets added to the charge sheet of an Irish man being prosecuted for serious child assault offences
Weekly US Ratings from the MPAA
Latest classification decisions
EU NewsWest Europe

20th Dec
Update: Countering take down abuse
France debates bill to protect ISPs from the use of take down orders as a means of censorship
World NewsAsia Pacific
Maybe not such a good idea to scare the driver behind
Thailand bans ghostly car window stickers
World NewsAsia Pacific
Offsite Article Blurred thinking
Trans performer blurred out on Indonesian TV plus several other examples of inane TV censorship
World NewsMiddle East

19th Dec
Update: Peeling away options for circumvention of internet censorship
Turkey blocks Tor
World NewsAsia Pacific

18th Dec
Offsite Article: Wallowing in praise
A happy censor describes life in New Zealand's Office of Film and Literature Classification. Perhaps someone cut out the critical bits.
World NewsMiddle East
Offsite Article: A brief history of film censorship in Egypt
Giving a sense of the absurd state of censorship in Egypt. By Ahmed Shawky Ali
South AsiaSouth Asia

17th Dec
Update: Meat Wagon
Jeremy Clarkson's The Grand Tour scores a big hit in India where there is a rich vein if sensitivity to offend
World NewsAsia Pacific

16th Dec
Update: Censorship by decree
Thailand's military junta extends mass snooping and internet censorship in new law
World NewsAsia Pacific

15th Dec
Update: Not as many as the BBFC will soon block in the UK
Malaysian internet censors block about 5000 websites

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