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moviesMovie News Poster 120 Battements Par Minute 2017 Robin Campillo
Pulses set racing in Romania
Christian Orthodox group protests at cinemas showing gay themed films
InternetInternet News avn logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Inside the UK Age Verification Law
What the new regulations mean for your US business

Media Censorship

Ofcom are the UK TV censors who regulate UK commercial TV via broadcast, cable and satellite.

The BBC regulate themselves and UK Internet TV will soon have to submit to a basic level of regulation




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moviesMovie News

19th Feb
Poster Inxeba 2017 John Trengove
Wounded by censors
A south African film with a gay theme has been effectively banned from mainstream cinema release by the film censor by unfairly classifying it as pornography
InternetInternet News

18th Feb
mindgeek ageid logo
First the Daily Mail demands that porn sites verify age
Now when they are all set to go, the Daily Mail decides that porn sites are not fit and proper companies to be trusted with implementing the checks
InternetInternet News google images logo
Images of compromise
Google tweaks its Image Search at the behest of Getty Images
TV CensorshipTV News cukur
The pits of world censorship
Turkish TV company fined for unbeeped strong language on its internet player
Art NewsArt News minnesota body positive
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Body positive art seen in a negative light
PC confusion in Minnesota
InternetInternet News

17th Feb
lynx scrum
Wash your mouth out with (Dove) soap
Unilever boss lays into Facebook and Google saying algorithms do not produce a squeaky clean enough environment for the Unilever brand
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
Endangering porn stars
German courts finds that Facebook's real name policy is illegal and a Belgian court tells Facebook to delete tracking data on people not signed up to Facebook
InternetInternet News calais rant video
Is internet censorship thriving under the radar in the UK?
YouTube videos that are banned for UK eyes only
TV CensorshipTV News new year gala
China doesn't know the west's rules about blackface
One of the world's most watched TV shows breaks the most basic of PC rules
moviesMovie News kofic logo
Putting past censorship wrongs right
Korea appoints a new head of the Korean Film Council
InternetInternet News doj logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Forgive her Lord for she knows not what she does
US Judge rules that embedding a tweet can be copyright infringement
Games NewsGames News Kentucky state seal
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Kentucky governor, endorsed by the gun lobby, blames video games for school shootings
But even if he were correct, wouldn't it be a good idea to prevent 'corrupted' gamers from being to get their hands on guns?
moviesMovie News

16th Feb
Poster Red Sparrow 2018 Francis Lawrence
Red Sparrow
BBFC advised category cuts have been made for a 15 rated cinema release
moviesMovie News Poster Peter Rabbit 2018 Will Gluck
Commented: Allergies are nothing to be sneezed at
Allergy UK recommends the new children's movie Peter Rabbit
InternetInternet News

15th Feb
asi logo
Commented: Maybe more about asking why Google can't do the same
The UK reveals a tool to detect uploads of jihadi videos
InternetInternet News reverse netzdg
Extract: Flawed Social Media Law
Human Rights Watch criticises the recent German internet censorship law that leaves social media companies with little choice but to take down any complained about posts without due consideration
moviesMovie News

14th Feb
Poster Ready Player One 2018 Steven Spielberg
Ready Player One
New Spielberg film is cut for nudity

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InternetInternet News

6th Feb
A new YouTube badge will mark state propaganda
YouTube announces that it will indicate when news videos are from state funded sources
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Russia's Internet Censorship on the rise
A new report has revealed the escalating internet censorship situation in Russia, with a record number of cases being reported in the past year.
TV CensorshipTech News

5th Feb
Extract: Deepfakery
Trailblazing censorship for the trailblazing technology of fake celebrity porn videos
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: When censorship is left to commercial interests that are not interested
Private Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Fight Hate or Defend Democracy: Here Are Some Better Ideas. By the EFF
TV CensorshipStage News

4th Feb
Taking a bow
Royal Court theatre in London pulls drama about Tibet for fear of offending China
TV CensorshipTV News
Seeking brownie points
Piers Morgan is 'outraged' by an arse licking cartoon broadcast by the BBC
Art NewsArt News
Offsite Article: Caravaggio killed a man. Should we therefore censor his art?
To remove art because it is tainted by the sins of its maker sets an impossible standard for art institutions. Yet that is what is happening. By Svetlana Mintcheva
TV CensorshipTech News

3rd Feb
Offsite Article: The Internet of Dongs
Hacking sex toys for security and privacy
InternetInternet News

2nd Feb
Introducing the British Board of Film and Internet Censors
Houses of Commons and Lords approve the appointment of the BBFC as the UK's internet porn censor
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
XBiz publishes an interesting technical report on how the various age verification tools will work
InternetInternet News
The Origin of Facebook's World
Facebook defends art censorship case in France saying that the complaint has been made to the wrong part of the company
Music NewsMusic News
To Muslim zealots' dismay, Indonesians love raunchy dangdut music
The law against performances of people dancing or moving in an erotic fashion is not universally observed
moviesMovie News

1st Feb
Fifty Shades Freed
Passed 18 uncut by the BBFC, but few other western countries consider that it is needs an adults only rating
advertsAdvert News
ASA's top 10 adverts for 2017
As judged by amount of easily offended whingers that were wound up
InternetInternet News
But at least it helps keeps China's businesses out of the west
China official bans censor evading VPNs from the end of March
TV CensorshipPhone News
Blued out
Gay dating apps banned from Google Play Store on orders from the Indonesian government
InternetInternet News

31st Jan
Extract: A phishers, scammers and blackmailers' charter
Broadband Genie survey reveals that only 11 to 20% of people will be happy providing identity data for age verification purposes
InternetInternet News
Government abusers
Appeals court finds that the Government's snooping law is an abuse of rights
InternetInternet News
Opposing fake copies of copyright law
BT and EE go to Supreme Court opposing unfunded court requirements to block trademark abusing websites when there is no law to enable such blocks
TV CensorshipTech News
Cutting out the middleman
Firefox browser to support peer to peer internet protocols that allow users to bypass government censorship and surveillance
InternetInternet News
Censorship tyranny
Virginia lawmaker proposes a $20 tax charge for internet users to be able to access adult websites
TV CensorshipStage News

30th Jan
Censorship Diktat
Stage play, Only a dictator is banned in Turkey's major cities
Art NewsArt News
Offsite Article: Moralist Upsurge in Brazil Revives Censorship of the Arts
The offensive affects the artistic world in general, not just the shows or exhibitions that have been directly cancelled in recent months.

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