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News Monday 23rd April...

InternetInternet News count dankula pug video
Grossly offensive prosecution
Free speech hero Count Dankula fined 800 pounds for Nazi pug Youtube gag
InternetInternet News snapp dogg trippin
Commented: Hurt feelings in Liverpool
Woman convicted for commonly used racial insults from a rap song, that are then ramped up to 'hate' crimes by the personal perception of the investigating police officer
InternetInternet News iwf 2017
Concentrating on what it does best
IWF publishes its annual report for 2017 and notes that it now longer has the role to censor adult porn on the internet
InternetInternet News Russian Duma logo
Extract: Id required for social media users
Yet more internet censorship laws on the way in Russia

News Sunday 22nd April...

InternetInternet News jeremy hunt
Parents will be driven nuts if their kids can't spend all day on YouTube and Facebook
Jeremy Hunt demands that social media companies immediately ban under 13s from using their apps and websites
InternetInternet News switter logo
Web host Cloudfare bans sex workers social media site, Switter
America's new FOSTA censorship law is proving devastatingly effective as adult consensual sex work related content has already been deleted from the US internet
InternetInternet News Google logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Right To Be Forgotten
Should Google Decide Alone? By Ray Walsh

Media Censorship

Ofcom are the UK TV censors who regulate UK commercial TV via broadcast, cable and satellite.

The BBC regulate themselves and UK Internet TV will soon have to submit to a basic level of regulation




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Games NewsGames News

21st Apr
Rocket League Collector's Edition
Player Unknowns in Censorship Battlegrounds
Netherlands censors put 4 video games on notice that they will be banned if they don't remove loot boxes
InternetInternet News

20th Apr
alarm clock
Don't forget the BBFC age verification consultation ends on Monday
Note that BBFC has now re-opened its web pages with the consultation details
moviesMovie News Poster Little Vampire 3d 2017 Richard Claus and Karsten Kiiler
The Little Vampire
Children's cartoon required BBFC category cuts for a U rated cinema release
moviesMovie News lawrence of arabia
Cinema returns to Saudi Arabia after 37 years of being banned
And of course the first film was cut by the censors
InternetInternet News

19th Apr
european commission logo
European Production Orders
The EU proposes that mass snooping data must be produced by internet companies with 6 hours of a police request
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Old injustices
Facebook found to be issuing posting punishments for years old posts that were OK at the time but are now contrary to recently updated censorship rules
InternetInternet News Google logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Internet users left searching for help
Google has redesigned its tools so that anti-censorship tools can no longer user Google as a proxy to evade state internet blocking
InternetInternet News ICANN logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Whois
Time has run out and the internet overlords are still confused about what to do about the domain 'whois' service that will soon be illegal under EU GDPR privacy protection.
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Facebook responds to the EU GDPR privacy requirements
With a pretty new settings pages that boil down to either consenting to Facebook tracking your internet use or else deleting your Facebook account
TV CensorshipTV News

18th Apr
russia today international logo
Ofcom get heavy with RT seemingly with an intent to ban it
The government does not like Russian propaganda channel casting doubt about Salisbury murder attempt and the Syrian chemical weapon attack
InternetInternet News Putin's war room
Russians don't play games
Russia blocks thousands of websites connected to casino games and sports betting
InternetInternet News telegram logo
Threatening clouds
Russia blocks millions of websites to try and force hosting companies to take down the encrypted messenger app, Telegram
Music NewsMusic News Rotting Christ - In Domine Sathana DVD
Rotting Christ
Heavy metal band jailed as they enter Georgia for gig
Games NewsGames News

17th Apr
Agonising cuts
Publishers explain that they are having to censor the upcoming video game, Agony, to get an ESRB M rating
InternetInternet News Weibo logo
Updated: Just sayin' but the most strident anti-gay politicians often turn out to be gay themselves
Chinese social media site Weibo launches a 3 month campaign against gay content
InternetInternet News

16th Apr
telegram logo
Russia fails to steam open the envelopes
As Russian court announces Telegram ban, users stand defiant, amused... and worried
InternetInternet News avsecure
Offsite Article
Offsite Podcast: Podcast: Steve Winyard - Age Verification and AV Secure
Perhaps the most hopeful age verification technology where you can be age verified for porn at your local supermarket without providing any ID whatsoever
moviesMovie News full treatment
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The Full Treatment reveals a scene cut from previous releases of this Hammer thriller but now restored for 2018 Blu-ray

Previous Media

InternetInternet News

6th Feb
A new YouTube badge will mark state propaganda
YouTube announces that it will indicate when news videos are from state funded sources
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Russia's Internet Censorship on the rise
A new report has revealed the escalating internet censorship situation in Russia, with a record number of cases being reported in the past year.
TV CensorshipTech News

5th Feb
Extract: Deepfakery
Trailblazing censorship for the trailblazing technology of fake celebrity porn videos
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: When censorship is left to commercial interests that are not interested
Private Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Fight Hate or Defend Democracy: Here Are Some Better Ideas. By the EFF
TV CensorshipStage News

4th Feb
Taking a bow
Royal Court theatre in London pulls drama about Tibet for fear of offending China
TV CensorshipTV News
Seeking brownie points
Piers Morgan is 'outraged' by an arse licking cartoon broadcast by the BBC
Art NewsArt News
Offsite Article: Caravaggio killed a man. Should we therefore censor his art?
To remove art because it is tainted by the sins of its maker sets an impossible standard for art institutions. Yet that is what is happening. By Svetlana Mintcheva
TV CensorshipTech News

3rd Feb
Offsite Article: The Internet of Dongs
Hacking sex toys for security and privacy
InternetInternet News

2nd Feb
Introducing the British Board of Film and Internet Censors
Houses of Commons and Lords approve the appointment of the BBFC as the UK's internet porn censor
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
XBiz publishes an interesting technical report on how the various age verification tools will work
InternetInternet News
The Origin of Facebook's World
Facebook defends art censorship case in France saying that the complaint has been made to the wrong part of the company
Music NewsMusic News
To Muslim zealots' dismay, Indonesians love raunchy dangdut music
The law against performances of people dancing or moving in an erotic fashion is not universally observed
moviesMovie News

1st Feb
Fifty Shades Freed
Passed 18 uncut by the BBFC, but few other western countries consider that it is needs an adults only rating
advertsAdvert News
ASA's top 10 adverts for 2017
As judged by amount of easily offended whingers that were wound up
InternetInternet News
But at least it helps keeps China's businesses out of the west
China official bans censor evading VPNs from the end of March
TV CensorshipPhone News
Blued out
Gay dating apps banned from Google Play Store on orders from the Indonesian government
InternetInternet News

31st Jan
Extract: A phishers, scammers and blackmailers' charter
Broadband Genie survey reveals that only 11 to 20% of people will be happy providing identity data for age verification purposes
InternetInternet News
Government abusers
Appeals court finds that the Government's snooping law is an abuse of rights
InternetInternet News
Opposing fake copies of copyright law
BT and EE go to Supreme Court opposing unfunded court requirements to block trademark abusing websites when there is no law to enable such blocks
TV CensorshipTech News
Cutting out the middleman
Firefox browser to support peer to peer internet protocols that allow users to bypass government censorship and surveillance
InternetInternet News
Censorship tyranny
Virginia lawmaker proposes a $20 tax charge for internet users to be able to access adult websites
TV CensorshipStage News

30th Jan
Censorship Diktat
Stage play, Only a dictator is banned in Turkey's major cities
Art NewsArt News
Offsite Article: Moralist Upsurge in Brazil Revives Censorship of the Arts
The offensive affects the artistic world in general, not just the shows or exhibitions that have been directly cancelled in recent months.

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