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News Tuesday 21st January...

new zealand government logo
The cost of censorship
New Zealand Government debates how to apply age ratings to internet TV
the truth has changed poster
The Truth Has Changed
Political theatre show cancelled by the venue after what sounds like a bit of an argument
kfc zinger video
Advert News
Collective Shout recommend
An Australian TV advert for KFC's Zinger Popcorn Box
Then Came Massacre: The Extraordinary Story of England's Maurice Tate by Justin
Offsite Article: Does this also mean readers are being profiled as terrorists for reading sport reports?
Newspapers miss out on advertising opportunities as internet AI gets confused between a soccer report about shooting and attack gets confused with prohibited terrorist content

News Monday 20th January...

the witcher poster
Parents TV Council recommends
The Witcher on Netflix
The Best of 80's Scream Queens Blu-ray
Offsite Article: Scream Queens And Exploitation Movie Glamour Girls
The gratuitous nudity and unlikely glamour shoots used to promote exploitation films and their female stars.


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News Sunday 19th January...

Poster Rhythm Section 2020 Reed Morano
The Rhythm Section
Resubmitted to the BBFC in a slightly shorter version prior to release

News Saturday 18th January...

information commissioners office logo
Commented: Floundering
ICO takes no immediate action against the most blatant examples of people's most personal data being exploited without consent, ie profiled advertising

News Thursday 16th January...

google chrome logo
Playing the EU's Silly Cookie Game
Google's Chrome browser will ban 3rd party tracking cookies albeit over the course of two years
pussycash logo
Exposed pussies
Another example about how dangerous it is to provide personal data for age or identity verification related to adult websites

News Wednesday 15th January...

military wives poster
Military Wives
US distributors are appealing against an MPAA R rating

News Wednesday 15th January...

google chrome logo
Offsite Article Searching for better privacy
Google to strangle user agent strings in its chrome browse to hamper advertisers from profiling users via fingerprinting

News Tuesday 14th January...

privacy international logo
Even Facebook is preinstalled to avoid users realising how many access rights it assumes
50 rights organisations call on Google to ban exploitative apps being pre-installed on phones to work around user privacy settings

News Monday 13th January...

australia government communications logo
The Australian Online Harms Bill
Australian government consults on its upcoming internet censorship plans
Twitter logo
No reply
Twitter considers letting authors of tweets restrict who is allowed to reply
skype logo
Offsite Article: Skype audio monitored by workers in China with no security measures
Former Microsoft contractor says he was emailed a login after minimal vetting

News Sunday 12th January...

ireland government logo
Minister for censorship action
Irish government outlines its own Online Harms bill
Poster Annefrank Parallel Stories 2019 Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto
Anne Frank: Parallel Stories
BBFC cinema rating reduced from 15 to 12A after the distributors asked for a reconsideration
independent film festival
A loss of independence
Chinese Film Festival closes down as the country's censorship laws close in
ricky gervais
Offsite Article: Political correctness is driving comedy
Ricky Gervais: why I'll never apologise for my jokes. Speaking to Andrew Doyle

News Saturday 11th January...

david shanks
Extract: The last censor in the western world
New Zealand's film censor speaks of his official job title: 'chief censor'


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