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News Thursday 25th April...

Internet Internet News twitter 2015 logo
'Strengthening our approach to deliberate attempts to mislead voters'
Twitter statement misleadingly suggests it will be cracking down politician's lies
Games News Games News Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Anaemic censorship rules
China steps ups its game censorship rules to outlaw all bloody combat
Music News Music News Chaos A.D.
Brazilian metal band Sepultura banned from Lebanon for supposed devil worship, and even worse, promotion of Israel
Internet Internet News tiktok logo
Updated: The internet is seizing up
TikTok video sharing app has tried to clean up its act after getting into trouble in an Indian court

News Wednesday 24th April...

movies Movie News Poster Brightburn 2019 David Yarovesky
The latest UK cinema release suffering BBFC advised category cuts for a 15 rating
books Book News La semilla del diablo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The pact of forgetting
Book censorship from the Franco era in Spain hasn't been put to rights


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News Tuesday 23rd April...

Internet Internet News firefox logo
The UK government gets wind of a new internet protocol that will play havoc with their ability to block websites
Internet Internet News tor logo
Digital Nazis
Germany lawmakers consider bill to ban Tor and perhaps even encrypted messaging
Internet Internet News off switch
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Privacy switch
Vendors must start adding physical on/off switches to devices that can spy on us. By Larry Sanger

News Monday 22nd April...

Internet Internet News internet matters survey
Bad Research And Block Heads
David Flint looks into flimsy porn evidence used to justify government censorship
Internet Internet News eu gdpr flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Blocked for privacy
A long list of mainly US news websites that are censored to readers in the EU due to GDPR

News Sunday 21st April...

Internet Internet News austria government logo
Identified as repressive
The Austrian government introduces a bill requiring large websites to obtain the real identity of users
Internet Internet News computer weekly logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A good summary of where we are at
Politics, privacy and porn: the challenges of age-verification technology. By Ray Allison

News Saturday 20th April...

Internet Internet News wired logo
Extract: Worldwide censors
Facebook, Google and co seem to be pooling their resources to create a shared database of images, files, URLs and website links that should be blocked from being uploaded by users
Internet Internet News NordVPN
Smart phones only for porn viewing?
VPNCompare reports a significant increase in website visitors in response to upcoming porn censorship. Meanwhile age verifications options announced so far for major websites seem to be apps only
movies Movie News rafiki
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Rafiki
Kenya Banned Her Film for Its Corrupt Lesbian Romance. So She Showed It Off to the World

News Saturday 20th April...

Internet Internet News cyberleagle logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: User's Behaving Badly
An interesting look at the government's Online Harms white paper proposing extensive internet censorship for the UK

News Friday 19th April...

Internet Internet News is it safe
Is it safe?
Is your identity data and porn browsing history safe with an age verification service sporting a green BBFC AV badge?...Err...No!...
Internet Internet News Spiked logo
The right to be silent
Facebook bans several UK far right groups
Updated: Court Battleground
Nepal bans the internet game PlayerUnknown's Battleground
books Book News St George and the Dragons: The Making of English Identity
Spanish infant school bans books it considers sexist or stereotypical
Why are wolves always depicted as the bad guys?


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