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News Friday 23rd August...

adverts Advert News egolf video
Commented: Advert censor bans Volkswagen eGolf advert for gender stereotyping
How about the harm to society caused by divisive people that see political incorrectness everywhere they look?
Internet Internet News European Court of Justice
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Can YouTube Be Liable For Copyright Infringing Videos?
Top EU Court is to Decide on case threatening safe harbour protections underpinning the legality of European websites hosting user content

News Thursday 22nd August...

Games News Games News Dayz
Updated: Dayzed censors
Australian Censorship Board bans video game DayZ, and a cut version for Australia will then be distributed worldwide
Games News Games News we happy few ratings
Updated: Rated R for 'Random'
Australian games censors go into meltdown and award random ratings of Banned, MA15+, R18+ for We Happy Few
Internet Internet News Kazakhstan flag
No compromise
Google and Forefox thwart Kazakhstan's attempt to compromise https website encryption
TV Censorship Tech News matilda
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Pit bull triceratops fighting
Google's AI censor can't distinguish Robot Wars from dog fighting and bans fighting robot tournaments from YouTube


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News Wednesday 21st August...

Games News Games News hotline miami
Rated MA for Madness
More random games censorship from Australia's 'Classification' Board, this time banning Hotline Miami, previously rated MA15+
Internet Internet News Facebook logo
Extract: Offtrack snooping
Facebook is introducing a privacy option to prevent its offline tracking capabilities

News Tuesday 20th August...

TV Censorship TV News sky nz logo
Distressing news
New Zealand's TV censor fines Sky News for broadcasting extensive excerpts from Brenton Tarrant's murderous live stream
Internet Internet News Hong Kong flag
State sponsored fake news
Facebook and Twitter close 950 accounts carrying Chinese propaganda against Hong Kong protests
Internet Internet News EU flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Go BoJo Go
EU planning to grab total control of internet regulations. By David Spence

News Sunday 18th August...

Internet Internet News Once Upon A Time In Hollywood DVD
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Cut by the Indian film censors
Internet Internet News instrgram 2019 logo
Fake censorship
Instagram to allow users to report 'fake news' but no doubt this will used to harass those with opposing views
movies Movie News Monty Pythons Brian Steelbook Blu ray
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Monty Python's Life of Christ
The original scripts were a little more edgy than the final result

News Saturday 17th August...

movies Movie News Poster Hunt 2019 Craig Zobel
Updated: The Hunt
Universal cancels release of movie featuring an untimely plot of blue state elites hunting red caps
Internet Internet News Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The EU's latest assault on internet freedom
Soon online speech will be regulated by Brussels. By Andrew Tettenborn

News Friday 16th August...

Internet Internet News Facebook logo
Quality control
Facebook introduces new censorship for private groups and labels it as 'Group Quality'
Art News Art News victor arnautoff the life of washington
History denial
San Francisco Board of Education votes to hide artwork depicting slaves rather than destroying it

News Thursday 15th August...

adverts Advert News philadelphia video
Stereotypically PC
Advert censor bans Philadelphia cheese advert for being politically incorrect
Internet Internet News MICT logo
Fake claims
Thailand sets up an internet censorship centre in the name of 'fake news'

News Wednesday 14th August...

movies Movie News Australian Film Classification Board
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Films and games
A history of Australian film and media censorship law


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