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 Offsite Article: Easily offended hecklers are ruining comedy...

Link Here 16th September 2017
andrew doyle Even comedians are now being shouted at for being offensive. By Andrew Doyle

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  Courtroom Drama...

Stage censors are objecting to be made redundant in the Indian state of Maharashtra

Link Here 9th October 2016
bombay-high-courtThe Bombay High Court is hearing a case challenging the Maharashtra state law requiring that stage plays be pre-censored by the Maharashtra State Performance Scrutiny Board.

In fact the government had last month orally informed the court that as per a notification issued in March this year, pre-censorship of plays and dramas was no longer mandatory. But the government have been slow in backing up the oral statement with official documentation.

The Bombay High Court has now given Maharashtra government am October 18th deadline for providing written confirmation as an affidavit for the court.

Media reports suggest that it is the redundancy threatened Maharashtra State Performance Scrutiny Board that is objecting to the government's notification, and hence delaying proceedings.


  Inappropriate appropriation...

Ludicrous PC students come to the conclusion that any media set in a foreign culture could cause offence and must be banned, eg the opera Aida set in Egypt

Link Here 4th October 2016
music theatre bristol logoAn upcoming student production of Aida at Music Theatre Bristol has been cancelled in the wake of ludicrous politically correct concerns about 'cultural appropriation'.

The opera was originally selected in a ballot of members of the company, however the decision has been made that it will not be presented to the general public. MTB said:

It is a great shame that we have had to cancel this show as of course we would not want to cause offence in any way as that was never our intention. Our intention was to tell this story, one which, surely is better heard than not performed.

However, some groups felt that this was an overreaction. Conrad Young, admin of Bristol Against Censorship, said:

Although MTB seemed to approach a sensitive topic with great humility and care, Aida was not to be. The affect that the fear of cultural appropriation has on modern campuses is a sad affair and in this case has damaged the student experience of the people involved and the prospective student audiences.