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Sex SellsGay News Poster 120 Battements Par Minute 2017 Robin Campillo
Pulses set racing in Romania
Christian Orthodox group protests at cinemas showing gay themed films
US NewsUS News avn logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Inside the UK Age Verification Law
What the new regulations mean for your US business

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Watching censors, regulators and moralists who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.

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19th Feb
Poster Inxeba 2017 John Trengove
Wounded by censors
A south African film with a gay theme has been effectively banned from mainstream cinema release by the film censor by unfairly classifying it as pornography
Red UmbrellaUK P4P guardian whinge after oxfam
View from the Oxfam lynch mob
Catherine Bennett spewing about the Nordic model - again!
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18th Feb
mindgeek ageid logo
First the Daily Mail demands that porn sites verify age
Now when they are all set to go, the Daily Mail decides that porn sites are not fit and proper companies to be trusted with implementing the checks
Sex SellsInternet Video

13th Feb
reason logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Prohibition never works, and internet smut is no exception
Imagine, for a moment, what it take to successfully ban pornography in the United States. By Peter Suderman
Sex SellsInternet Video

12th Feb
Deep Throat Collector's Edition Series DVD
Cinema nostalgia leaving a lump in your throat
Australian cinema screening and discussion of Deep Throat cancelled after protest from feminist campaign group
Red UmbrellaWorld P4P #MeToo stoning
Baying lynch mob vs Oxfam
Aid workers sacked by Oxfam for paying for prostitutes in Haiti. But that's not enough for the PC lynch mob. What do they want? A stoning? Aid workers left to rot in foreign jails?
Red UmbrellaWorld P4P

10th Feb
crowd of cameras
No Looking!
Amsterdam restricts tours of its red light area
Sex SellsGay News

8th Feb
voices of the silenced
Voices of the Silenced
Vue cinema cancels private showing of Christian film about the controversial theme of gay cure
US NewsUS News Kansas state seal
Living in a dreamworld
Kansas senators click their heels three times and pass a motion condemning pornography

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2nd Feb
Introducing the British Board of Film and Internet Censors
Houses of Commons and Lords approve the appointment of the BBFC as the UK's internet porn censor
Sex SellsInternet Video
Offsite Article: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
XBiz publishes an interesting technical report on how the various age verification tools will work
Sex SellsGay News
Perhaps a holiday in Bali is not such a good idea
Indonesia is set to criminalise unmarried sex, gay sex, and paying for sex
Sex SellsGay News

1st Feb
Blued out
Gay dating apps banned from Google Play Store on orders from the Indonesian government
Sex SellsInternet Video

31st Jan
Extract: A phishers, scammers and blackmailers' charter
Broadband Genie survey reveals that only 11 to 20% of people will be happy providing identity data for age verification purposes
Sex SellsInternet Video
Censorship tyranny
Virginia lawmaker proposes a $20 tax charge for internet users to be able to access adult websites
US NewsUS News
Obituary: Jerry Butler
Golden age porn actor dies aged 58
US NewsUS News

29th Jan
AVN Awards 2018
And the winners were

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