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News Thursday 20th September...

Sex Sells Sex Aware Pornographies 2018: Critical Positions
Pornographies 2018: Critical Positions
An academic book on the subject taking a pragmatic look at porn

News Friday 14th September...

Sex Sells Gay News rafiki
Maybe there should be an Oscar for the Best Banned Film
Kenyan film maker sues the country's film censors and petitions the courts to get the film unbanned in time to qualify for the Oscars
Sex Sells World News nutaku games 0299x0297 logo
Good to adult porn games on the ascendancy

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Watching censors, regulators and moralists who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.

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11th Sep
resist av video
Campaign: ResistAV
Pandora Blake and Myles Jack launch a new campaigning website to raise funds for a challenge to the government's upcoming internet porn censorship regime
Sex Sells Internet Video

8th Sep
ageid logo
Pornhub partners with anonymous system based on retailers verifying ages without recording ID
Sex Sells Porn Studies the conversation logo
Porn viewers prefer women's pleasure over violence
Researchers ask: 'Is mainstream pornography becoming more and more violent? And if so, what's driving the trend'.
Sex Sells Internet Video

5th Sep
private sex doll sofia curly
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Private releases the world's first sex robot movie
But the acting was a little bit woodentops

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Sex Sells Internet Video

2nd Feb
Introducing the British Board of Film and Internet Censors
Houses of Commons and Lords approve the appointment of the BBFC as the UK's internet porn censor
Sex Sells Internet Video
Offsite Article: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance
XBiz publishes an interesting technical report on how the various age verification tools will work
Sex Sells Gay News
Perhaps a holiday in Bali is not such a good idea
Indonesia is set to criminalise unmarried sex, gay sex, and paying for sex
Sex Sells Gay News

1st Feb
Blued out
Gay dating apps banned from Google Play Store on orders from the Indonesian government
Sex Sells Internet Video

31st Jan
Extract: A phishers, scammers and blackmailers' charter
Broadband Genie survey reveals that only 11 to 20% of people will be happy providing identity data for age verification purposes
Sex Sells Internet Video
Censorship tyranny
Virginia lawmaker proposes a $20 tax charge for internet users to be able to access adult websites
US News US News
Obituary: Jerry Butler
Golden age porn actor dies aged 58
US News US News

29th Jan
AVN Awards 2018
And the winners were

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