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No News Saturday 25th May...

News Thursday 23rd May...

Sex Sells Internet Video government of ireland logo
Endangering Irish porn viewers
Ireland considers internet porn censorship as implemented by the UK
Sex Sells Gay News arthur gay marriage
Married to homophobia
Alabama Public Television bans an episode of children's cartoon Arthur that featured a gay wedding

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


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News Wednesday 22nd May...

Sex Sells Internet Video bbfc av graphic logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A reminder that age verification for porn is an unnecessary risk that is easily avoided
Proposed controversial online age verification checks could increase the risk of identity theft and other cyber crimes, warn security experts
Red Umbrella UK P4P Amsterdam window shopping
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Window dressing
Amsterdam puts to end guided tours of its red light district on 1st January 2020

News Friday 17th May...

Sex Sells Internet Video south african law reform commission logo
Magic apps
South African government considers reams of new law to protect children from porn

News Thursday 16th May...

US News US News ncac logo
National Coalition Against Censorship organises nude nipples event with photographer Spencer Tunick

News Monday 13th May...

Sex Sells Internet Video On The Buses DVD
Tubes banned on the Tube
Government announces new law to ban watching porn in public places

News Monday 13th May...

Sex Sells Internet Video channel islands government logo
The Porn Channel
The Channel Islands is considering whether to join the UK in the censorship of internet porn
Sex Sells Gay News mary jesus rainbow halo
Whatever happened to the religious teaching of tolerance and forgiveness?
Police arrest Polish woman for posters of religious art with added LGBT colours

News Friday 10th May...

US News US News Arizona state seal
Dread affliction is spreading amongst US law makers
Arizona's Senate joins this list of state bodies claiming porn to be a public health crisis
Sex Sells Sex Aware unwanted sexual advances
British people are having less sex
Researches wonder why, whilst avoiding mentioning the climate of fear that is becoming established by aggressive feminism and political correctness

News Tuesday 7th May...

US News US News Facebook logo
Acting against sex trafficking was put above free speech, justice and practicality
Now Facebook is in court for not protecting victims of sex trafficking, no doubt wishing it hadn't supported the removal of the very same legal protection it now needs

News Sunday 5th May...

Sex Sells Gay News Poster Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku 2018 Garin Nugroho
Memories of My Body
Indonesian dance film banned by regional officials after religious backlash

News Saturday 4th May...

Sex Sells Internet Video new york times logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: How the U.K. Won't Keep Porn Away From Teens
The New York Times takes a sceptical look at the upcoming porn censorship regime

News Wednesday 1st May...

Sex Sells Gay News avengers endgame poster
Gay cure
Russia censors Avengers: Endgame to straighten out Marvel's first gay character

News Monday 29th April...

Sex Sells Gay News lodon porn film festival poster
Confrontational Intersectionality
Aggressive feminists attack queer porn film festival

News Saturday 27th April...

Sex Sells Internet Video bbfc age verification standard
Fundamentally flawed and not fit for purpose
Well known security expert does a bit of a hatchet job on the BBFC Age Verification Certificate Standard


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