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News Thursday 23rd November...

english collective of prostitutes logo
Offsite Article: Ruining Sex Workers' Lives
A prostitute caution requires no evidence, merely police suspicion -- but stays on your record for a 100 years and blocks you from finding other work.

News Sunday 19th November...

Italy flag
Internet Video
Testing old ideas
Italy introduces network level blocking for SIM cards registered to under 18s

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


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News Thursday 16th November...

us congress
Internet Video
Federal censorship
US senator introduces national internet censorship bill requiring age/ID verification for porn sites
xhamster logo
Internet Video
Hamster baiting
Germany considers more comprehensive internet censorship to target porn websites

News Monday 13th November...

Alabama state seal
Internet Video
Taxing censorship
Alabama set to go further than other states to censor adult websites

News Saturday 11th November...

Ofcom logo
Internet Video
Offsite Article: "You Don't Belong Here!"
With 1500 pages outlining a mountain of suffocating red tape in the name of internet regulation, Ofcom delivers a message to small British internet companies

News Sunday 29th October...

Ohio state seal
Internet Video
Representing repression
Ohio House Representative introduces a bill to criminalise the use of VPNs to circumvent age/ID verification


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