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John Thomas Oglin Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 28th November 2022

And before you ask, an oglin is a mythical beast that is a cross between an ogre and a goblin. Hopefully this dildo is an anatomically correct depiction of the giant, as the oglin is a legendary performer in the lust department.

This magnificent beast is moulded in beige, and features a ribbed shaft with each ring contributing to the pleasure as it delves deep inside.

The dildo features a vacuum suction pad that is suitable for attachment to standard locking systems such as Vac-U-Lock.

John Thomas Toys recommends that customers take car over dimensions, as premium quality platinum silicone is a heavyweight material that more than does justice to ogre-like cocks

See further details at John Thomas Toys  

Update: Fusion

27th September 2020. See Oglin in fusion black from

The Oglin is now available in a fusion of black, white and grey. John Thomas Toys explains that the dildo is coloured by a hand pouring technique called fusion, as such each dildo is individual, the colouring of each sex toy using this method are aesthetically different & bespoke.



John Thomas Original Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here12th November 2022

This four tone, medical grade platinum silicone dildo , is truly a thing of beauty.

A realistic Octopus tentacle, designed to slide inside your orifice of choice and tantalise and stimulate your every nerve ending. Stacked, handpoured colours, feature purple, lilac, hot pink, and baby pink, in this aesthetic masterpiece.

Every coarse ribbed ridge, is complimented by the erotic abundance of suckers, which adorn this innovative design. A maritime orgasmic treat for the senses - available in 4 different sizes and a choice of two levels of firmness.

The Original Tentacle is both Vac-u-lock & O-Ring compatible and is presented with a plush faux velvet retail pouch for storage.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Twisted Hogg Platinum Silicone Butt Plug...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 27th October 2022

Maybe one could say that this is a design from a twisted mind, but when it makes you squeal in delight then you've got to hand it to the creator.

The Twisted Hog is a unique butt plug fashioned as a pig's head, and is surely designed to make your tail curl in appreciation.

This sex toy is produced in premium quality Platinum Silicone which can be cleaned in the dishwater, and is suitable for heating up or cooling for heightened pleasures.

Note that this gammon pink butt plug does not have a suction cup and so isn't suitable for attaching to a sex machine.

See further details at John Thomas Toys  



John Thomas Sergeant Major Platinum Silicone Butt Plug...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here10th October 2022

Reminiscent of a beret wearing Sergeant Major standing to attention, this butt plug is exactly what the medical officer ordered.

John Thomas Toys had great fun designing this sex toy, snapping out the orders, to produce a mold with a pronounced glans and a stumpy veined shaft. All specially designed for military grade anal pleasure.

Strangely presented in orange rather than Khaki green, the butt plug is compatible for use with vacuum locking systems such as Vac-U-Lockô.

And following the usual drill, the butt plug comes with a faux velvet storage bag.

See further details at John Thomas Toys  


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