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News Wednesday 21st February...

US NewsUS News imdb logo
Golden Oldies
US judge strikes down law banning IMDb from publishing the age of movie stars
BBFC NewsBBFC Daily death wish
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Death Wish, Legend of Hell
MPAAMPAA Weekly Poster Getting Grace 2017 Daniel Roebuck
Weekly US Ratings from the MPAA
Latest classification decisions
Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge: The Exorcist

31st December 2017
Cutting Edge Episode 49
The Exorcist
Gavin Salkeld investigates a BBFC film censor possessed by a censorial spirit

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Recent News

magicians syfy
Progressive language
US basic cable TV channels get more adventurous about strong language
youtube propaganda badge 2018
A new YouTube badge will mark state propaganda
YouTube announces that it will indicate when news videos are from state funded
Omega Labyrinth Z - Standard Edition
Lost Direction
Australian censors ban Japanese console game Omega Labyrinth Z
pah la
Taking a bow
Royal Court theatre in London pulls drama about Tibet for fear of offending China
Poland flag
But disregard for justice and free speech hardly puts Poland on the moral high ground
MPs approve law to send people who say 'Polish death camps' to Polish prison camps

Recent Movie News

pad ,man
Period drama
Pakistan's film censors ban the Indian film Pad Man
The Death of Stalin DVD
Considered fake history by Russia
UK comedy, The Death of Stalin, is banned in Russia after offending MPs and bigwigs
v1 ux182 cr00182268 al
Updated: The distributors go postal
Steven Spielberg's The Post is unbanned in Lebanon after the censors are overruled by a government minister
On the highest authority
Padmavat is cleared for national release by India's Supreme Court and by the BBFC
mathilda russian
A poisoned watermelon of a film
Ukraine bans the Russian film Mathilde over a blacklisted Russian musician

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About the Melon Farmers?

The Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.

The objectives and aims of the Melon Farmers are simply an aggregation of the many that contribute. Somehow news, information and opinion can make for a very effective campaign.

See further details carries all the interation stories from sister site but without the emphasis on the UK.

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US Censors Logo


8th Feb
magicians syfy
Progressive language
US basic cable TV channels get more adventurous about strong language

Films Articles Logo

Africa NewsAfrica News

19th Feb
Poster Inxeba 2017 John Trengove
Wounded by censors
A south African film with a gay theme has been effectively banned from mainstream cinema release by the film censor by unfairly classifying it as pornography
filmNew Listings

18th Feb
The Wild Life DVD
Shopping: The Wild Life
1984 USA comedy drama by Art Linson set for UK DVD release on 26th March 2018 with previous BBFC cuts just waived
World NewsAsia Pacific

17th Feb
kofic logo
Putting past censorship wrongs right
Korea appoints a new head of the Korean Film Council
moviesMovie News

16th Feb
Poster Red Sparrow 2018 Francis Lawrence
Red Sparrow
BBFC advised category cuts have been made for a 15 rated cinema release

14th Feb
Poster Ready Player One 2018 Steven Spielberg
Ready Player One
New Spielberg film is cut for nudity
filmNew Listings A Pistol for Ringo & The Return of Ringo: Two Films by Duccio Tessari Blu-ray
Shopping: A Pistol for Ringo/The Return of Ringo
Spaghetti western dramas by Duccio Tessari set for UK Blu-ray release on 19th March 2018 both with previous BBFC cuts waived
TV CensorshipTV News

13th Feb
Preacher - Season 2 Blu-ray
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: BBFC Podcast: 79
Age ratings for Preacher and Supernatural US TV series
Australia NewsAussie News

12th Feb
Deep Throat Collector's Edition Series DVD
Cinema nostalgia leaving a lump in your throat
Australian cinema screening and discussion of Deep Throat cancelled after protest from feminist campaign group
Africa NewsAfrica News

11th Feb
Poster Democrats 2014 Camilla Nielsson
An end to dictatorship
Documentary film Democrats unbanned in Zimbabwe

Broadsheet Articles Logo

US NewsUS News

21st Feb
imdb logo
Golden Oldies
US judge strikes down law banning IMDb from publishing the age of movie stars
World NewsWorld News

19th Feb
freedom house logo
Freedom in the World 2018: Democracy in Crisis
Freedom House publishes its annual survey
Control FreaksControl Freaks

18th Feb
google images logo
Images of compromise
Google tweaks its Image Search at the behest of Getty Images
TV CensorshipTV News cukur
The pits of world censorship
Turkish TV company fined for unbeeped strong language on its internet player
World NewsLiberty News schufa logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Germany edges toward Chinese-style rating of citizens
China is experimenting with a dystopian social credit system which grades every citizen based on their behavior. Germany is sleepwalking in the same direction. By Heike Jahberg
World NewsPC News minnesota body positive
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Body positive art seen in a negative light
PC confusion in Minnesota
World NewsPrivacy

17th Feb
Facebook logo
Endangering porn stars
German courts finds that Facebook's real name policy is illegal and a Belgian court tells Facebook to delete tracking data on people not signed up to Facebook
InternetInternet News calais rant video
Is internet censorship thriving under the radar in the UK?
YouTube videos that are banned for UK eyes only
World NewsMiddle East al arabiya logo
Updated: Severe punishment
Ofcom fines Al Arabiya News channel from the UAE for broadcasting a prison confession extracted via torture

Outrage Articles Logo

Nutter Watch

20th Feb
Poster 120 Battements Par Minute 2017 Robin Campillo
Pulses set racing in Romania
Christian Orthodox group protests at cinemas showing gay themed films
Nutter WatchPC News

18th Feb
oxfam logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Morality of a lynch mob
Compare the lack of interest shown by media, politicians and assorted celebrities to the cholera epidemic causing thousands of deaths in Haiti, with the hysterical outrage expressed about Oxfam officials consorting with prostitutes
InternetInternet News

17th Feb
lynx scrum
Wash your mouth out with (Dove) soap
Unilever boss lays into Facebook and Google saying algorithms do not produce a squeaky clean enough environment for the Unilever brand
Nutter WatchPC News new year gala
China doesn't know the west's rules about blackface
One of the world's most watched TV shows breaks the most basic of PC rules
US NewsUS News Kentucky state seal
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Kentucky governor, endorsed by the gun lobby, blames video games for school shootings
But even if he were correct, wouldn't it be a good idea to prevent 'corrupted' gamers from being to get their hands on guns?
Nutter WatchUK Nutters

16th Feb
Poster Peter Rabbit 2018 Will Gluck
Commented: Allergies are nothing to be sneezed at
Allergy UK recommends the new children's movie Peter Rabbit
Nutter WatchPC News

12th Feb
#MeToo stoning
Baying lynch mob vs Oxfam
Aid workers sacked by Oxfam for paying for prostitutes in Haiti. But that's not enough for the PC lynch mob. What do they want? A stoning? Aid workers left to rot in foreign jails?
Games NewsGames News

10th Feb
twitch logo
Curtain twitching
The miserable Twitch game streaming website will close down anything remotely sexy including the attire of live streamers
Nutter WatchNutter Watch US steam logo
Morality in Media recommends
Games distribution website Steam

Sex Articles Logo

Sex SellsSex Toys News

20th Feb
sex doll faith
You've just got to have Faith
Miserable Scottish authorities quick to stamp down on sex doll 'brothel'
US NewsUS News avn logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Inside the UK Age Verification Law
What the new regulations mean for your US business
Sex SellsPC News

19th Feb
guardian whinge after oxfam
View from the Oxfam lynch mob
Catherine Bennett spewing about the Nordic model - again!
InternetInternet News

18th Feb
mindgeek ageid logo
First the Daily Mail demands that porn sites verify age
Now when they are all set to go, the Daily Mail decides that porn sites are not fit and proper companies to be trusted with implementing the checks
InternetInternet News

13th Feb
reason logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Prohibition never works, and internet smut is no exception
Imagine, for a moment, what it take to successfully ban pornography in the United States. By Peter Suderman
Sex SellsSex Latest

9th Feb
Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Strippers don't need to be saved
A former stripper at the Windmill Club confronts the feminists trying to shut it down.
US NewsUS News

8th Feb
Kansas state seal
Living in a dreamworld
Kansas senators click their heels three times and pass a motion condemning pornography
Red UmbrellaUS P4P

7th Feb
lovers at lay uncensored
Lovers at Play
Censors at work banning road sign to Nevada brothel
Sex SellsTech News

5th Feb
harry potter spell
Extract: Deepfakery
Trailblazing censorship for the trailblazing technology of fake celebrity porn videos

Diary Logo


10th Jan
cinekink 2018 logo
Diary: Cinekink
14-18th March 2018 in New York

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ShoppingNew DVDs

8th Feb
Mountain of the Cannibal God DVD
Mountain of the Cannibal God
1978 Italian video nasty by Sergio Martino again cut by the BBFC for animal cruelty
ShoppingRecent releases The Demoniacs Blu-ray
Shopping: The Demoniacs
1974 France / Belgium horror by Jean Rollin just released on UK Blu-ray still with BBFC cuts
ShoppingRecent releases Victor Crowley DVD
Shopping: Victor Crowley
2017 USA comedy horror by Adam Green just released on US DVD and Blu-ray
ShoppingRecent releases

7th Feb
The Body Tree DVD
Shopping: The Body Tree
2016 Russia / Spain / USA thriller by Thomas Dunn just released on UK DVD
ShoppingRecent releases Chameleon DVD
Shopping: Chameleon
2016 Chile thriller by Jorge Riquelme Serrano just released on UK DVD
ShoppingRecent releases Diabolical Dr Z DVD
Shopping: The Diabolical Dr Z
1966 France / Spain Sci-Fi horror by Jesus Franco just released on US DVD and Blu-ray
ShoppingRecent releases

6th Feb
Welcome To Willits DVD
Weekly US DVD and Blu-ray Releases
The Diabolical Dr Z, Grizzly, Sinbad, Victor Crowley
ShoppingRecent releases Viva l'Italia Blu-ray
Shopping: Garibaldi
1961 Italy / France historical drama by Roberto Rossellini just released on US DVD and Blu-ray in 2 versions
ShoppingRecent releases

5th Feb
The Ballerina DVD
Weekly UK DVD and Blu-ray Releases
The Demoniacs, Dreamgirls, The Ballerina, The Body Tree

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ShoppingNew Listings

20th Feb
Two Thousand Maniacs! Blu-ray
Shopping: Two Thousand Maniacs!
1964 USA horror by Herschell Gordon Lewis set for UK Blu-ray release on 14th May 2018
ShoppingNew Listings The Purge: Election Year Blu-ray
Shopping: The Purge: Election Year
2016 USA / France action Sci-Fi horror by James DeMonaco set for US Blu-ray release on 10th April 2018
ShoppingNew Listings

18th Feb
The Wild Life DVD
Shopping: The Wild Life
1984 USA comedy drama by Art Linson set for UK DVD release on 26th March 2018 with previous BBFC cuts just waived
ShoppingNew Listings

17th Feb
Ichi the Killer Blu-ray
Shopping: Ichi the Killer
2001 Japan action crime comedy by Takashi Miike set for US Blu-ray release on 20th March 2018
ShoppingNew Listings

15th Feb
Fifty Shades Freed Blu-ray
Shopping: Fifty Shades Freed
2018 USA drama by James Foley set for UK DVD and Blu-ray release on 18th June 2018
ShoppingNew Listings Private School DVD
Shopping: Private School
1983 USA comedy romance by Noel Black set for UK DVD release on 12th March 2018
ShoppingNew Listings HOSTILE DVD
Shopping: Hostile
2017 France horror drama by Mathieu Turi set for UK DVD release on 28th May 2018
ShoppingNew Listings

14th Feb
A Pistol for Ringo & The Return of Ringo: Two Films by Duccio Tessari Blu-ray
Shopping: A Pistol for Ringo/The Return of Ringo
Spaghetti western dramas by Duccio Tessari set for UK Blu-ray release on 19th March 2018 both with previous BBFC cuts waived
ShoppingNew Listings

13th Feb
A Study in Terror Blu-ray
Shopping: A Study in Terror
1965 UK crime mystery thriller by James Hill, once cut by the BBFC, set for US Blu-ray release on 3rd April 2018

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18th Feb
180218 simply
Simply Adult
Latest releases from Muschi Movies, Abby Winters
Sex SellsNew and Offers

17th Feb
180217 private
Galleries from Private and Private Gallery
Sex SellsNew and Offers

11th Feb
DVD front cover
Asian Anal
AVN Awards 2018: Best Ethnic Movie
Sex SellsNew and Offers

10th Feb
DVD front cover
Justice League XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2017)
AVN Awards 2018: Best Feature Director
Sex SellsNew and Offers

8th Feb
DVD front cover
Jews Love Black Cock
AVN Award Winners 2018: Best Comedy
Sex SellsNew and Offers

7th Feb
DVD front cover
AVN Awards 2018: Best Anthology Movie
Sex SellsNew and Offers

6th Feb
DVD front cover
Anal Savages 3 (2017)
AVN Awards 2018: Best Anal Movie


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