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In Seventh Heaven...

Glasgow bans new lap dancing licences but allows current venues to continue

Link Here16th September 2022
Glasgow City Council has decided to ban new lap dancing venues but has decided to allow current clubs to continue trading.

So Glasgow's three existing  lap dancing venues were given licences this week. Seventh Heaven, Diamond Dolls and Platinum Lace were granted three-year sexual entertainment venue (SEVs) licences by the city council.

Poverty creation campaigners were less than impressed. The Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership had called for the applications to be rejected. Kristi Hay, from the Partnership, said this decisions will afford Glasgow the opportunity to become the sex capital, adding: A city for stags, sex tourism and sex entertainment.



United against moralists...

Lawyers for United Sex Workers want to support legal case against the livelihood destroying Edinburgh moralist councillors that have banned lap dancing

Link Here12th August 2022
Full story: Lap Dancing in Edinburgh...Capital adult entertainment
Lawyers for United Sex Workers, a branch of the United Voices of the World (UVW) union successfully helped out against Bristol Council's bid to ban lap dancing. The group has now applied to help out in a legal case in Edinburgh where dancers are trying to reverse a moralist ban on lap dancing clubs in the city.

Lawyers for United Sex Workers have applied to the Court of Session to be allowed to participate in a judicial review of plans that will cost the loss of 100 jobs.

The council voted in March to close all four strip clubs in the capital.



Earnings taking off in Bristol...

Strippers win the day as a miserable proposal to ban lap dancing clubs is voted down

Link Here29th July 2022
Full story: Lap Dancing in the South West...Lap dancing in Bristol and Somerset
For years campaigners, including Labour councillors, police and feminist groups, - have urged Bristol Council to ban strip clubs. The only problem for this miserable coalition was that the strippers themselves wanted to carry on stripping to earn a living.

Adult performers were celebrating on Thursday after persuading a majority of the city's council to reject the proposed ban on strip clubs and other sex entertainment venues.

One self-described exotic dancer told the council's licensing committee:

Stripping has allowed me to have a flexible enough schedule to pursue my dream career while simultaneously enabling me to live a comfortable life - not living in constant stress due to living from paycheck to paycheck.

Such was the strength of feeling among the female dancers and performers that Guy Poultney, a Green Party councillor, received a round of applause when he accused women's rights groups of arguing that we should discount the voices of some women in order to empower them and to restrict their choices in the name of equality and take away their jobs for their own good. He also said they were acting as if some women can't be trusted to make choices for themselves.




Satisfaction Guaranteed...

The History of Your Choice and the International Distribution of Hardcore Porn Videos Between the Netherlands and Britain

Link Here12th June 2022
Your Choice was a friendly porn video producer and distributor who became particularly well known for its Your Choice Viewers Wives series of videos compiled from video submissions from its own viewers.

The company started out in the dark UK times before the legalisation of hardcore porn. In the 70s Your Choice started running a mail order service where customers would select videos from a catalogue and make their orders via an office in the Netherlands. The orders were then fulfilled via agents in the UK who would make copies to order from smuggled master tapes. Your Choice were very successful in the market because of their good approach to customer service.

After the legalisation of porn in 2000, the company continued to operate online from the Netherlands, but very much still targeting a British audience for its now legitimate exports. At this bumper time for porn sales, Your Choice advertised with Melon Farmers, and the company was a pleasure to work with.

The advent of free porn tubes sites very much diminished sales, but Your Choice continued on until closure in 2019 when trading challenges and Brexit made the company unviable.

Now Oliver Carter of Birmingham City University has written an interesting article detailing the rise and fall of Your Choice.

See his full article Satisfaction Guaranteed [pdf] from .

Oliver has also been involved in a research project that explores the cultural and economic history of the British pornography business, and has an upcoming book book on 8mm British hardcore pornography and its regulation coming out later this year.

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