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Better than the President's Club...

Full bosomed waitresses arrested in Bangkok after working a party in just aprons

Link Here 22nd November 2019
Four promotional models or 'pretties' were each fined THB2,000 (52) last night for wearing too little at a gig in Bangkok. 

The four modelswere summoned to the local police station yesterday where they explained that they collectively received THB10,000 for serving tables 9pm to 11pm, according to multiple media reports. Before donning their skimpy outfits, they reportedly prepared backless bras to make sure they don't accidentally flash anyone.

The curvaceous quartet gained attention when videos of them in their minimal uniforms went all over social media this past weekend. In the videos, the four models can be seen wearing nothing but hot pants or bikini bottoms under bright aprons. A large surface area of quite large breasts went uncovered by the aprons, which seemed barely able to hold them in.



Dangerous Thailand...

UK inquest into the death of a Brit who was killed by a bouncer at Walking Street's Mandarin A-GoGo over a bill dispute gets prominent exposure in the British press

Link Here 1st November 2019
A British man was killed in a one-punch attack by a bouncer in Thailand, an inquest heard.

Former Army officer Mike Jones-Mathias was on a work trip and had finished dinner with colleagues when he dropped into the now closed Mandarin A-GoGo in Pattaya on his way back to his hotel on May 17, 2018.

But he dialled emergency number 911 in the early hours of the morning - just five minutes before CCTV captured him being punched to the floor.

Bouncer Phumphat Tanosingh was charged with grievous bodily harm for the punch and faced a trial in Thailand but was acquitted. He claimed 'self-defence' - claiming Mike had attempted to leave the Mandarin Agogo bar without paying his bill.

The inquest heard Mike underwent surgery in Thailand for damage to his right frontal lobe and was finally flown to Cardiff six weeks later. But he died on March 24 this year after his health deteriorated.

Acting senior coroner Graeme Hughes rejected the family's request for a conclusion of unlawful killing. He said:

Yes, it was on the evidence deliberate but was it unlawful? I haven't heard any evidence from the assailant. If he was here in the UK then he would be called as a witness and he could be questioned. I have to bear in mind that there was a trial of some sorts in Thailand and as a consequence, he was acquitted. I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that it would be safe for me to reach unlawful killing.'



Offsite Article: The rise and fall of Beate Uhse and her sex shops...

Link Here 27th October 2019
Beate Uhse changed society by starting a company for 'marital hygiene'

See article from


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