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Updated: Political urges...

Thai MP proposes to legalise brothels and sex shops

Link Here21st January 2020
The leader of a political party called Thai Civilized has proposed That Thailand should permit regulated and licensed brothels and sex toy shops. Mongkolkit Suksintharanont is a member of the House committee studying ways to reduce rape and other sexual violations, and said that he would raise his proposal with committee members at their first meeting, scheduled to take place yesterday.

He claimed that his idea of state-sanctioned brothels and sex shops followed the Swiss model, adding that it would help reduce rape and corruption among officials for their oversight of the lucrative illegal sex trade.

Update: Idea gains momentum

21st January 2020.See article from

Several politicians have now agreed with the idea of legalising pornography and sex toys, saying that they may help reduce incidences of sexual assault.

Treerat Sirichantaropas, spokesman of the House committee tasked with combating rape and secretary of Pheu Thai Plus, a party think tank, said in a Facebook post on Monday that he believed legalising pornography and sex toys will help reduce sexual assault cases in the country. He wrote:

Legalising [pornography and sex toys] might be the solution ... as it would make the means of channeling sexual desires more easily available.

It is all commendable reasoning but of course will make no practical difference. Whether legal or not brothels are already tolerated and are found throughout Thailand. And of course Thailand has good internet connections, so porn is also widely available anyway. However there are no sex shops in Thailand although a few basic sex toys make be found in markets.



Bringing clarity to porn...

Japanese politician takes a stand against the pixellation and censorship of porn

Link Here26th December 2019
Full story: Porn censorship in Japan...Unique porn censorship rules in Japan
Japanese politician Yamada Taro has proposed changes to Criminal Code 175, so that hentai and pornography would no longer be censored.

Article 175 of Japan's Criminal Code is to prevent the distribution and sale of of indecent material, including pornography. This leads to a curious situation in which adult material must be partially censored, usually across genitalia.

For nearly 10 years, the industry standard was to obscure, blur or pixellate the crown of the penis (the part that funnels out near the tip,) and clitoris, and instances of physical contact that constitutes sexual intercourse (i.e. insertions of objects into the vagina or the rectum).

The law also results in other oddities, such as the broadcast version of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure censoring Jotaro Kujo smoking as he is 17 (Japan's minimum smoking age is 18). The censorship was done via a heavy shadow across the lower-half of his face.

While this debate might be taking place in Japan, the outcome of this debate may impact the quality of entertainment you enjoy in your own home nation. After all, many agree that Japan is at the vanguard for many forms of visual entertainment. Even those that dislike Japanese erotic fantasy will agree, Japan boasts tremendous diversity in the realm of fiction that is unavailable else where.

In 2019, one Japanese politician would take many by surprise. Yamada Taro of the Liberal Democratic Party (the same party as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe) successfully gained a seat in the Japanese House of Councillors with 540,000 votes. He heavily appealed to the otaku voters being an obsessive fan, usually of anime and manga.

Since Yamada's proposal is still in it's infancy, there has not been any outspoken support or opposition at this time. The changes would be strictly to pornography and hentai, while content involving real under-aged individuals and those who do not give their consent, will of course, remain illegal to distribute in Japan.

Two particular groups would likely be the biggest opposition to the law being changed. One of these was the Nihon Ethics of Video Association. Acting as the Japanese equivalent of the ESRB or PEGI, they act as rating organization for videos in Japan. On proposes that they would not be in favor of the ban, as they would lose their job. The other likely opposition group is the Japanese Parent/Teacher Association (PTA).



Better than the President's Club...

Full bosomed waitresses arrested in Bangkok after working a party in just aprons

Link Here22nd November 2019
Four promotional models or 'pretties' were each fined THB2,000 (52) last night for wearing too little at a gig in Bangkok. 

The four modelswere summoned to the local police station yesterday where they explained that they collectively received THB10,000 for serving tables 9pm to 11pm, according to multiple media reports. Before donning their skimpy outfits, they reportedly prepared backless bras to make sure they don't accidentally flash anyone.

The curvaceous quartet gained attention when videos of them in their minimal uniforms went all over social media this past weekend. In the videos, the four models can be seen wearing nothing but hot pants or bikini bottoms under bright aprons. A large surface area of quite large breasts went uncovered by the aprons, which seemed barely able to hold them in.


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