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Out to pasture...

Melbourne's longest-running adult cinema Crazy Horse is closing after 50 years

Link Here17th June 2022
Melbourne's longest-running adult cinema is closing. The basement-level adult theatre on Elizabeth Street has been screening pornography for more than 50 years, with many punters taking advantage of its $20 all-day ticket offer. Its reign as Melbourne's longest, continuously running cinema is coming to an end in the next month or so.

Crazy Horse Cinema, which is located in the basement below Club X sex shop, was previously known as the Star Theatre before being bought and rebranded in 1985. And while it did become infamous for screening exploitation and sexploitation films, it's also recognised by film historians for its historical contributions. Visitors could also catch amateur movies shot on 16mm film of local events like sports matches and news reruns, and a lot of that footage has since been catalogued by the National Film and Sound Archive.

The venue is set  to become a sex shop.



Miserable Thailand...

Thai police arrest OnlyFans performers

Link Here1st October 2021
Full story: OnlyFans Censorship...OnlyFans moves away from adult content
Thai OnlyFans creators are sweating right now due to a miserable police clamp down on them for making explicit content.

Nong Khai Nao (Miss Bad Egg), the most well-known of Thai creators, was arrested on Monday night along with her boyfriend. Nong Khai Nao allegedly raked in, at her peak, nearly B1 million in three months, but has now quit OnlyFans to focus on her YouTube content instead.

Their arrest has sparked a lot of debate regarding Thai police priorities for there are more pressing issues and crimes out there, and whether creating X-rated content on OnlyFans should be considered illegal, to begin with.

Lt Gen Kanchai Khlaikhleung, chief of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, said that he is unfazed by the criticism as his bureau is only doing its duty.In order to uphold the good morale of Thailand and out of concern on its impact on the younger generations, he said that he couldn't turn a blind eye.



Offsite Article: Shunned by OnlyFans, sex workers are building their own alternatives...

Link Here 17th September 2021
Full story: OnlyFans Censorship...OnlyFans moves away from adult content
The OnlyFans temporary porn ban left its creators feeling betrayed. Now they're taking matters into their own hands

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Offsite Article: Staying in vs hanging out...

Link Here27th August 2021
Topless sunbathing in France hits historic low'

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