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  Feminists recommend...

Pornhub sex shop in New York

Link Here 10th December 2017

protestors at pornhubFeminist campaigners have been out on the streets of New York advertising the new pop-up sex shop in SoHo opened for the Christmas season by Pornhub.

Demonstrators claim the massively popular pornography website, which launched the store for a limited run late last month, promotes objectification, abuse, trafficking, violence and racial slurs degrading women.

Pornhub sells sexual violence, protesters chanted as they walked into the store at 70 Wooster St.

The group included the well known feminist Gloria Steinem, who said erotica is healthy but what has become mainstream porn is not.

The store, which carries branded apparel and sex toys, will remain open through Dec. 20.


 Offsite Article: Crowded out...

Link Here 28th October 2017
aptreon logo Crowdfunding website Patreon opts out of supporting adult entertainment projects

See article from


  Last hopes for justice...

New York adult stores hope to defend themselves in the Supreme Court against council censorship

Link Here 19th October 2017
New York State sealNew York's adults stores have so far fought a losing battle in their defence against the moralists censors of the local authority.

After losing a 20-year legal battle with the city in June that outlawed most of the remaining XXX stores, business owners are hoping to bring their case to the Supreme Court.

Erica Dubno, an attorney who has represented the industry in its long fight against the city, said she plans to submit an appeal by the end of the year. She estimates the court will decide early next year whether to review the case. Dubno acknowledged the industry's chances are slim. The Supreme Court receives about 7,500 review requests each year and usually hears about 80 cases.

The city has agreed to hold off enforcing the ban until after the Supreme Court decides whether to hear the case.

Up until now the stores have been trying to evade controls on sex shops by stocking a large proportion of non sex items and then hoping to fly under the regulation radar as general stores.


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