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No News Thursday 13th December...

News Monday 10th December...

Liberty Watch Liberty News gchq logo
Gloves off
GCHQ will work around encrypted communications by the mass hacking of people's devices
Control Freaks Control Freaks ifpi logo
Pots claim copyright on calling kettles black
Copyright lobbyists whinge about Julia Reda's campaign methods

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News Saturday 8th December...

Liberty Watch Privacy Italy flag
Misleading and aggressive practice
Italian authorities have fined Facebook for their abuse of people's personal data

News Thursday 6th December...

Control Freaks Control Freaks Poland flag
A copyrighted internet
Poland stands up to the EU to champion the livelihoods of thosands of Europeans against the disgraceful EU that wants to grant large, mostly American companies, dictatorial copyright control of the internet
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Offsite Article
Offsite article: Passport to repression
The Daily Mail reports on large scale data harvesting of your data and notes that Paypal have been passing on passport photos used for account verification to Microsoft for their facial recognition database

News Wednesday 5th December...

Liberty Watch Privacy home affairs committee
Getting a taste of its own medicine as parliament publishes Facebook's private data
Parliament publishes a set of enlightening emails about Facebook's pursuit of revenue and how it allows people's data to be used by app developers
Liberty Watch Privacy Microsoft
Money talks and Microsoft snoops
Mastercard and Microsoft get together to pool their data on you in the name of identity verification

News Wednesday 5th December...

Control Freaks Control Freaks reddit censored 0300x0144 logo
Silencing European internet users
Reddit explains to European users that it won't be able to operate effectively under forthcoming EU copyright law

News Saturday 1st December...

Liberty Watch Liberty News gchq logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: WeChatTheyListen app
GCHQ pushes for the ability to silently join and snoop on encrypted messaging conversations

News Friday 30th November...

Control Freaks Control Freaks EFF logo
Censorship machines
Yes, the EU's New #CopyrightDirective is All About Filters. By Cory Doctorow
Control Freaks Control Freaks 2 0 poster
Website blocking 2.0
India ups the ante with 12500 websites blocked to protect a local blockbuster movie

News Thursday 29th November...

Liberty Watch Privacy California state seal
California Is Still Trying to Gag IMDb
The EFF is opposing the censorship of film stars ages

News Wednesday 28th November...

Control Freaks Control Freaks torrentfreak logo
Pirates and proxies
Australian parliament passes new law with wide ranging blocking of copyright infringing websites

News Sunday 25th November...

Liberty Watch Privacy IWF logo
IWF vs email privacy
The EU is proposing new legislation to stop the big internet companies from snooping on our messaging. The IWF is opposing this as they will lose leads about child abuse
Liberty Watch Liberty News JP Captain Underpants JPL66720 Noise Machine
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Oh shit!
Now smart toilets will scan your deposits for drug use and illness

News Thursday 15th November...

Control Freaks Control Freaks eu council 0299x0133 logo
Suffocating European livelihoods at the behest of big business
Julia Reda outlines amendments to censorship machines and link tax as the upcoming internet censorship law gets discussed by the real bosses of the EU


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