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News Tuesday 19th November...

Liberty Watch Privacy Microsoft
More privacy, less state snooping
Microsoft announces that it is in the process of implementing options to use encrypted DNS servers

News Sunday 17th November...

Liberty Watch Privacy doubleclick logo
Sensitive changes
Google to withhold details from advertisers about where people are browsing on the internet

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News Thursday 14th November...

Liberty Watch Privacy us customs and border protection logo
Safer travel to the US
US Federal Court rules that border police must has reasonable suspicions that a mobile device contains illegal contraband before searching it

News Tuesday 12th November...

Control Freaks Control Freaks EFF logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Viruses have rights too you know!
The EFF reports on the possible consequence of making malware blockers, anti spyware or virus checkers legally liable for any incorrect blocking decisions

News Monday 4th November...

Liberty Watch Privacy home affairs committee
Parliamentary committee criticises the GDPR/ICO consent model of data protection
'When we enter a building we expect it to be safe. We are not expected to examine and understand all the paperwork and then tick a box that lets the companies involved off the hook'
Liberty Watch Privacy amateur tv logo
Proving how dangerous it is to hand over ID details to websites
VTS Media camgirl websites accidentally reveal users' login details.

News Saturday 2nd November...

Control Freaks Control Freaks tunein logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Out of tune with the British people
High Court claims that the Tunein app which connects users to worldwide open radio internet streams, somehow breaks copyright rules

News Friday 1st November...

Liberty Watch Liberty News whatsapp 2016 logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: WhatsApp sues Israeli firm
Facebook heroically takes on hacking and snooping specialist NGO who used a vulnerability in Whatsapp to plant snooping software on activist's phones

News Thursday 24th October...

Control Freaks Control Freaks torrentfreak logo
A Copyright Troll's Charter explained
TorrentFreak outlines the pros and cons of the proposed new small claims copyright process

News Wednesday 23rd October...

Control Freaks Control Freaks us congress
Copyright Troll's Charter
The US House of Representatives Votes in Favour of Disastrous Copyright Bill



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