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No News Friday 18th October...

News Thursday 10th October...

MPAA MPAA News Annabelle Comes Home Blu-ray
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: 'I urge parents to ignore the R - it's a PG-13 movie in all the ways that matter'
Annabelle Comes Home. Now even some R rated horrors seem to be going for the bloodless PG-13 territory.


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News Tuesday 8th October...

MPAA MPAA News The Dark Knight s) Blu-ray
The Dark Knight
The film made the news in the UK in 2008 with the most number of public complaints about a lenient BBFC 12A rating. 10 years later it was revealed the film was cut in the US to avoid an MPAA R rating
US News US News California state seal
Updated: Of course it is still OK to use body doubles to dupe viewers though
Deep fake porn is now against the law in California

News Monday 7th October...

US News US News Facebook logo
Facebook excuses politicians from telling the truth in advertising
If disinformation were to be banned there would no politicians, no religion, no Christmas and no railway timetables

News Sunday 6th October...

ESRB ESRB News how the esrb works video
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Angry Joe comments on YouTube, but maybe he should be careful what he wishes for
The ESRB doesn't actually play through the games it rates, but are sent a short video featuring the worst or most offensive content the game has to offer, and the rating is based on that

News Saturday 5th October...

US News US News priti patel
Commented: Endangering the many to detect the few
The government initiates a data sharing agreement with the US and takes the opportunity to complain about internet encryption that keeps us safe from snoops, crooks, scammers and thieves

News Tuesday 1st October...

US News US News google chrome logo
Cryptic reasons
US ISPs complain to the US government about loss of snooping capabilities when Google Chrome switches to encrypted DNS

News Friday 20th September...

MPAA MPAA News MPA America
The US film censor, the MPAA, becomes MPA America

News Thursday 5th September...

US News US News no safe spaces
Riddled with holes
No Safe Spaces film makers challenge MPAA PG-13 rating for cartoon animation of free speech being riddled with bullets

News Sunday 1st September...

ESRB ESRB News NBA 2K20 with Amazon Exclusive DLC
Losers whinge about casino based mini games
Basketball game NBA 2K20 comes under fire for depicting gambling games

News Friday 30th August...

US News US News YouTube logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: YouTube's biased political censorship tested in US court
YouTube faces dueling lawsuits from a conservative group and an LGBTQ+ group, both of which argue that the video site discriminates against them

News Sunday 25th August...

US News US News christchurch call logo
Tax and censor
The US is resisting French bullying to censor social media in line with the Christchurch Call

News Saturday 17th August...

US News US News Poster Hunt 2019 Craig Zobel
Updated: The Hunt
Universal cancels release of movie featuring an untimely plot of blue state elites hunting red caps

News Friday 16th August...

US News US News victor arnautoff the life of washington
History denial
San Francisco Board of Education votes to hide artwork depicting slaves rather than destroying it



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