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Age verification required but not specified...

French courts try to find an acceptable method of age verification for porn

Link Here11th September 2022
Full story: Age Verification in France...Macron gives websites 6 months to introduce age verification
A Paris court has offered to organize a mediation to find a way to prevent minors from accessing pornography on the internet.

Campaigners had asked telecom operators to immediately block several porn websites but French law does not actually specify how this should be achieved.

The decision to order the parties to negotiate will be formally taken soon as the French internet censor ARCOM does not seem willing or able to specify how age verification should be done.

The Cypriot company MG Freesit es, publisher of the Pornhub platform, one of the five sites targeted in this procedure, for its part filed a priority question of constitutionality (QPC) which calls into question the legitimacy of Arcom to act.

The court will decide on October 4 whether or not to send this QPC to the Court of Cassation. If this was not the case, a new civil hearing would be organized to examine the case on the merits.

During the debates, the lawyers representing Pornhub, Tukif, XHamster, Xvideos, Xnxx, targeted in December 2021 by a formal notice from Arcom and which are among the most visited sites in France, tried to prove their goodwill. " None of the technical solutions that we have tested have proven to be satisfactory.

Recent reports from the Cnil and Peren, the government's center of expertise in data protectin, have recalled the risks associated with existing majority verification solutions offered by the industry, while by paving the way for a system based on trusted third parties.



Data protection censors ICO to go after porn sites to add age verification...

The continuingly dangerous campaign to force ALL people to hand over sensitive ID details to porn sites in the name of protecting children from handing over sensitive ID details.

Link Here 3rd September 2022
Full story: ICO Age Appropriate Design...ICO calls for age assurance for websites accessed by children
The UK's data protection censors at the Information Commissioner's Office ICO have generated a disgracefully onerous red tape nightmare called the Age Appropriate Design Code that requires any internet service that provides any sort of grown up content to evaluate the age of all users so that under 18s can be protected from handing over sensitive ID data. Of course the age checking usually requires all users to hand over lots of sensitive and dangerous ID data to any website that asks.

Now the ICO has decided to make these requirements of porn sites given that they are often accessed by under 18s. ICO writes:

Next steps

We will continue to evolve our approach, listening to others to ensure the code is having the maximum impact.

For example, we have seen an increasing amount of research (from the NSPCC, 5Rights, Microsoft and British Board of Film Classification), that children are likely to be accessing adult-only services and that these pose data protection harms, with children losing control of their data or being manipulated to give more data, in addition to content harms. We have therefore revised our position to clarify that adult-only services are in scope of the Children's code if they are likely to be accessed by children.

As well as engaging with adult-only services directly to ensure they conform with the code, we will also be working closely with Ofcom and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to establish how the code works in practice in relation to adult-only services and what they should expect. This work is continuing to drive the improvements necessary to provide a better internet for children.



Toxic Femininity...

The Irish Injustice Minister whinges about porn usage by adult men

Link Here29th July 2022
Irish Injustice Minister Helen McEntee has voiced her concern that pornography has become too easily accessible and more violent and degrading , after a survey by a campaign group claimed that one in five men in Ireland aged under 55 watch porn daily.

The survey, carried out by the Men's Development Network, found that more than 70% of men under 45 have reported using porn at least once a week.

Reacting to the findings, McEntee said:

Pornography is too easily accessible, it has become more violent and degrading. It has changed the way younger people view sexual relationships.

Men and boys can become agents of change by challenging discrimination, sexism, and violence and I welcome the tireless work that Men's Development Network does in this area.

I am glad that my department has been of assistance this year by providing funding for its awareness-raising campaigns.

I'm confident that, through continued education, we can support men and boys, and women and girls, to fulfil their aspirations, unconstrained by narrow stereotypes. We must continue to work together.

Our recently-published third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence takes a zero-tolerance approach and will support us all, over the next five years, to face up to the excuses we as a society make for unacceptable behaviours.



Miserable Thailand...

Thai governments defends its ineffectual blocking of internet porn

Link Here19th July 2022
Full story: Internet Censorship in Thailand...Thailand implements mass website blocking
A government spokeswoman for the DES or Digital Economy and Society Ministry that censors the internet in Thailand said that everything was being done to protect young people from online pornography.

Noppawan Huajaiman said that this was a concern of Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha. So the DES were monitoring the situation closely, following up on parental complaints, giving advice and ensuring that the law was followed to the letter.

She said that court orders can be obtained to remove obscene content and offenders can be jailed for five years and get 100,000 baht (£2300) fines under 2007 legislation. But she also said that parents can and should complain to platforms when they see obscene material.

Thai ISPs routinely block major porn websites but the blocks can be readily evaded using VPNs or TOR

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