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Extract: Ethics Consult...

Debating whether dementia patients can consent to sex

Link Here28th February 2021

Sex among the elderly, and particularly among elderly patients suffering from dementia, has long been a taboo subject in the United States. This contrasts with some European nations, such as Denmark, where Copenhagen's Thorupgaarden nursing home makes pornography and prostitutes available to residents.

In U.S. facilities, sexuality is more likely to be met with concern or even derision. This proves especially true with cognitively impaired patients. In 1996, an Ohio court denied a husband overnight nursing home visits with his stroke-afflicted wife for fear that he might seek sexual intimacy with her -- and that this might lead to litigation for the facility.

One challenge in dementia cases is the issue of consent. Yet consent -- with its formal standards -- is a problematic concept when speaking of impaired patients. Elderly patients with dementia do not consent (in the legal sense) to many things -- having their blood pressure checked, showering and changing clothes, eating. Rather, they often assent to such activities, either by smiling or expressing enthusiasm or merely offering no resistance, even when they may not fully understand what they are doing or why.

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Urethral Sounding 101...

What Is It and Why Do People Do It?

Link Here22nd February 2021

Whether you're a seasoned expert or a beginner when it comes to sounding, there are things everyone should know. For pain or for pleasure, urethral sounding is a masturbation technique that can enhance sensitivity. But how much do you really know about urethral sounding as a form of sexual play?

After you've read this article you should have a better idea of whether urethral sounding is something you want to try. These tips and techniques will make it a much more pleasurable experience for you.

What Is Urethral Sounding?

Put simply, urethral sounding is when you put a rod (usually stainless steel) up your urethra for pain and/or pleasure. This is not only done by men, as women may also take part in urethral sounding . However, they have smaller urethras so extra care must be taken to prevent injury or infection.

Urethral sounding is a masturbation technique that is usually used during foreplay. For men, urethral sounding mimics the sensation of the frenulum of the penis being stroked during sex.

Increased sensitivity throughout the penis is caused by the insertion of a rod into the urethra. Due to this increased sensitivity most men can achieve a stronger erection and experience more pleasure. Or pain! This totally depends on you and what you enjoy during sexual experiences.

Some Key Terms

They are many different tools that can be used for urethral sounding so it is important to understand what they all do and how they differ.

First, we have "sounds." These are the rods made for insertion into the penis, usually smooth or textured. These are often sold as sets, containing sounds of different lengths and textures. 'Urethral sounding dilators' are sounds that are used to stretch the urethra.

'Plugs' are shorter rods that have bumps or ridges on their surface. These are hollow throughout and meant for a different purpose than sounds.

It is also essential that you use a suitable lube. Lubes with a high glycerin content are not recommended. Using lube that contains glycerin can put you at risk of UTIs because of the sugar content. I recommend lubes made with propylene glycol, hypromellose and sterile water instead.

Urethral Sounds Or Plugs?

There are are some differences between urethral sounds and penis plugs. The key things to note are:

As mentioned previously, urethral sounds are rods that range in length and texture. As these rods are designed for insertion into the urethra, they usually consist of stainless steel for easily sterilisation.

Sounds are created for personal pleasure, with some so long they can reach your bladder! They have a smooth surface meaning they can easily be moved in and out of the urethra.

For a beginner seeking their first set of urethral sounds, it's recommended that you lean towards buying straight or slightly curved sounds. It is imperative you buy a stainless steel sound to prevent infection as this material is the most sterile. (Never buy glass or plastic sounds)

Penis Plugs are different. The main purpose of plugging is to increase pleasure in all activities, including ejaculating and urinating. As mentioned previously, plugs are hollow to allow substances to pass through them. Plugs are able to be worn during sex and masturbation, enhancing these acts.

Those who use penis plugs throughout their sexual endeavours find themselves handling a more sensitive penis and having stronger orgasms. Furthermore, the hollow structure of the plug results in more forceful ejaculation.

Penis plugs are shorter, textured, and meant to be left in. Most beginners plugs are made of silicone, but they are also available in stainless steel. I recommend getting a steel one for hygiene reasons.

These plugs are also a great way to start your journey into urethral play. For those unsure about using a longer sound, penis plugs are a great way to ease yourself in.


Using Your Urethral Sound or Plug

Most importantly: go slowly!

It is essential that you stop inserting the sound/plug as soon as you feel any sharp pain or sudden tightness. Do not risk tearing the inside of your penis with a sound or plug.

Next: sterilize your tools

It is essential that you sterilise your tools before using them. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to boil them in water.

As well as your tools, it's also important to clean your hands and penis. If you do not sterilize properly, you may put harmful bacteria inside your urethra, leading to infection. Wash 2 or 3 times if you need to.

Lube up and take your time

When your tools are at room temperature and your body is clean, you're ready for action. Lube up (using your quality lube!) your sound or plug, as well as the end of your penis.

Then remember... Go slow. Go slow. Go slow!

If you're new to urethral sounding, it is important that you don't start with the smallest sound in the set. It is best to start with the second or third smallest size. This is because the smallest sound may puncture the inner lining of your penis.

Insert your tool into your urethra, moving extremely slowly and gently feeling your way in. As soon as you experience any discomfort, remove the sound and start again. This might take a few tries before you get comfortable.

Once you have it inside, you can experiment by rotating or pushing your sound in and out. Re-lube or switch up sizes at any time -- this is all about touch and feel! Most importantly, have fun and listen to your body.

When you are finished playing, you must urinate. If it burns slightly when you first urinate this is because the urethral lining will have become irritated from your play. This is completely normal, however if the sensation persists you should speak to a medical professional.

Cleaning Up

It's so important that you clean your tools after use. You must always clean your tools immediately after using them, and before putting them away. You can do this by boiling them again in water or by using another sterilization technique that suits you.


Practice Makes Perfect Pleasure

You're all set to begin practising what works best for you when it comes to urethral sounding. Remember that the number 1 rule is to be safe and go slow. Urethral play is supposed to be a fun, kinky, activity. If you don't feel comfortable, don't continue. Tune in to what you body enjoys and go from there.

If you feel ready to step into the world of urethral sounding , check out the huge range of penis play toys for some ideas to get you started.



Education goes down the tubes...

Pornhub tries its hand at sex education

Link Here31st October 2020
Pornhub has launched a sex education series it says is trying to bridge the gap between porn and actual sex education.

Healthy masturbation habits, the proper way to use a condom, female anatomy, and what is normal (and what is not) for people with a penis? These are all areas covered across several short videos. All 11 episodes are narrated by sex therapists and PhDs and offer genuine scientific advice.



Offsite Article: On a need to know basis...

Link Here19th September 2020
Does viewing porn on the likes of Pornhub create issues for those requiring security clearance?

See article from

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