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Offsite Article: Art and Creative Acts That Were Censored in 2019...

Link Here 9th January 2020
Freedom of speech and creativity continued to face acute threats in 2019, but artists and curators continue to be at the forefront of the dangerous but necessary work of driving social change. See article from



Offsite Article: Outrageous art...

Link Here21st December 2019
An anonymous artist has been generating a little outrage in Rome and London See article from



Scarred for life...

Malaysian tourist minister rails at tattoo exhibition worrying abut the effects on visitors

Link Here3rd December 2019
Malaysian officials have criticised a tattoo exhibition held in the country likening it to porn that is unsuitable for a Muslim-majority country

The offending images at the Tattoo Malaysia Expo in Kuala Lumpur were inevitably of full bodied tattoos shown off by people posing in underwear.

The tourism minister had initially supported the three-day show which has already ended but changed his mind afterwards claiming that it did not reflect Malaysia's polite and decent culture.

He ordered a probe and warned the government could take legal action against the organisers.

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