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Scarred for life...

Malaysian tourist minister rails at tattoo exhibition worrying abut the effects on visitors

Link Here 3rd December 2019
Malaysian officials have criticised a tattoo exhibition held in the country likening it to porn that is unsuitable for a Muslim-majority country

The offending images at the Tattoo Malaysia Expo in Kuala Lumpur were inevitably of full bodied tattoos shown off by people posing in underwear.

The tourism minister had initially supported the three-day show which has already ended but changed his mind afterwards claiming that it did not reflect Malaysia's polite and decent culture.

He ordered a probe and warned the government could take legal action against the organisers.




China cancels art exhibition by Hung Liu

Link Here 21st November 2019
A month ahead of its opening in Beijing, an exhibition by Chinese-American artist Hung Liu was canceled after local authorities objected to some of the works and refused to issue import permits for others.

According to Liu, Beijing cultural authorities have voiced concerns about nine of her works, including the painting Twelve Hairpins of Jinling (2011), which shows 12 schoolgirls in uniforms wearing gas masks, and a 1993 self-portrait based on a photo of her a young, rifle-toting fighter at the end of China's Cultural Revolution. Another painting that was objected to by authorities is Abacus (1988), which loosely translates to Seven-Up Eight-Down, a phrase in Chinese that describes agitation.

Liu reluctantly agreed to withdraw the nine works from the exhibition, focusing on more recent works and works that had been exhibited in China before. But that did was not enough to ease the concerns of the authorities in Beijing.

The cancellation comes amidst growing trade tensions between the United States and China and signifies increased censorship of political art in China.



Educationally backward and culturally repressed...

United Nations culture organisation is spotted censoring naked art

Link Here 1st November 2019
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has apologised for covering up the genitalia of two nude statues at a Paris exhibition with a thong and a baby's nappy.

The UN agency which was created to promote cultural diversity claimed it was a big mistake to cover up the statues.

The statues were created by French sculptor Stephane Simon and were displayed at the European Heritage Days in September.The figures were intended to evoke people taking a selfie.

Law professor Jacques Bouineau compared Unesco to Daniele da Volterra, the Italian painter who tried to cover the backsides in Michelangelo's Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel.


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