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Extract: Out of control, unaccountable and unconstrained...

David Kaye, the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, takes on the surveillance industry

Link Here27th November 2019

Just last month WhatsApp sued an Israeli surveillance company, the NSO Group , in a US court. The case alleges that the messaging platform was compromised by NSO technology, specifically to insert its signature product -- spyware known as Pegasus -- on to at least 1,400 devices, which enabled government surveillance (an allegation that NSO Group rejects ).With Pegasus in their hands, governments have access to the seemingly endless amount of personal data in our pockets. The University of Toronto's CitzenLab has found the Pegasus spyware used in 45 countries.

The global surveillance industry -- in which the NSO Group is just one of many dozens, if not hundreds, of companies -- appears to be out of control, unaccountable and unconstrained in providing governments with relatively low-cost access to the sorts of spying tools that only the most advanced state intelligence services previously were able to use.

The industry and its defenders will say this is a price to pay for confronting terrorism. We must sacrifice some liberty to protect our people from another 9/11, they argue. As one well-placed person claimed to me, such surveillance is mandatory; and, what's more, it is complicated, to protect privacy and human rights.

All I can say is, give me a break. The companies hardly seem to be trying -- and, more importantly, neither are the governments that could do something about it. In fact, governments have been happy to have these companies help them carry out this dirty work. This isn't a question of governments using tools for lawful purposes and incidentally or inadvertently sweeping up some illegitimate targets: this is using spyware technology to target vulnerable yet vital people whom healthy democracies need to protect.

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Educationally backward and culturally repressed...

United Nations culture organisation is spotted censoring naked art

Link Here1st November 2019
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has apologised for covering up the genitalia of two nude statues at a Paris exhibition with a thong and a baby's nappy.

The UN agency which was created to promote cultural diversity claimed it was a big mistake to cover up the statues.

The statues were created by French sculptor Stephane Simon and were displayed at the European Heritage Days in September.The figures were intended to evoke people taking a selfie.

Law professor Jacques Bouineau compared Unesco to Daniele da Volterra, the Italian painter who tried to cover the backsides in Michelangelo's Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel.



An alternative internet governance...

China and Russia internet censors to work together at the World Internet Conference

Link Here11th October 2019
Russia's state internet censor has announced that China and Russia will sign an agreement to cooperate in further censoring internet access for their citizens.

Roskomnadzor said it would formally sign the international treaty with their Chinese counterpart, the Cyberspace Administration of China, on October 20. That date is the first day of China's three-day World Internet Conference, to be held this year in the city of Wuzhen, in eastern Zhejiang province.

This co-operation seems to be based on the two countries promoting an alternative internet governance regime that is not controlled by the US. An alternative governance would allow national censorship processes a route to getting deeper into the overall control management of the internet. Eg to disallow censorship busting technology such as encrypted DNS.

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