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Update: My Enemy the State...

New email encryption standard aims to keep government snoopers out

Link Here 31st October 2013
Full story: Internet Snooping in the US...Prism and secret internet snooping

Two email providers, forced to close their services after the NSA demanded a backdoor, have proposed a new open standard for secure email that would be harder for security services and others to eavesdrop upon.

The encrypted email service Lavabit, and Silent Circle, a firm also encrypting phone calls and texts, are the founding members of the Darkmail Alliance, a service that aims to prevent government agencies from listening in on the metadata of emails.

The metadata is the information bundled up with the content of an email such as that showing the sender, the recipient and date the message was sent. Conventional email can never be made fully secure because the standard requires some metadata to be sent unencrypted.

Mike Janke, Silent Circle's chief executive and co-founder, said:

We want to get another dozen to two dozen email providers up and running on Darkmail architecture so that at any one time citizens of the world can choose two dozen email providers to get their email service from.

He said that the services Lavabit and Silent Mail kept too much data on the provider's server:

So what happened is you saw nation states can go to an email provider and coerce them into turning over the keys and decrypting.

The proposal of the alliance, it says, is as close to being compatible with conventional email as can be; users can send and receive insecure emails with contacts on normal services, and it is only when an email is sent between two accounts within the alliance that the message is encrypted and routed from one peer to the other without going through a central server.

The ultimate aim is to get the big email providers, such as Microsoft , Yahoo ! and Gmail , using the new standard too.



Grabbing a Slice of the Action...

GameLink runs contest seeking innovative ideas to use porn in conjunction with Wii or Kinect

Link Here 14th January 2013 , a porn site and on-demand adult video company, is holding a contest to see who can best integrate its video catalog with a motion control device similar to Nintendo's Wii or the Kinect technology on an Xbox 360.

GameLink in press release and via Jeff Dillon, a vice president claimed:

Leap Motion will be able to sense the user's hand and finger movements for direct 3D interaction with the screen.

Nobody wants to use their keyboard or mouse anymore -- why not just a flick of the hand. Porn is eventually going the way of Minority Report ... or a hologram thing like Tupac at Coachella.

So far Dillon's had some good ideas, like a Fleshlight -- a sex toy -- that syncs up with the video playing in front of you. He said that motion-control technology has come a long way, and that complete sex simulations are only a wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am away.

Unfortunately both Microsoft and Nintendo are miserable gits when it comes to adult fun. They don't seem keen on allowing people to use their systems for this type of thing.



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