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2013: April-June

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Update: A Cold War...

Gender extremists vow to fight on to ban internet porn in Iceland

Link Here 27th May 2013
Full story: Internet Censorship in Iceland...PC extremists move to ban porn

In Iceland a battle against people who enjoy porn is under way. Gender extremists are calling on the new government to introduce ways to block online pornography.

Defenders of the internet were given a boost at the end of April when the left-leaning politically correct administration was ousted by a centre-right coalition. However, gender extremists argue that, despite the setback, a debate has been started that will not go away.

Ogmundur Jonasson, the former interior minister, who proposed the censorship, remains adamant the issue must be tackled. There are people who want to silence this discussion, but it is a discussion that will not be silenced, he said:

People want to confuse this with an argument about freedom of expression, but I would say it is those who are trying to silence the debate who are not respecting freedom of expression

Guðrún Jónsdóttir, a spokeswoman for the campaign Stigamot said:

It would make my life so much easier not to fight porn but I have to. Why should we allow unfettered misogyny, images of rape? The argument is that we need to ban porn because it hurts our children, and that is true, but it also needs to be stopped because it is hate speech and violence against women and affects people's relationships.

She said the group planned write to all new MPs to talk to them about the porn ban. Of course the fight will continue, she said.



Down the Tubes...

Major tube sites hit by a change of Google's search algorithm

Link Here 24th May 2013

Google has launched its fourth 'Penguin' update affecting the search visibility for websites.

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company, SearchMetrics, found eight of the top 25 sites affected were porn sites, according to The eight porn sites on the list of 25 included,,,,,, and

Between them, the porn sites will lose between 25 and 40-percent of their previous SEO visibility at least for the keywords that SearchMetrics tracks, the report said.

In general the effects of Google's updates were less than expected, but there could be more to come.



Police Moralists Thwarted...

Maltese lap dancer acquitted of immoral acts in public (inside a club)

Link Here 22nd May 2013

Maltese lap dancer Rebecca Camilleri has been acquitted of immoral acts in public after police claimed she was dancing topless on a man's lap inside a club in Paceville.

In his judgement, Magistrate Ian Farrugia said the fact that Camilleri was topless inside a club did not constitute an immoral act when the location, the time and the age group of the people inside the club are taken into consideration. He said:

It is not the competence of the court to decree if frequenting such places is good or not, that decision has to be faced by each individual according to his conscience.

There is no way someone can be surprised or scandalised by what they see inside as one would have entered such a place in full knowledge of what is inside.

Police raided the gentleman's club Steam Bar in June 2012. A policeman alleged that he had seen Camilleri's breast exposed.

Defence lawyer Joe Giglio argued that crimes against morals had to be viewed within the context of time and place:

In a time when the country is overhauling its censorship laws, the police cannot impose their own set of 'morals' upon society.

In commenting further on his judgement, Magistrate Ian Farrugia held even if the dancer had her breast exposed, that was not sufficiently immoral nor scandalous , acquitting the dancer of all charges against her.



Offsite Article: The Prague strip scene...

Link Here 20th May 2013
Reviews of the main clubs and bars

See article from



Swimming Against the Tide...

Kenyan film censor whinges that uncensored films are now accepted as normal

Link Here 17th May 2013

The Kenya Film Classification Board has warned producers of pornography. Director of information Owiti Olewe said the board will work with police to carry out spots checks and arrest those found breaking the law including those with pornographic materials.

Olewe said pornography is illegal in Kenya:

The rise in distribution, exhibition and production of pornography and other programmes which depict elements of violence, drugs and alcohol should act as warning signs to the public.

Olewe said the board has in the past restricted films such as Movie 43 and Paradise Love which display some pornographic elements:

More of these kinds of films are accessed by the public through unlicensed distributors and exhibitors and have gradually been accepted as normal.



Offsite Article: Penetrating Jordanís Illegal Porn Cinemas...

Link Here 7th May 2013
An unlikely sounding business

See article from



Offsite Article: Web Porn in Singapore...

Link Here 2nd May 2013
An in-depth look at the possibilities for internet business

See article from



Update: No Votes in Banning Porn...

Iceland's PC extremists kicked out of office

Link Here 1st May 2013
Full story: Internet Censorship in Iceland...PC extremists move to ban porn

Iceland's PC extremist government that proposed a ban on internet porn has been booted out of office.

An election victory on Saturday for the center-right opposition win probably means the planned ban will be no more. But you never know.


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