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2016: Oct-Dec

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Stabbing pains...

Tales of Berseria video game cut for category

Link Here15th December 2016
Tales of Berseria is a 2017 Japan role playing game from Banda Namco

Western releases set for January 2017 are cut for violence to obtain a lower age category.

A cutscene was editted to achieve a lower age category for a PEGI 16 rating in Europe. The game is Teen rated in the US.

A murder sequence was changed by substituting a killing by magic instead of the original death by stabbing with a sword.



The shower scenes will just have to go...

Cuts look set for Friday the 13th: The Game

Link Here11th November 2016
Friday the 13th: The Game appears to be heading for the same censorship troubles as the movies series.

Co-creator of the game, Wes Keltner tweeted today that they met with the games raters of the ESRB and Friday the 13th: The Game is between an M (mature) and an AO (adults only).

When talking with GameRevolution, Keltner said he couldn't comment on the ESRB's exact reasons going into the game's potential ratings, but many are speculating it has to do with the game's reported inclusion of nudity. Of course, what's an entry in the Friday the 13th series without at least a naked shower scene.

Keltner told GameRevolution that there is no way they would consider releasing the game with an AO rating, as it would prevent them from releasing on consoles. Many stores also don't carry AO-rated games so it would severely impact their sales.

So just like a large number of the movies series, the game makers will just have to put up with censor cuts.



Offsite Article: Violence In Games Does Not Cause Real-Life Violence...

Link Here 23rd October 2016
A more nuanced look at the relationship between violence and games. By Jesse Marczyk

See article from



Update: Internet watershed...

China proposes curfew law to block children from playing online games into the night

Link Here18th October 2016
Full story: Games censorship in China...A wide range of censorship restrictions
China has proposed new restrictions for online gaming companies to implement. Major tech companies with significant presence in the region could have to undergo substantial operational changes, reports Dow Jones Business News.

The draft rules posted online by the Chinese government on Sept. 30, would require online-game operators to lock out users under the age of 18 between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m. The rules will apply to all smart devices.

The regulation is vague as to whether companies would have to use Beijing-approved software. The country says it will support the development of web-filtering software to keep children safe online and will determine whether preexisting products comply with the new requirements.

Along with the internet curfew would be a requirement for a number of websites to post warnings for content unsuitable for minors.



Offsite Article: Age Ratings Around The World...

Link Here16th October 2016
A look at how countries rate their games From PEGI to USK, from CERO to ESRB, the countries of the world have a variety of different ways to rate games.

See article from

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