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The BBFC publishes its latest Annual Report covering 2017

Link Here 19th July 2018

BBFC launches its Annual Report & Accounts 2017

  • 82% more films were classified for cinema in 2017 compared to 2007.
  • Video on demand continues to receive more BBFC age ratings than any other format
  • In 2017 the BBFC gave 378 films a 12A age rating, the most ever at the 12A category

In 2017 the BBFC age rated 1,048 films for cinema release, representing an 82% growth in films classified compared to 2007. With a total of 378 titles, there were more films with a 12A age rating in 2017 than ever before. However 15 remains the most common age rating with 392 theatrical classifications last year. Every film classified by the BBFC comes with detailed BBFCinsight information to help people make informed viewing choices for themselves and their family. BBFCinsight is available on and the BBFC's free apps for tablet and mobile devices.

Although cinema is as popular as ever, digital content continues to grow, with submissions increasing by 25.3% since 2016, with just under 160,000 minutes of digital content classified in 2017.

David Austin, BBFC Chief Executive, said: Our aim is to support children and families to make viewing decisions that are right for them whenever, whatever and however they are watching, be it cinema, Blu-ray or DVD, or Video on Demand (VOD). Going forward we will continue to carry out research to ensure that our standards are in line with what people across the UK believe and expect. In February 2018 the Government designated the BBFC with new responsibilities as the age-verification regulator for online commercial pornography, under Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act 2017. This is due to our acknowledged expertise in assessing and classifying content, including pornographic content, and our longstanding experience of online regulation. The new legislation is an important step in making the internet safer for children.

In addition to providing the latest age rating information on our websites, twitter account and free app, the BBFC continues to publish resources for children, teachers and older learners including a regular podcast, a children's website (, case studies and classroom posters.

In 2017 the BBFC's education team held 137 teaching sessions speaking to over 8,000 people across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Sessions focussed on BBFC age ratings, our history and our current work including in the online space. The BBFC education and outreach work aims to help children and young people choose well when selecting viewing material online, at home and in the cinema.



Shopping: The Walking Dead...

2017 US TV horror fantasy by Michael E Satrazemis, John Polson, Michael Slovis set for UK Blu-ray and DVD release on 24th September 2018 with 6 extended episodes

Link Here 18th July 2018
The Walking Dead is a 2017 US TV horror fantasy by Michael E Satrazemis, John Polson, Michael Slovis...
Starring Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed with an aggregate 18 uncut for:

  • 2018 Entertainment One [Original + Extended Episodes] RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 24th September 2018
  • 2018 Entertainment One [maybe original episodes only] R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 24th September 2018


Season 8 has extended episodes for 5,6,8,14,15,16.

Previous releases have the extended versions on Blu-ray only but this is not confirmed for this release

The BBFC lists the following extended episodes:

  • Extended Episode 5 - The Big Scary U (53:01s cf 49:41s)
  • Extended Episode 6 - The King The Widow A Nd Rick (44:21s cf 43:30s)
  • Extended Episode 8 - How It's Gotta Be (60:10s cf 59:46s)
  • Extended Episode 14 - Still Gotta Mean Something (52:47s cf 49:06s)
  • Extended Episode 15 - Worth (55:31s cf 49:33s)
  • Extended Episode 16 - Wrath (49:46s cf 46:04s)



Shopping: Deadtime Stories...

1986 USA comedy horror by Jeffrey Delman set for UK Blu-ray release on 27th August 2018 probably still in a cut version

Link Here 15th July 2018
Deadtime Stories is a 1986 USA comedy horror by Jeffrey Delman.
Starring Scott Valentine, Nicole Picard and Matt Mitler. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Probably the cut UK version was passed 18 without BBFC cuts for:

  • 2018 88 Films (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 27th August 2018

The BBFC did not provide a short Insight statement. This typically means that the BBFC did not reassess the rating and reissued an old rating. To do this the latest submission must be the same as the old version submitted previously.

Censorship History

Cut by the BBFC for 18 rated VHS in 1986. Presumably the same version is 18 rated for 2018 Blu-ray. Also cut in the US for an MPAA R rating. The film has yet to be released uncut.

Promotional Material

In the creepy compendium style of CREEPSHOW (1982) comes DEADTIME STORIES (1986) a collection of stories with teeth and torment that are sure to send chills down the spines of viewers even today! A sleazy and shocking pack of splatter fairy tales - this contemporary spin on the likes of "Little Red Riding Hood" has gore aplenty, a sick sense of humour and enough splattered limbs to make for essential late night viewing. Directed by genre veteran Jeffrey Delman and packed full of plastic fantastic charms, 88 Films is enthusiastic about keeping you up at night with this perfectly resto



Offsite Article: 100 years of film censorship in India...

Link Here 14th July 2018
A full century after the Cinematograph Act of 1918, cinema and censorship still share a close, uncomfortable relationship. By Uday Bhatia

See article from



Offsite Article: How 1970s erotic cinema helped shape modern Spain...

Link Here 13th July 2018
Living in a dictatorship really made Spaniards appreciate the ending of film censorship in 1977. By Jesse Barker

See article from



The Hustle...

MGM to hustle the MPAA to reduce its R rating to PG-13

Link Here 11th July 2018
The Hustle is a 2019 USA comedy by Chris Addison.
Starring Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson and Tim Blake Nelson. IMDb

A remake of the 1988 comedy, 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels', in which two down-and-out con artists engage in a "loser leaves town" contest.

Originally rated R in the US for some crude sexual references. The producers MGM were not impressed and are appealing the rating, presumably seeking a PG-13 rating.



Shopping: Woody Woodpecker...

2017 USA children's animation comedy by Alex Zamm set for UK Blu-ray and DVD release on 30th July 2018 with BBFC category cuts

Link Here 7th July 2018
Woody Woodpecker is a 2017 USA children's animation comedy by Alex Zamm.
Starring Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala and Eric Bauza. BBFC link IMDb

UK: Passed PG for mild violence after 58s of BBFC category cuts for:

  • 2018 Spirit Entertainment RB Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 30th July 2018
  • 2018 Spirit Entertainment R2 DVD at UK Amazon released on 30th July 2018
The BBFC commented:
  • Cut required to remove a scene of dangerous imitable behaviour (in this case, sight of a character playing with gas). The cut has been made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. An uncut 12 was available.

Promotional Material

Woody Woodpecker is back with his signature laugh, wacky antics and wisecracks in this first ever live-action/animated film. Woody must protect his forest home from Lance Walters (Timothy Omundson) , who starts building his dream mansion in the forest with his son, Tommy, and fiancée, Vanessa (Thaila Ayala) . To make matters worse, he must avoid the clutches of two grizzly poachers. With a series of crazy hijinks to sabotage their plans, Woody proves he'll stop at nothing to defend his turf. Get ready for big laughs in this hilarious comedy about everyone's favorite woodpecker!



Incredibles 2...

Resubmitted to the BBFC after the addition of an epilepsy warning

Link Here 6th July 2018
Incredibles 2  is a 2018 USA family action animation by Brad Bird.
Starring Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter and Sarah Vowell. BBFC link IMDb

UK:  2D and 3D re-edited versions including the Short Film Bao were passed PG for mild bad language, violence without BBFC cuts for:

  • 2018 cinema release

These versions have replaced versions of the film submitted a month earlier. There's no change to the running time, rating or consumer advice.

The likely reason is a response to US concerns by the Epilepsy Foundation. Disney have added a warning disclaimer:

Incredibles 2 contains a sequence of flashing lights, which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities

Summary Notes

Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world.


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