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Thank God...

Film mocking religion banned in Kuwait

Link Here16th September 2022
Thank God is a 2022 India comedy by Indra Kumar
Starring Rakul Preet Singh, Ajay Devgn and Sidharth Malhotra IMDb

An egoistic real estate broker in huge debts, meets with an accident. As he gains consciousness, he realizes that he is in heaven. God appears in front of him and informs him that he will have to play a GAME OF LIFE. If he manages to win, he will be sent back to earth and if he loses, he will be sent to hell.

Kuwait: Banned in September 2022

The film caused a little controversy in India as religious campaigners felt that it mocked the hindu religion and so filed a legal case claiming that the film hurt religious sentiments. It is reported that this religious mockery did not go down well with the Kuwait film censor who banned the film from a cinema release in Kuwait.



A Netflixation with gay characters...

Gulf states threaten legal action about gay characters in Netflix shows

Link Here11th September 2022
Full story: Internet Censorship in Saudi...Communications under threat
Six Gulf states have warned Netflix over content violating Islamic values. The states have threatened Netflix with legal action if it continues broadcasting content that contradicts Islam, while Saudi state media indicated that the offending material centred on shows depicting sexual minorities.

A statement issued jointly by the Saudi media regulator and the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), headquartered in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, did not specifically identify material, referring only to content that contradicts Islamic and societal values. The statement said.

Regional authorities will follow up on the platform's compliance with the directives, and in the event that the infringing content continues to be broadcast, the necessary legal measures will be taken.

The Gulf Cooperation Council includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , and the United Arab Emirates.



Boarding House...

Researching the many versions of 1982 US comedy horror once banned by the BBFC

Link Here29th August 2022
Boarding House is a 1982 USA comedy horror by John Wintergate (as Johnn Wintergate).
Starring John Wintergate, Kalassu and Lindsay Freeman. Melon Farmers link  Youtube link  IMDb
Noted as the first horror film shot on video. The original video release from 1982 was a spoof comedy horror. This version was banned by the BBFC for 1983 UK VHS release. The  video was re-edited to create a more serious horror for an MPAA R rated Theatrical Version. An alternative version was created in 1984 titled Psycho Killer. A much longer fan based creation from 2013 has been labelled the Director's Cut

Summary Notes

Resembling a cross between "The Amityville Horror" and a Playboy Playmates video, this film tells the terrifying tale of a cheesy video special effect that stalks bikini-clad women. In between scenes of them playfully splashing each other and wrestling with each other's bathing suit tops, they're murdered and/or terrorized by horrific hallucinations. These hallucinations include seeing blood in the shower stalls (while they're trying to lather up), having giant monsters jump out of the hall closet, and seeing their faces temporarily turn into rubber halloween masks.

Fan Created Director's Cut

Director's Cut
run: 156:48s
pal: 150:32s
MPAA UnratedUS: The Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated for:
  • 2015 Olive Films DVD [Director's Cut + Original Video Version] R1 DVD at US Amazon  


Psycho Killer Version

Psycho Killer
run: 98:08s
pal: 94:12s
MPAA UnratedUS: The Psycho Killer Version is MPAA Unrated for:
  • 2021 American Genre Film [Original Version + Theatrical Version + Psycho Killer] R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon #ad

Theatrical Serious Horror Version

Theatrical Version
run: 87:57s
pal: 84:26s
MPAA RUS: The Theatrical Version  is MPAA R rated for:
  • 2021 American Genre Film [Original Version + Theatrical Version + Psycho Killer] R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon #ad
  • 2015 Olive Films DVD [Director's Cut + Original Video Version] R1 DVD at US Amazon

Original Spoof Horror Video Version

Original Version
run: 98:46s
pal: 94:49s
MPAA UnratedUS: The Original Version is MPAA Unrated for:
  • 2021 American Genre Film [Original Version + Theatrical Version + Psycho Killer] R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon #ad
  • 2015 Olive Films DVD [Director's Cut + Original Video Version] R1 DVD at US Amazon
Rejected UK: The Original Version was banned by the BBFC for:
  • 1983 Intervision VHS



Thor: Love and Thunder...

Banned by the Malaysian film censor over gay references

Link Here12th August 2022
Full story: Censored Films in Malaysia...Film censors and censorship

Thor: Love and Thunder is a 2022 Australia/US film by Taika Waititi
Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale BBFC link 2020 IMDb

Thor enlists the help of Valkyrie, Korg and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster to fight Gorr the God Butcher, who intends to make the gods extinct.

Malaysia: Banned by the film censor in August 2022

Disney likes to add a little preachy moralising about gay positivity and this film is not an exception with a couple of minor script references. Korg (Taika Waititi) mentioned his two dads and briefly ending up with another male Krogan. The other reference was the female character, Valkyrie, taking an interest in a concubine of Zeus.

Malaysia's Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Zahidi Zainul Abidin spotted the gay references and said that he would continue to look out for LGBT content that would continue to censored in future.

The film censor did propose that cuts could be made to secure a release but Disney declined and the film was formally banned.


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