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17th December   

Update: No Fun in Florida...

Florida swingers club shut down by morality police
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Hillsborough County sheriff's detectives say they shut down a swingers club in a Seffner rental house and arrested four people.

Complaints from neighbors about the home resulted in a six-week investigation by police and the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

Neighbors said cars would turn up their dead-end street on weekend evenings and head directly for the very end, pulling into the 150-foot driveway lit with tiki torches behind the white picket fence and gate. The unassuming two-story white house has red trim and sits well off a street lined with single-story ranch homes.

Inside, policemen found three bedrooms lined wall to wall with beds. The living room was equipped with a dancing pole, a spanking table and large-screen televisions playing pornographic movies.

Four people have been charged with operating a sexually oriented business without a license and operating a bottle club without proper zoning and licensing. All four were released on bail.

Policemen said they witnessed various numbers of people inside the house and saw as many as 50 people inside at one time. Couples were allowed into the club free, and single men and women were charged various fees to enter. Anyone entering was allowed to bring their own bottle of alcohol and could share with others.


17th November

 Offsite: Every Which Way You Lose...

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Newly transgendered woman in topless protest at refused official recognition of her new gender, was arrested for indecent exposure of female breasts, and sent to male prison

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7th October   

Update: Beach Prudery...

Court challenge to New Jersey anti nudity law fails
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A New Jersey court case involved a woman who was staging an explicit protest designed to restore the right for a woman to go topless at a historically nude beach.

The relatively secluded beach near the Delaware border was traditionally topless until the passage and enforcement of an ordinance by a nearby municipality, which banned persons from appearing in a state of nudity or in an indecent or lewd dress or garment, or to make any indecent or unnecessary exposure of his or her person.

The woman and her husband were both on the beach wearing swimsuit bottoms but no tops. The woman was cited and fined $500. Her husband was not.

The woman appealed the citation on the basis of four arguments:

  1. The ordinance was unconstitutionally vague (What is nudity? What is indecent?)
  2. The ordinance denies equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment (Why are only women's breasts indecent?)
  3. The ordinance denies equal protection under the New Jersey State Constitution (Does the public's interest in covering my breasts really outweigh my right to uncover them?)
  4. The beach's historical tradition as a nude sunbathing site should be protected under the public trust doctrine. (If the beaches belong to all of us, we should be free to enjoy them as we choose.)

The New Jersey Superior Court denied the appeal on all four grounds.

Of particular interest is the Court's rationale in denying points 2 and 3. In denying that the ordinance violated the Equal Protection Clause, the Court invoked the important governmental interest in safeguarding the public's moral sensibilities, which in this case are based on an indisputable difference between the sexes and the fact that society considered females baring their breasts in public . . . as unpalatable.

With respect to equal protection under the State Constitution, the Court found that a woman's right to appear topless in public is not central to the ordinary person's life enjoyment or liberty, and is outweighed by they government's legitimate need to protect the public from unwelcome exposure to nudity.


29th September   

Don't Tell Mama...

Berlin is the fun capital of Europe
Link Here

How did the German capital become Europe's sex tourism mecca for gays and straights alike? A tour of underground clubs, dark rooms, bathhouses.


To gain entry to the erotic club called Insomnia on Alt-Tempelhof Street, you ring the bell and hope the door opens. After you pass the test and shed any extraneous clothing in the locker room, you enter a square space that is painted red. And there you find people dancing, nice music and a laser-light show. Most of the men are dressed. Most of the women are a bit scantily clad. On Sundays, mass orgies are held here, and the price of admission varies: 80 euros for a man, 40 for a couple and no charge for women. But for the regular Saturday bash, admission is 17 euros across the board.

Things seem a little dull, but when I go to order a drink at the bar, I notice that a man's head is planted between the legs of the panty-less girl beside me. Massive curtains hide several dark spaces, where there are beds and a Jacuzzi for naked bathing, plus showers for before and after.

On the other side is a corridor with pictures of naked women lit with ultraviolet light and huge sculptures of female genitalia. In the corridor, a woman in a leather suit with her breasts exposed lies in a hammock. Her legs are held by chains and someone is performing a sex act on her before a curious audience of five men and two women. A middle-aged midget goes up to the upper level, holding two leather leashes attached to the neck of a tall and slender young woman who walks ahead of him. Entry into this level is restricted to couples.


Kitkat is Insomnia's kinkier and more famous cousin. Sitting at the entrance to this club is Kirstin, who runs the place with her husband Thur. She oversees the selection process. Anyone who shows up in simple jeans and a T-shirt will remain outside.

There are two dance floors, both with oppressively loud techno music. A few young women are dancing in just their panties and bras. A naked couple is making out on the couch. Here, too, you find a big age range: a couple of Russian youths in army trousers and berets, shirtless, alongside 60-somethings sitting naked on armchairs. Some are playing with themselves, one is asleep. A man in a leather dress puts his hand on the crotch of a woman in high stiletto heels, who is kissing another man. On the walls are neon-hued paintings of men with enlarged penises and of naked women.

At Kitkat you can do anything, as long as it's consensual. It's the sex community center, says Dr. Gadi Taub, 46, a senior lecturer in communications and p ublic policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Good-looking men and women, ugly men and women, gays, straights, old people, young people - it's wonderfully democratic. You go in there for the first time and you think you're dreaming. They don't need bouncers to toss people out because people respect one another, in keeping with the rules of the place: You can try anything and touch anyone - it's the local parallel to 'What's going on?' - but if he moves away from you, you don't go after him.


At 3 A.M., I head over to Berghain, the city's most famous techno club. Top DJs, music that's a feast for the ears, thumping bass that really gets inside you. But it's just as famous for the long line at the entrance, the tough selection, and the fact that what happens on the dance floor, in the bathrooms and in the dark rooms is just as exciting as the music. In one room on the first floor, aside from the amazing sound, everything is more intense - especially at peak hours when it fills with gay men engaged in solo, couple or group sex and it's hard to move around without bumping into a bare chest or buttock. On the ground floor you can also find straight couples fucking. Not everyone bothers to hide; right on the dance floor there are couples and threesomes going at it in advanced stages.

For the last decade or so, the Berghain has been operating out of a power station located on the edge of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg quarter. The proprietors are also the owners of Lab.Oratory and at certain parties during the year (for New Year's and Easter ), the connecting door between the two spaces is opened. Then the last days of Pompeii are likely to pale in comparison. But my German friend still isn't that impressed.

That's the difference between locals and tourists, he says. The locals are used to it all, the tourists are keen to go back home with a souvenir. Some buy a postcard, others tell everyone how they saw people fucking at the Berghain club.

...Read the full article


27th September   

Update: Shameful Scottish Justice...

Scotland adds up the bill for being easily offended by the Naked Rambler
Link Here
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Scotland's easy offence at the  Naked Rambler has cost tax payers £500,000

Stephen Gough has been behind bars almost continually for six years for refusing to wear clothes either in public, in court or in prison. And it looks as though the bill for keeping him will continue to rise because every time he is freed, he is arrested again for going starkers.

In all, he has been convicted of 17 breaches of the peace for walking naked since he first hit the headlines in 2003 as he walked from Land's End to John O'Groats naked.

Gough is currently serving his longest sentence of 657 days, imposed at Perth Sheriff Court last month.

Sheriff Richard McFarlane has claimed this outrageous injustice is not the fault of the authorities, but that it was all down to Gough. He said: Can you help me as to when this ridiculous cycle of offending will stop? A lot of deserving causes could benefit from the unnecessary cost you are putting the country to. Your conduct is verging on selfish because of the costs.

It costs around £ 35,000 a year to keep the average prisoner but Gough spends most of his time behind bars in segregation, which is more expensive. The total bill is also made up of legal aid, court bills and wasted police time.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: It's unbelievable that this ongoing case has been allowed to waste so much taxpayers' money. A sensible resolution has to be found, sending the naked rambler back to prison benefits no one.


19th September   

American Prudes...

New Jersey woman fails in appeal against a prosecution for revealing her breasts on a beach
Link Here

Two appeal judges of the Superior Court of New Jersey have affirmed the conviction of Phoenix Feeley, an artist and free speech activist, for having exposed her breasts on a beach in Spring Lake, N.J., and for later removing the t-shirt provided to her by police and again going bare-chested at an intersection near the police station. She was fined $750 for the two incidents.

Although a 1992 New York Appeals Court decision declared that since men had the right to go topless in any public venue in the state, women had the same right, Feeley was nonetheless arrested in 2005 for opening the top of her painter's jumpsuit and letting her breasts hang out on Delancey Street in downtown Manhattan at 1:30 a.m., and held in custody for 12 hours before being released uncharged. She claimed in a lawsuit against the city that she had been pulled from a police car by her hair, forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital, and that the cops refused to help her repair her now-damaged jumpsuit. The city agreed to settle the case for $29,000.

So Feeley may have assumed she'd have no similar problem in Spring Lake, which is located just 40 miles south of Manhattan, but apparently the area, though just five miles from the resort town of Asbury Park, is actually a hotbed of conservatism. Hence her conviction in Superior Court of two counts of public nudity and one of obstruction .


16th September

 Offsite: Suspending Disbelief...

Link Here
Tragedy in Italy when Shibari bondage goes wrong

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7th September   

Censorial Blobs...

Topless protest at newspaper censorship policy
Link Here
A topless woman's protest at the Ottawa Sun caught local's attention.

The reason for her topless parade was to protest against the photo policy of the Ottawa Sun. The paper's policy is to cover the nipples of topless women appearing in photos.

Spero claimed it is unfair that a pull-out section of the Sun in one of those editions featured a photo of a topless man, whose nipples are clearly visible.

She said she also has sent angry messages to columnist Earl McRae who referred to breasts as bazongas in a column.

I thought the Sun was about news, but this is incredibly offensive, she said.


14th May   

Bollox Policing...

Complaints about nudist neighbour who lives 150 meters away
Link Here

A 62-year-old Gloucestershire back garden naturist was arrested for indecent exposure and now faces three charges of outraging public decency.

Donald Sprigg was hauled before Cheltenham Magistrates Court accused of causing his Cirencester neighbours harassment, alarm or distress , the Daily Mail reports.

Sprigg denied the charges, while his solicitor Mohammed Iqbal insisted that the neighbours who'd protested actually lived 150 metres away and had captured the allegedly indecent horticultural action from their balcony using a long-distance lens .

Sprigg was bailed to stand trial on 20 June. ?


12th May   

Tourist Unfriendly...

Barcelona's image damaged by a bikini ban
Link Here

Barcelona officials have passed a law banning nudity and what they described as near nudity in the city centre, with anyone ignoring the regulations risking a fine.

Concerns had been expressed that too many locals and tourists were unable to distinguish where the beaches ended and the city started.

Lawmakers and tourism bosses were worried Barcelona's image was being damaged by the number of people walking straight off the sand and into residential and historic areas without bothering to adjust their dress.

Signs were erected in coastal areas of Barcelona earlier this year, asking people to cover up when they left the beaches, but the message did not appear to get through.

Legislation has now been passed that will allow the police to fine anyone spotted on the streets in a bikini, swimsuit or trunks up to EUR300 ( £ 265).

The new law also includes provision for fines of up to EUR500 for anyone who is found to be completely naked in public anywhere in the city other than its nudist beach, after a number of incidents of people walking or cycling through the streets without a stitch of clothing on.


7th February   

A Big Whoppa To Go...

Canadian on trial for public nudity challenges the constitutionality of the law
Link Here

Canadian laws prohibiting public nudity are an infringement of constitutional rights, an Ontario court heard.

Prominent defence lawyer Clayton Ruby argued that current laws in Canada prohibiting nudity in public places, or on private property exposed to public view, are overly broad --- thus they should be struck down and the laws under the Criminal Code updated.

According to the Federation of Canadian Nudists, these laws are archaic because they define nudity as generally indecent and intended to cause harm to those who witness it.

The challenge is being launched on behalf of Ruby's client, Brian Coldin, a nudist resort operator in Bracebridge, Ontario. Coldin, who has been arrested numerous times over the years for public nudity.

The criminal trial, which began last fall, heard testimony from one of the workers at the fast-food burger restaurant who cried on the stand when she described how Coldin and two others drove up to the pickup window completely nude.

Ruby had argued Coldin wasn't completely nude in the incidents and was at the very least --- wearing sandals. He also argued that the self-proclaimed Christian nudist's behaviour was not done in an prurient or indecent manner.

The decision about the constitutional challenge will be made in writing at a later date.

Update: Day in Court

18th July 2011. See  article from

A man who is challenging the constitutionality of Canada's nudity laws received a boost Tuesday from a handful of naturists who descended on the small town in Ontario's cottage country where his lawyers were making arguments.

Lawyers for Brian Coldin spent the day trying to convince an Ontario court judge that it should no longer be a criminal offence to be naked in public. About six self-described naturists were in the courtroom to support him.

The judge will rule on the constitutionality of Canada's nudity laws and whether Coldin is guilty at the same time. The case is now adjourned until Sept. 28, when the judge is expected to set a date for his final decision.

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