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2016: July-Sept

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Offsite Article: In a splash of inspiration...

Link Here21st September 2016
Meet the Porn Pioneer Who Sold Bukkake to America. By Mark Hay

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Offsite Article: Condoms in Porn: A Solution in Search of a Problem...

Link Here7th September 2016
Full story: Health and Safety in Porn...AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry
California's Prop 60 proposes to require condoms in porn. But to what effect? By David J Ley

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Updated: No X in Texas...

August 17-19 2016. Hilton hotel censors adult expo after moralist campaigners claim that it facilitates prostitution and trafficking.

Link Here6th August 2016
TEXXXAS: The Show was an adult expo was scheduled for Houston, Texas, next month.

Morality in Media, now calling themselves National Center on Sexual Exploitation, reported that they had asked Hilton executives not to host the event. The group claimed that the event had the potential to facilitate an increased demand for prostitution, and sex trafficking, in the local area. This would have partly resulted from the demand for commercial sex both at the expo and surrounding after parties at local strip clubs.

Hilton Worldwide apparently responding to the Morality in Media call cancelled the expo. Along with Hospitality Ventures Management Group (HVMG), a third-party management services provider, Hilton Worldwide decided to no longer host this event.

In a communication informing Morality in Media of the cancellation, a Hilton representative stated:

Hilton is committed to respecting human rights and preventing sexual exploitation and we continuously review our policies to ensure we provide a welcoming environment for guests, employees and members of our communities.

The TEXXXAS fan expo, which will make its debut Aug. 17, has relocated to the Holiday Inn Southwest.

The hotel is located at 11160 Southwest Freeway in Houstonā?�10 miles from downtown Houston and five miles from the Galleria area.

The three-day event, officially called TEXXXAS The Show, will feature more than 30 adult film stars.

Update: Relocated

26th July 2016. See  article from

The TEXXXAS fan expo, which will make its debut Aug. 17, has relocated to the Holiday Inn Southwest.

The hotel is located at 11160 Southwest Freeway in Houston, 10 miles from downtown Houston and five miles from the Galleria area.

The three-day event, officially called TEXXXAS The Show, will feature more than 30 adult film stars.

Update: Moralists persuade Holiday Inn to ban the event too

28th July 2016. See  article from

The inaugural TEXXXAS fan expo, scheduled for Aug. 17-20, is looking for its second new venue in less than a week after the Holiday Inn Southwest cancelled its agreement to host the event.

John Gray, organizer and president of TEXXXAS The Show, told AVN Wednesday he is considering several options for the new venue and assured the show will go on as planned.

Holiday Inn capitulated after  being approached by Morality in Media campaigners. Dawn Hawkins, executive director of NCOSE crowed:

InterContinental Hotels Group and the independently owned and operated Holiday Inn Southwest hotel took an important stand against sexual exploitation by refusing to host this pornography expo. After we heard that the TEXXXAS event had been cancelled by Hilton, we reached out to remind IHG executives of the potential harms such an event could have on the local community and of IHG's own policy on pornography. In a clear display of corporate and social responsibility, IHG took immediate action to address the situation.

Update: A new home

6th August 2016. See  article from

The TEXXXAS adult expo has finally settled on a new venue at a local strip club.

 The inaugural event will be held at Cover Girls, 10310 West Little York Road, with a $5.99 steak buffet. Promoter John Gray said:

All of the after parties are still on and the show is still being sponsored by Adam & Eve, the high-end sex shop. The expo will be on the second floor of the club and will feature no nudity.



Shameless politics...

Penthouse publishes and article attacking the Utah legislation for its claims that porn is a public health hazard

Link Here5th August 2016
The cover of the July/August issue of Penthouse leads, The Shameless Issue: Utah's Governor Wants To Handle Your Penis .

The headline is refers to an article titled The Mormon War On Porn Is Coming For You. It refers to state Senator's Todd Weiler's resolution declaring porn to be a public health crisis. Governor Gary Hebert signed the bill in April this year.

The Penthouse story was written by Andy Campbell, who comments about the anti-porn resolution:

But this is the Mormon Church. It's a religion that condemns masturbation as unchaste. It's a religion whose clergy view pornography as evil, and as addictive as heroin. It's a religion whose 13th President, Ezra Taft Benson, famously said, 'The Book of Mormon places unchastity next to murder.'

It's a religion that could care less about the separation of church and state, he continues. Its ultra-faithful lawmakers just brought Mormon ideology into national politics by passing a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis and an epidemic.'

Penthouse editor, Raphie Artonowitz, commented:

We wanted to show these guys that them imposing their views on us and bringing their values to our doorstep is just as irritating as us doing the same do them.

Penthouse owner Kelly Holland has sent copies of the current issue to Weiler, Herbert and the Utah-based leaders of the Mormon Church. Holland commented:

Contrary to the wild claims of State Senator Todd Weiler and Utah Governor Gary Herbert, there's absolutely no credible studies to suggest that pornography is a public health threat or crisis for children or adults; it's absurd Lead in the water of Flint, Michigan, is a public health threat; the Zika virus in Florida is a public health threat; Donald Trump is a threat to the mental health of most people on the planet, pornography is the last thing lawmakers should be wasting valuable time on. As a matter of fact pornography as a sexual aid is a wonderful way to relieve the stress we face over the real threats in our world.



Trumps gets cocky...

He decides that he doesn't need the votes of American's who enjoy porn

Link Here2nd August 2016

Donald Trump has signed up with an anti-porn group moralist camp group called Enough Is Enough . In a populist move he has endorsed various child protection measures but amongst the good stuff he has promised to aggressively enforce existing obscenity laws. He said he would appoint an Attorney General who'll make such prosecutions a top priority.

Other parts of his  pledge would have Trump giving serious consideration to appointing a Presidential Commission to examine the harmful public health impact of Internet pornography on youth, families and the American culture.



Offsite Article: A Picture of Carelessness...

Link Here26th July 2016
Porn star sues the Daily Mail for randomly using her picture to illustrate an article about a a totally unconnected porn star with HIV

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