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Update: Political Porn...

Zero Tolerance produce Measure X, a hardcore parody referencing Measure B, the Los Angeles condom ban

Link Here19th May 2013
Full story: Health and Safety in Porn...AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry

Measure B is the Los Angeles law to require condoms to be used in porn productions. The measure was passed by lawmakers but the practicalities of its implementation are still being worked out.

In an attempt to support the continued fight against Measure B, adult content producers Zero Tolerance recently released Measure X (2013). The producer is donating the proceeds from Measure X to the Free Speech Coalition's legal efforts to challenge the law, and all persons appearing in the film did so pro bono.

The film begins with the statement:

Measure X - fighting for the right to fuck. This is a satire of a real event: The Passage of 'Measure B' in Los Angeles county. An enormous waste of tax dollars and a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

The film tells the story of Mike ( Michael Winestain ), a corrupt politician responsible for the passage of a mandatory condom law that puts the adult industry under siege from bumbling condom police. Mike, played hilariously by Tommy Pistol, is semi-joined by Sheila, an ex-porn performer and current evangelist leader of the Pink Pinwheel Foundation. Mike goes around enforcing the condom-mandate... all while struggling to find condomless porn he can jerk off to.

The film is pretty funny at points, includes four decent sex scenes, and presents some great, often overlooked arguments about Measure B and barrier protection.



Updated: Morality Police...

Polk County police arrest garage owner for supposed obscenity

Link Here16th May 2013

Polk County police are notorious for doing their own moralistic thing when it comes to adult entertainment, commonplace in the the rest of the USA.

This time police have arrested a gas station owner for wholesale promotion of supposedly obscene material and 10 counts each of distribution of obscenity and possession of supposed obscenity with intent to sell.

Undercover Polk County detectives went to Minakashiben Patel's business, Sunoco Superway No. 6 gas station, on Tuesday and purchased 10 adult movies for a wholesale price. They then arrested him.

Update: Polk morality police to take on

16th May 2013. See review from

Sheriff Grady Judd, the self appointed moral policeman who declared war on the production and distribution of porn in Florida's Polk County several years ago, has another focus these days,

Judd has said that he's putting Backpage executives officially on notice. Judd claimed:

It's a promise. Backpage, you are going to be criminally investigated. So are the people in charge of your organization. Backpage is driving proceeds from prostitution. Backpage is facilitating prostitution.

Judd made the comments after deputies arrested 92 victims who posted or answered ads for sex on

Adult industry Lawrence Walters told XBIZ that the Constitution and federal laws protects operators like Backpage and Craigslist and that Judd appears misguided:

What Sheriff Judd seems to overlook is that the First Amendment protects the rights of online advertising outlets to engage in commercial speech, and that they are not automatically responsible for illegal acts of their advertisers. In addition, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act provides statutory immunity to online service providers like Other Sheriff's have learned that lesson the hard way when they tried this same kind of intimidation tactic against



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