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 2016 April-June

 Offsite Article: Bothered by a brothel?...

Link Here 17th June 2016
the conversation logo How sex work can improve your neighbourhood. By Emily Cooper and Paul Maginn

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 Update: One Year On...

Nobody has fallen victim to Northern Ireland's new law criminalising men who buy sex

Link Here 8th June 2016  full story: Sex Work in Northern Ireland...Bill to ban paying for sex
Northern IrelandNo one has been charged under a nasty new law that makes it illegal to pay for sex in Northern Ireland, a year after it was introduced.

Frances Fitzgerald, the justice minister, is about to introduce similar laws in the Republic of Ireland amid warnings that they are unenforceable and will put sex workers' lives at risk.

Anti-sex work groups claim that the laws would end demand for prostitution but critics argued that they would make sex workers' lives more dangerous by driving the trade underground and making them less likely to go to the police or hospital if something went wrong.


 Update: Let's Jail Everybody...

Miserable Scottish Labour to announce a manifesto pledge to criminalise men who buy sex

Link Here 25th April 2016  full story: Sex Work in Scotland...Bills to ban and to decriminalise sex work
scottish labour logoScottish Labour is set to announce a manifesto pledge to prosecute men who buy sex.

Bizarrely the party claims that selling sex can be somehow legal whilst buying it is illegal. Surely the sex workers would be clearly inciting their customers to commit an offence.

Its manifesto, to be unveiled on Wednesday, will state:

Scottish Labour aims to tackle commercial sexual exploitation by challenging demand and by supporting those involved. It has a three-pronged framework: criminalising the buying of sex, decriminalising people involved in prostitution, and providing long-term support and exiting services for those exploited through prostitution.

ScotPep, the sex workers' rights charity, said during the last Holyrood session that it did not agree with the policy, fearing that it could put women in more danger and challenging the assertion that all sex workers are victims .



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