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2012: July-Sept

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Offsite Article: Sex work and the London 2012 Olympics. How was it for you?...

Link Here 23rd September 2012
Full story: Trafficking Hype...Trafficking figures hopelessly over exaggerated
Georgina Perry has been the service manager for Open Doors, a clinical, case management and outreach service for sex workers in London. She speaks of the overhyped issue of trafficking in the run up to the Olympics

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Miserable Morrow...

Lawmaker proposes a ban on buying sex in Northern Ireland

Link Here22nd August 2012
Full story: Sex Work in Northern Ireland...Bill to ban paying for sex

Maurice Morrow, a miserable member of Northern Ireland's Legislative Assembly has proposed changes to the law on prostitution to make buying sex illegal.

His Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill is due to go out to public consultation until 18 October 2012.

Miserable Morrow noted it was already illegal to pay for sex in Northern Ireland from someone who has been coerced but wants to go further. He spewed:

The majority of rescued victims of trafficking in Northern Ireland are those brought here for sexual exploitation and I believe that we can do better.

For instance, in Sweden, there's a very clear message of zero tolerance for the purchase of sex that has had a clear impact on trafficking.



Offsite Article: Do newspaper sex adverts really encourage the trafficking of women?...

Link Here 7th July 2012
Full story: Trafficking Hype...Trafficking figures hopelessly over exaggerated
Roy Greenslade pulls up anti-prostitution MEP on citing unsubstantiated claims hyping the scale of sex trafficking. The old chestnut of high proportion of migrant sex workers somehow implying a high proportion being trafficked.

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Ugly Mugs...

Home Office sets up scheme to inform sex workers of potentially violent customers

Link Here6th July 2012

The Home Office is set to launch a pioneering scheme to alert sex workers about people with a history of violence, including rape.

The scheme, which is being launched in Manchester, will encourage sex workers to co-ordinate with police on a national scale. It also has the wider intent of taking murderers, rapists and other violent criminals off the streets.

Sex workers will be alerted by text, email or phone app about people who have carried out attacks. Online escort agencies, street sex workers and those working in brothels will all be able to access the warnings.

The National Ugly Mugs pilot scheme is based on an Australian system. Similar schemes have been operating informally in areas of the UK but this is the first time that information will be collated nationally.

Sex workers are generally unable to report crimes directly to the police as they themselves would face police action for prostitution. So instead they can go through local sex work projects, which can pass intelligence to the police anonymously. The scheme will be managed by the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, an umbrella organisation of campaigners and academics.

One Manchester-based street sex worker, Naomi, welcomed the initiative:

I have been working on the streets for 17 years she said. I have experienced lots of attacks, rapes and attempted kidnap. It's good to know that someone cares about what happens to us, and that sex workers will be better protected.

Merseyside police have pioneered projects working with sex workers to share intelligence about violent attacks and have an above average rate of convictions for rapes carried out against sex workers and others.

The Metropolitan police, on the other hand, has a special team, and a half million budget, to harass sex workers ahead of the Olympic Games. (In the name of preventing the mythical mass 'trafficking' that is supposed to occur at major sporting events).

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