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2011: Jan-March

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19th March   

Brett and Melanie and the MPAA...

Film submitted for several different MPAA ratings to highlight the differences in the category rules
Link Here

Brett And Melanie: Boi Meets Girl is the seventh in an ongoing series of films from award-winning director Tony Comstock.

The unrated director's cut of the film has now been completed. The Boi Meets Girl Meets the MPAA project will submit the film to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and on the basis of the MPAA's feedback, they will produce a DVD showing the exact difference between the Unrated, NC-17, R and PG-13 rated versions of the film. Monies raised will go to covering MPAA submission fees, re-editing costs, and DVD authoring.

Videos of each rating version of the film will also be uploaded to popular video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc to see how various MPAA-rated versions are treated by the vagaries of Community Guidelines.

Tony Comstock said:

We're undertaking this project because kerfuffles over ratings generate a lot of anger and publicity, but they don't seem to leave anyone any better informed about the rating process, and we'd like to change that.

By taking Brett And Melanie through the MPAA process, we'll be able show just what sort of alterations were required to achieve various ratings. And once we have those ratings in hand, we can test the MPAA's content rating system and level of transparency against places like YouTube and Facebook.


13th March   

Offsite: The Daily Mail Recommends...

The Box erotic cabaret in London's Soho
Link Here

Inside Britain's seediest VIP club: A sickening and degrading experience enjoyed by royals and celebrities

I have heard The Box puts on the most sexually explicit show in town. What goes on inside has reportedly shocked even the most jaded of seen-it-all-before socialites.

Can this place really be as decadent as it is billed, I wonder, as I arrive outside The Box, or is it just over-excited hype?

What I see during the subsequent few hours leaves me in no doubt. For the erotic entertainment I encounter is not exciting, edgy or cool. It is, quite simply, hardcore pornography of the most repulsive kind.

...Read the full article

Sounds excellent. Now where can I get a celebrity date who will foot the bill?


13th March   

Updated: An Object Lesson...

Manchester strip clubs see less trouble than Costa Coffee!
Link Here

Confirmation of the complete nonsense talked by the likes of Object on lap dancing clubs came in January when Manchester Police released Freedom of Information figures about their call outs to licensed premises in the city centre during 2010.

It showed that the top places were conventional nightclubs like 5th Avenue {173} and Opus {162} and {surprise, surprise !} amongst the very least visited places were Long Legs {3 visits} and the Fantasy Bar {2 visits} the only 2 strip venues covered.

The strip venues each scored much lower than the local branches of the likes of Burger King {87} and even Costa Coffee {31}!

Another Freedom of Information report showed that contrary to what the local police and MP had said sexual assaults had actually fallen in Newquay after the lap dancing clubs had opened.

Update: London strip pubs see less trouble too

13th March 2011. See  article from

More Freedom of Information police statistics. This time from the Hoxton and Shoreditch area in London. Police call outs in 2010 were to mainstream bars, Club Aquarium {156}, Hoxton Pony {114} and 333 Club {88} whereas the strip pubs, Browns {11} and the White Horse {9} were at the bottom of the list.


2nd February

 Offsite: Burlesque in Soho...

Link Here
New York cabaret show to replace the old Raymond Revue Bar

See article from


18th January   

Wild? We're Livid...

Daily Mail hype Girls Gone Wild events
Link Here

The Daily Mail writes:

A controversial U.S. TV show where girls next door are encouraged to strip and binge drink on camera has caused fury in towns and cities across Britain by announcing its first UK tour.

Girls Gone Wild has become notorious in America for hosting wild parties where ordinary women are encouraged to strip and perform provocatively.

The show has long been highly controversial in the U.S. but the outrage is now spreading to Britain after revealing plans to move across the pond for the first time and stage a UK tour. Controversial: Girls Gone Wild hosts parties where normal women are encouraged to behave provocatively

Organisers conducted an online poll and compiled a list of towns and cities where fans have voted for the Girls Gone Wild bus to stop off.

Planned locations include all of Britain's major cities and smaller towns such as Wisbech in Cambrigeshire, Weston-super-Mare in Somerset and Cardigan in Wales. The tour bus will arrive in Britain in May this year.

Sounds fun but the Daily Mail were scraping the barrel a bit to find much 'outrage' to write about:

Councils in a series of British towns are petitioning against the degrading show and fear that it will exploit innocent young women.

Councillor Jude Thurlow, 74, who lives in the market town of Selby, Yorkshire, said: I don't know why people voted for Selby. Opposition: Councilor Jude Thurlow objects to the show visiting Selby Profit: Maybe we have lots of insomniacs who are up at that time of night to vote. I hope that they keep on moving rather than stopping here. Clearly things like this are exploitation. They are not doing it to promote joy, there is always a financial return for the company.

The village of Ashurst Wood, Sussex, has rejected the show and banned it from visiting the area. Ashurst Wood Parish Council ruled that Girls Gone Wild was not an appropriate activity for a Parish Council to be involved with.

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