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Offsite Article: How Pornhub's video purge is hurting sex workers...

Link Here27th December 2020
Following the seismic exposure of Pornhub for hosting non-consensual and abusive content, credit card companies have cut ties with the adult site, but creators who rely on the platform have been left in the lurch

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Drawing up new censorship rules...

Japanese retailer ends adult anime orders to Australia due to a new customs ban

Link Here22nd October 2020
Australia has banned the import of adult anime media and products, including hentai, into the country.

This new ban was first reported by popular Japan-based online anime retailer J-List, who informed their customers on October 14th that Australia is killing off any chance of adult anime entering the county so he shop has had to stop shipping there. The retailer explained:

DHL Japan called us last week, informing us that Australian customs have started rejecting packages containing any adult product. They then advised us to stop sending adult products to the country. Following that, current Australian orders with adult items in them were returned to us this week.

J-List then stated that adult items banned by Australian customs include onaholes, hentai manga, doujinshi, cast-off figures, JAV DVDs, and any product marked with a +18 symbol on the product's thumbnail.



Pink with embarrassment...

Russian sex shop loses its customer database

Link Here4th October 2020
In Russia, the owner of the well-known Pink Rabbit sex shop network reported the loss of a huge customer database. The owner fears that the real names of the buyers will be published on the Internet.

The owner reported the incident to the St. Petersburg authorities but has not commented further.



SOD Land...

Japanese porn producer is opening a porn related theme park.

Link Here2nd October 2020
A Japanese porn producer is opening a sexxx-rated adult theme park staffed with starlets.

SOD Land (Soft on Demand) is slated to open Oct. 10 in five floors of a complex of bars and entertainment venues in the Kabukicho red-light district of Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward next month.

In the basement, newly minted porn starlets will staff the space, while industry vets will serve drinks on the third floor, Syain Bar Kabukicho, described as a space of dreams.

On the second floor, women from the commercial sex industry are featured. The fourth floor is the Silent Bar where porn stars clad in bikinis can be gawked at by customers through a one-way mirror.

On the first floor is a souvenir shop loaded with porn DVDs, sex toy machines and a photo booth.

Soft on Demand boss Yoshiaki Nomoto said the establishment had been on the drawing board for some time.



Rome's last adult movie cinema...

Re-opened after coronavirus lockdown

Link Here29th August 2020
Rome's last adult movie cinema, the Ambasciatori (Ambassador), reopened its doors after the end of the coronavirus lockdown in Italy.

The adult cinema says it is sure to overcome its latest challenge in surviving the lockdown.

The Ambasciatori has returned to showing vintage pornographic films to the delight of its customers albeit now with social distancing measures in place.

We will survive Covid, Carlo, the Ambasciatori's supervisor and cinema manager, tells AFP. A lot of customers are calling us to find out when they can come back, he adds.

Wearing surgical masks, around a dozen customers, all of them male, take their scattered places on velvet seats in a magnificent black marbled room. Boasting 400 seats and a large upstairs balcony, the theatre exudes a vintage atmosphere.



Offsite Article: No longer For Your Eyes Only...

Link Here7th August 2020
Coronavirus take's its toll on Toronto's strip clubs

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Offsite Article: Remember video cabins?...

Link Here6th August 2020
The Fetish Community Reviving Germany's Forgotten Masturbation Booths. By

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You can leave your mask on...

Marbella lap dancers don masks to get up close

Link Here24th June 2020
Lap dancers are ready to get up close and personal with Brits in Spanish party capital Marbella -- by performing sexy strips in face masks so as to avoid 2 meter distancing rules.

Default social distancing rules would have prevented them from getting within two metres of revellers. But -- by donning masks -- they can tantalise and tease as normal. They don designer face coverings along with exotic lingerie -- then strip down to just the masks.

A promo girl for the resort's 5ive lap dancing club said they had feared the virus threat would shut them down completely.

Now the most common request is, 'please take your mask off'.



Swinging back into action...

The Hedonism II resort in Jamaica reopens after lockdown

Link Here16th June 2020
A swingers resort in Jamaica has just announced that it will be reopening its doors to the public next month, as the Caribbean island loosens its travel restrictions. Hedonism II , known for its adult playground,multiple pools, a play room and naked frolicking galore, is back.

The resort, which was forced to temporarily close due to the coronavirus pandemic, will once again welcome horny holiday-goers from 1 July 2020.

However, it won't operate quite like it used to. In order to ensure the safety of its guests, Hedonism II has worked with the Jamaican government to put in place Covid-19 protocols, including social distancing. Guests are still allowed to get as freaky as they want, and they can still take full advantage of the nude areas -- but they'll have to stick to playing with the person they came with. Face masks will also be made mandatory.



Fun in lockdown...

Dutch pragmatism encourages 'fuck buddies', whereas the UK unrealistically expects boyfriends and girlfriend to stay social distant

Link Here18th May 2020
While couples in the UK grapple with the unrealistic idea of either living together or not seeing each other at all (bar the occasional socially-distanced stroll in the park), single people in the Netherlands are being advised to choose designated sex buddies for lockdown.

The official coronavirus guidance from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has been amended to suggest that those without a permanent sexual partner come to mutually satisfactory agreements with like-minded individuals, ie find a fuck buddy until this whole pandemic blows over.

The Netherlands version of lockdown allows three home visitors at any given time, under strict conditions that they keep 1.5 metres distance from each other. But the RIVM now states that it makes sense that as a single (person) you also want to have physical contact.



Offsite Article: Making porn in exotic locations many not be such a good idea if it's Thailand...

Link Here 3rd March 2020
US porn producer makes the world news for getting done for making porn without a work permit (as if they'd give you a work permit for making porn)

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Rainbow washing...

Honey Birdette advert is censored in Australia

Link Here20th February 2020
Full story: Collective Shout...Nutter campaigners against sexualisation and the like
Lingerie retailer Honey Birdette says it was forced to censor an advert in Australia that would get the green light to be shown in the United States and Britain.

Eloise Monaghan, the founder of the company which started in Brisbane, stripped off for the photoshoot herself along with her wife Natalie. The two women and a number of other male and female models feature with their chests bared in the photoshoot campaign dubbed fluid.

The models are body-painted in rainbow colours in a nod to the famous Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which is being held on February 29.

Monaghan said she could show the ad in her New York and London stores but constant complaints to the advertising watchdog in Australia forced her to censor the poster in her own country. Monaghan said Australia used to be free-thinking but has recently become stricter which she says is frightening.

The Australian moralist group Collective Shout whinged:

Collective Shout has campaigned against Honey Birdette's pornified representations of women for close to a decade. Honey Birdette has been found in breach of Ad Standards rulings 31 times since January 2018. Caitlin Roper of Collective Shout said:

Far from promoting equality, this is an act of rainbow washing for profit. The company claims diversity while featuring flawless bodies and large-breasted women.

The ad has received an outpouring of criticism on Honey Birdette's Instagram and Facebook page, including for profiting off of Pride and as a blatant attempt to cover up an orgy with a rainbow filter.

Collective Shout has supported a petition launched by Melbourne father of three Kenneth Thor directed at CEOs of shopping centres which host Honey Birdette's porn-inspired portrayals which has attracted almost 77,000 signatures. Honey Birdette has a counter petition which we have been told by a source close to the company comprises a large percentage of fake names added by staff.



Miserable Israel...

Police close all strip clubs in Tel Aviv claiming that stripping is prostitution

Link Here11th February 2020
Full story: Sex work law in Israel...Israel wages war against sex workers
Israeli authorities issued administrative orders shutting down three strip clubs in Tel Aviv, following State Prosecution guidelines under which lap dancing is claimed to be prostitution and buying it is a criminal offence.

Closure orders were issued to the Baby Dolls, Shendu and GoGo clubs. The administrative order allows for the immediate closure of the clubs for 30 days, as police investigate their activities. When the order expires, in accordance with the findings of the investigation, the police and prosecution can decide whether to ask the court to extend it. There is now only one other strip club openly operating in Israel.

According to a law enforcement source, after the guidelines were issued by former State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan, the club owners were warned about the need to revamp their operations before being shut down. Prosecutors said in a statement:

The action was carried out in accordance with the state prosecutor's instruction regarding enforcement policy against violations that are affiliated with prostitution, including the act known as 'lap dance,' about which it was determined that under certain circumstances it is a forbidden act.



Offsite Article: From dilDOs to dilDON'Ts...

Link Here10th February 2020
A review of sex shops in Vancouver

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Updated: Political urges...

Thai MP proposes to legalise brothels and sex shops

Link Here21st January 2020
The leader of a political party called Thai Civilized has proposed That Thailand should permit regulated and licensed brothels and sex toy shops. Mongkolkit Suksintharanont is a member of the House committee studying ways to reduce rape and other sexual violations, and said that he would raise his proposal with committee members at their first meeting, scheduled to take place yesterday.

He claimed that his idea of state-sanctioned brothels and sex shops followed the Swiss model, adding that it would help reduce rape and corruption among officials for their oversight of the lucrative illegal sex trade.

Update: Idea gains momentum

21st January 2020.See article from

Several politicians have now agreed with the idea of legalising pornography and sex toys, saying that they may help reduce incidences of sexual assault.

Treerat Sirichantaropas, spokesman of the House committee tasked with combating rape and secretary of Pheu Thai Plus, a party think tank, said in a Facebook post on Monday that he believed legalising pornography and sex toys will help reduce sexual assault cases in the country. He wrote:

Legalising [pornography and sex toys] might be the solution ... as it would make the means of channeling sexual desires more easily available.

It is all commendable reasoning but of course will make no practical difference. Whether legal or not brothels are already tolerated and are found throughout Thailand. And of course Thailand has good internet connections, so porn is also widely available anyway. However there are no sex shops in Thailand although a few basic sex toys make be found in markets.

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