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  Unerotic results...

German sex shop chain Beate Uhse files for bankruptcy

Link Here 16th December 2017
Beate Uhse storeA famous chain of German sex shops has been forced to file for insolvency after admitting its financial position was far from rock-hard.

Senior management at the Beate Uhse chain of adult stores were forced to make the decision after their most recent meeting with investors but the shops will remain open as the business reorganizes.

In 2016, Beate Uhse reported a record 6.2 million euro pre-tax loss.


 Offsite Article: An Experimental Softcore Porn Series Is Revived in Japan...

Link Here 13th December 2017
Antiporno DVD Last year, Nikkatsu rebooted its Roman Porno series with five new films

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  Last Tango...

The last porn cinema is set to close in Paris

Link Here 5th December 2017
beverley cinemaThe last porn cinema in Paris, The Beverley is set to screen its final film and close its doors at the end of the year.

It's the end of an era. The last vestige of Paris' once bountiful erotic cinema offering is set to close its doors at the end of 2017 when its boss Maurice Laroche, aged 74, retires. Laroche noted:

When we sell 600 tickets a week, we are happy. Twenty years ago, we sold 1,500-1,600.

In the early 1980s, the atmosphere was happy. There were 20 porn cinemas between Republic and Opera. The National Film Center had up to 44 screens devoted to X-rated films in the capital in 1976, and there were 110 across France.


  X education...

Porn director humiliates Macron for his naff comments about porn

Link Here 28th November 2017
pretty ladyFrench director and X-rated film star Manuel Ferrara has accused President Emmanuel Macron of demonizing the porn industry. The rebuke came after the French leader said pornography is to blame for turning women into an object of humiliation.

Macron had earlier warned that pornography has made its way into schools,  and had announced that an awareness campaign for parents will be launched at the next school year.

Ferrara took personal offence to Macron's image of pornography and tweeted:

I'm in this business that you're trying to demonize by making that kind of remark. I am ready to sit down with you and discuss a topic that you do not know. Waiting for your call.

There is a big part of porn that does not humiliate the woman. In any case, X-rated movies are not made for educational purposes, but for entertainment only.


 Offsite Article: Perhaps imagery is banned to encourage the real thing...

Link Here 24th October 2017
Censored Hand-drawn butterflies, starbursts, and bunnies cover nipples; sketches of songbirds, horseshoes, and panties veil pubic hair and bums. Who knew that Thai censorship could be so artful?

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 Extract Discriminatory bankers...

Australian banks suddenly start refusing bank accounts to adult businesses

Link Here 10th October 2017
eros banking The manager of an Australian sex shop was aghast when she received a letter of denial. It's not just her being targeted. In fact, many businesses and employees of the adult sex industry have claimed they are suddenly being barred from banks across Australia in a case of discrimination gone gaga.

In an eye-opening report released by Australia's adult-only industry body, The Eros Association, 16 out of 24 erotic businesses including sex shops, sex toy manufacturers and brothels reported bank discrimination.

It seems like something has happened for them to all of a sudden consider this industry high risk, Eros' general manager Rachel Payne told

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