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 2015: April-June

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  Miserable China...

China bans celebrity Japanese porn stars from adult product fairs

Cloud Climax

Link Here 26th April 2015
dvd_front_cover Morality concerns have resulted in a Chinese ban on public appearances by porn stars from Japan.

A number of active porn starlets, like Yui Hatano , who shills sex toys for a Chinese company, and the venerable Akiho Yoshizawa are also held in high regard in the country, but members of the Chinese government, which actively bans pornographic films and publications, are not among their fans. According to Shukan Post:

Starting a few months ago, there have been repeated bans on appearances and requests for reconsideration regarding AV actresses at events, says an employee at an adult products company.

Actresses from Japan first appeared at the annual China International Adult Health and Reproduction Exhibition in 2010. The Shanghai event has blossomed into a huge convention featuring more than 100 exhibitors from 20 countries.

This success has been the source of indignation of miserable women's groups. Four months later in the city of Dalian, eggs and plastic bottles were hurled onto the stage of an adult goods event featuring starlets Anju Kitagawa and Emiri Okazaki. With reports of the incident having spread nationwide, appearances by AV actresses were prohibited at a similar event to be held in Beijing the following month.

This is not the first time that China has put pressure on eroticism. In April of 2012, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television demanded that satellite televison stations prohibit controversial personalities , including Aoi, from appearing in programming.

Bans on AV girls had been mooted earlier but consideration was made for the organizer of the Shanghai show, which had reserved a larger than usual venue. It was concluded that it would not be possible to attract visitors if there are no AV actresses in attendance. Therefore, a set of conditions were put in place: no nudity and no showy performances.


 Offsite Article: The sex trade: let men have their say!...

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Sex Machines

Link Here 26th April 2015
Spiked logo Feminists are not the best people to ask about curbing prostitution and porn. By Lloyd Evans

See article from spiked-online.com


  Trafficking in Miserable Morality...

Canadian province of Saskatchewan bans strip clubs

Link Here 21st April 2015

saskatchewan logo In yet another conflation of sex work and human trafficking, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan will no longer allow licensed strip clubs because of supposed concerns about human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall announced last month that his government would reverse its decision to allow licensed strip clubs.

On January the 1st 2014, provincial liquor laws were revise to allow stripping in bars for the first time in years. Wall said he believed it had been a mistake and tweeted in March: Any increase in opp for org crime or exploitation of young women is not worth it.


  I Will Survive...

Japan takes pleasure at a hand job karaoke reality TV show

Link Here 21st April 2015
hand job tv Japan is having fun with a reality TV contest called Sing What Happens Next , a game show in which men must attempt to give a note perfect rendition of various karaoke hits whilst being pleasured heartily. It's broadcast on a Japanese adult channel.

The synopsis of the show reads:

In this program, several candidates must sing a song they learned off by heart and not to be distracted by the young lady who is beside them and is masturbating them, sometimes with her hands, sometimes using her feet.

These candidates must carry a tune in absurd conditions, without being distracted and if possible until ejaculation. In the video above, this is the winner of the show, who achieved a score of 74 out of 100 and won a lot of products and sex toys, gel, etc


  The End...

Rocco Siffredi announces his retirement from performing in porn films

Link Here 10th April 2015
dvd_front_cover Legendary performer/director Rocco Siffredi, AVN's reigning Male Foreign Performer of the Year, has announced his retirement from performing on-camera sex. He recently sent out the following statement:

Since 30 years I am in this business, and since 23 years I am married to my wife, Rosa who gave me an amazing family.

During in those 30 years I always worked with the same energy and dedicated all my soul and body to this work.

Even though more than a year ago I started to get uncomfortable in the front of the camera, something inside of me has changed, and all this is related to my family.

I am sure in the future I will be missing very much to be in the front of the camera but I am also sure that this challenge, to be just behind of the camera will give me lots of motivation to make great movies as I always did when I was also an actor.

I would like to make a conclusion by saying a big-big thanks for all of my fans who supported me and to make my career the way I had, wonderful.

And to all of the actresses, actors, producers and directors who I met during these 30 years, working together, enjoying great moments that made my life.

And I am very, very grateful for my amazing friend John Stagliano, who has been my mentor for all those 30 years. I learned most of my knowledge from this incredible man with his sincerity and honesty by teaching me all what I know.

All the best.

And an example of his work:

Rocco Never Dies: The End is a 1999 US adult film by Rocco Siffredi (Rocco Siffredi Productions)

Starring Nikki Anderson, Paola, Katy Parker, Ursula Moore, Ilona, Margareth, Angela Ambrus, Szilvia, Rocco Siffredi, Phillippe Dean, Chris Charming and Andrew Youngman.

See Worldwide VoD at Hot Movies  


 Update: Good Question...

Australian Sex Party MP asks why the State of Victorian hasn't yet acted on a Law Reform Commission recommendation to legalise the sale of hardcore porn

Link Here 6th April 2015  full story: Australia Sex Party...Adult trade association organises a politcal party
parliament of victoria logo Last week during the sitting of the Victorian Parliament, Fiona Patten MLC questioned the Attorney General about legalising hardcore porn sales in the state of Victoria (currently sales are only legal in Canberra and the Northern Territories):

In relation to the Australian Law Reform Commission's 2012 Review of Australia's classification system, will the Government legalise X18+ classified films in line with public opinion and, if so, when?

The Victorian government now has 30 days to answer the question.


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