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 2013: July-Sept

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27th September

  Rabbit Burgers...


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Denmark's first combination burger bar and sex shop
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hot buns When the burger joint Hot Buns opened in Copenhagen in March, the tank-top and hot pants attire of its female wait staff inevitable wound up local feminists. But having survived the initial wave of protests unscathed, the restaurant has upped the ante. Big time. Hot Buns will now open Denmark's first combination burger bar and sex shop.

Burgers can be purchased right next to dildos, fries can be enjoyed while checking out the selection of whips, chains and cock rings.

The new naughty combo will be known as Hot Buns After Dark and as the name suggests it will only be open in the wee hours.

Hot Buns owner Mathias Kaer told The Local that the new concept is meant to take advantage of the restaurant's prime location on Gothersgade, one of Copenhagen's biggest party streets.  That the new concept is meeting resistance isn't surprising to Kaer who noted:

When we opened in March, we had a lot of press, and a lot of politicians and feminists who were against this concept. But we aren't doing this just for the attention, we are doing it because we believe in it as a business concept.


23rd September

 Offsite Article: Stereotypically PC...

Link Here
feck artAustralian high priestesses of PC claim their porn is more ethical than everybody else's

See article from


20th September

  Searching for the good stuff...

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Boodigo is a new search engine targeted at porn
Link Here
boodigo logo Boodigo bills itself as an adult-oriented search engine. On the surface, it looks like a regular search engine, aside from the pop-up message that warns you must be at least 18 years old to access it.

Boodigo lets you do a regular web search or target it exclusively to Tumblr sites -- as that photo blog platform is often used for pornographic content. All the results from any search should be links to porn. And these searches won't be cached in the history or tracked so you can be more discrete about your fetishes. Boodigo explains:

Boodigo is designed to return accurate adult entertainment search results for our customers in a secure, private and anonymous environment. Boodigo does not use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about our users. We aren't interested in building a 'profile' on our users; our core mission is simply to help you find what you're looking for in a way that's as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible. In other words, using Boodigo means finding what you're looking for without having to worry about what someone else might be finding out about you.

But, at least so far, Boodigo doesn't even really seem to measure up to Google. Daily Dot gives some comparisons in its article gave examples of searches in both Google and Boodigo and the results were mixed.  Boodigo provides links to individual performer websites and pay porn sites and so touts itself as being more ethical than porn search engines, such as and PornMD, which provides links to pirated content.


20th September

 Offsite Article: Cape of not so Good Hope...

Link Here
maponaCape Town and Joburg's porn industries have been gutted by piracy and the boom of online content. Over the past decade, sales of DVDs have dropped by as much as 90%

See article from


6th September


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Marc Dorcel set to celebrate 35 years of high quality porn production
Link Here
dvd_front_cover Next month Marc Dorcel (both the man and the French adult entertainment company) will celebrate 35 years of high quality porn production.

In 1979, after having titillated France with full-color erotic still photography, Marc Dorcel got an opportunity to translate his glossy photography into video. The company Marc Dorcel was born with the release of his first adult movie , Sweet Little Bitches

Many other productions followed, some with an assist from Michel Barny and Michel Ricaud, to help Dorcel grow to its current size: a catalog of 800-plus movies distributed worldwide.

The current managing director is Marc's son Gregory who said in a statement:

In 35 years, Dorcel has seen customs and technologies evolve. And since the explosion of the internet, porn is not only confined to sex shops and specialized theaters. Pornography has now invaded the private sphere and has become a mass phenomenon, widespread in all backgrounds. More than 20 years after the first adult movie broadcast on TV, it is not shameful anymore to like porn and to admit it. Moreover, adult contents were for a long time reserved to a male audience, whereas now they tend to target a more feminine audience that wishes for even higher quality programs, until becoming an integral part of the couple's sexuality.

Dorcel's tradition of award-winning titles continued unabated at the most recent AVN Awards Show last January, with wins for The Ingenuous in three categories (Best Foreign Feature, Best Director -- Foreign Feature, and Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production) as well as Best Foreign Non-Feature for Claire Castel: The Chambermaid .


6th September

  Canadian mayor recommends...

Boule-o-thon, a money raising event for a porn star
Link Here
boule o thon Canadian porn star Zoe Zebra, who has been criticized by the local mayor for her decision to have sex with 25 men in one night in order make enough money to have plastic surgery, is going ahead with the planned shoot anyway, reports local media.

Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, who called the event a shameful display, has been trying to keep it from happening.

The 'Boule-O-thon,' as it's been called, is planned for Friday evening at Bar 77, a licensed strip club on Rue Main in Gatineau. Owner Larry Lepine said that despite opposition from the city and police, the sex marathon is 'absolutely' still a go.

The city has tried used zoning laws to try to prevent the event from taking place at all--citing bylaws that state that businesses that 'exploit the nude body' -- including strip clubs and porn film shoots, must be in a commercial 'C-06-102' zone. But lawyers for the club suggested that it could be moved from its original location in an RV in the parking lot to a private apartment above the bar.

The Boule-O-thon is being organized by Zebra's company, AD4X , which will also produce and distribute a video of the event.


4th September

  That Popular Touch...

Fun in Japan at a touching-allowed hostess club
Link Here
Japan flag A Japanese oppai pub is a hostess club in which women's breasts take top billing. And now to take it one step further, an icha-kyaba establishment has all the trappings of a hostess club , in that seated women pour drinks while engaging in pleasant conversation, and the shoulder-to-shoulder closeness of an oppai pub, but with one crucial difference: Touching is allowed.

A writer for Weekly Playboy , which covers such topics, explains:

The term 'icha-kyaba' came into vogue about a year ago. Right now, Tokyo has about 50 such clubs. Over the past six months, the genre has exploded.

Since there is a bit of variation from club to club, there is no strict definition as of yet about what comprises an icha-kyaba. But, in general, there are some services that are common, such as the hostess slinging her legs over the knee of the customer, who can also fondle the upper half of her clothed torso.

Though rare, kissing is possible, as is the chance to touch the bare breasts of the hostess.

While kyabakura joints may have lower cover charges than hostess clubs, customers wind up paying a lot via the drinks they buy for girls.


1st September

 Updated: Boob Aid...

Japanese porn stars offer their breasts for fondling in return for a charitable donation
Link Here
japan foundation for aids prevention logo A group of Japanese porn actresses are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for 24 hours this weekend for a charity event loosely translated as Boob Aid .

The nine adult movie stars will take part in the Stop! AIDS campaign event which will be televised live. Rina Serina told the Tokyo Sports newspaper:

I'm really looking forward to lots of people fondling my boobs. But I would be very happy if you would please be delicate.

The event, the 12th since its launch in 2003, will be broadcast on adult cable television, with lucky participants donating to the anti-AIDS campaign in exchange for a feel.

The 24-hour squeeze-a-thon begins at 8pm on Saturday (1100 GMT) and is backed by the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.

Update: Fondle fun raises $50k

1st September 2014. See  article from

chraity fondle A group of Japanese porn actresses raised about five million yen ($50,000) at the weekend by having their breasts fondled by fans at a Boob Aid charity event for AIDS prevention.

The nine adult movie stars, sporting yellow campaign T-shirts rolled up to reveal their breasts, flashed a big smile as punters approached them at an event that opened Saturday.

Fans sprayed their hands with disinfectant before touching and women were occasionally spotted in the mostly male crowd.

The event was part of a 24-hour Stop! AIDS campaign event in Tokyo, which was also televised live on a Japanese adult cable channel.

Nearly 6,000 pairs of hands groped for a total of over 15 hours until Sunday evening, organisers said.


29th August

  Extreme Measures...

Gambia outlaws pornography
Link Here
Gambia flag The government of the Gambia has passed a controversial law that imposed extreme penalties for producing and selling pornographic materials.

Under the new legislation, it is an offence to produce, publish, procure, import, export and sell any form of pornography into the West African nation.

The legislation imposes a mandatory fine of not less than D20,000 or a ten-year jail term, or both for anyone guilty of participating in the production, trafficking, and publication of pornography.


16th August

 Offsite Article: No Joy of Sex in Ireland...

Link Here
Joy Sex Gourmet Guide LovemakingHow the noted sex manual was banned by book censors right up to 1987

See article from


1st August

 Offsite Article: Le Beverley...

Link Here
beverley parisDeclining fortunes at the last sex cinema in Paris

See article from


14th July

  Immoral Charges...

Maltese court acquits table dancing operators from the charge of running a brothel
Link Here
Malta flag A court in Malta has acquitted 3 table dancing clubs where topless dancing somehow led to charges of running a brothel. The court ruled that a topless dance cannot be deemed immoral in today's society.

Owner Paul Attard, Andra Iaona Togoi and Gary Camilleri, the operators of Club Paradiso in Sliema, were found not guilty of running a brothel and of using their premises for prostitution.

Inspector Melvyn Camilleri told the court that during a routine check on 9 February 2013, he found a woman dancing topless during a private dance. The dancer told the police that her male client had removed her bra and hat since he had not acted aggressively , she continued dancing.

In her decree, Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit noted that there was no definition as to what constitutes an immoral act, claiming that what was once immoral is acceptable in today's society:

Whereas the term prostitution can easily be defined, the term immoral acts cannot. What was immoral a few years ago may be considered perfectly acceptable by modern society.

Can a dancer dancing topless in a private room in front of one customer be interpreted to constitute an immoral act? The courts find more obscene and immoral material in more of the television programmes and films readily available and viewable, even to younger generations, that portray the female body in a more obscene way than the case under examination.

The fact that a dancer was caught topless in a private room dancing for a customer is not, in the court's opinion, immoral.

The court said that the prosecution failed to prove that the club was used either solely or partly for the purposes of prostitution and consequently acquitted the accused of all charges.

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