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2012: Oct-Dec

Melon Farmers: Watching censors watch what we watch
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Sex News

 Offsite Article: Porn's XXXth Birthday...

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Link Here 17th December 2012
Steady progress without any real dramas for the .xxx domain as it nears its first birthday

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 Offsite Article: Porn Blame Game...

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Link Here 17th December 2012
Pakistan's police blame porn for rape

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  Bondage Barbie...

Bondage shop in Ottawa gets noticed with a Ken and Barbie window display

Link Here 14th December 2012

ken barbie bdsm A window display featuring Barbie and Ken in BDSM poses is turning heads in a Ottawa, Canada, this week, the Ottawa Sun reports.

Wanda Cotie, owner of Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium, said a customer and local artist had approached her with the idea of doing a BDSM doll holiday display:

[She] likes to do Barbie Stuff. She has a barbie fetish I guess, and she asked if she could do the window.

While never actually displayed in their full, nude plastic glory, Ken and Barbie are shown engaged in whipping, bondage and oral and anal sex. It as, according to the Ottawa Sun's Denis Armstrong, about as raunchy and hard core as doll play can get.

A few nutters have been wound up by the display but Portia Young, an employee at the sex shop, said that many people had voiced approval of the display. She said:

Our general response from the public has been positive. Most people are highly amused, and many have stopped in just to say how much they appreciated it.

However in response to a few complaints, the bottom part of Wicked Wanda's window has been covered so as to prevent children from being able to see the display.


 Offsite Article: Porn doesn't lead to rape culture...

Link Here 26th November 2012
Contrary to feminist claims, the spread of pornography simply hasn't made sexism, misogyny or violence against women any worse. By Brian McNair

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  Making Hay...

Dutch animal porn producers sue the government that banned its trade

Link Here 20th November 2012
20th November Offsite Article:



  Skinny Dip...

The number of adult films released in Canada dips

Link Here 4th November 2012
  Al Murray - - The Pub Landlord - The Only Way Is Epic - Live From The Theatre Royal, Brighton by Peter Orton.
With Al Murray.

Passed 15 for strong language, twice very strong

Anna Karenina


 Offsite Article: European Traffic Stats And Sources...

Link Here 1st November 2012
The following is a brief look at some of today's top sources of, and destinations for, European traffic; along with how adult website owners can acquire and profit from these visitors, providing insights into the European scene today.

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  The End of Titty Twisters...

Toronto issues shopping list of no touch zones in the city's strip clubs

Link Here 31st October 2012

toronto council logoToronto city councillors have amended the no-touch rule by spelling out body parts that are off limits in lap dancing and strip clubs.

Under the changes approved Tuesday, council changed the bylaw to specify there be no physical contact with uncovered breasts, buttocks, genital, pubic, anal and perineal areas of a patron or any other person.

Council made a last-minute change at the request of Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam that city staff and the police consult with gay entertainers on how the bylaw will work.

Wong-Tam supported the changes in the no-touch provisions, which carry a $250 fine for violators and said:

It's very difficult to police any kind of activity in these parlours. Should an entertainer or performer feel like they've been the recipient of unwanted touching, then they would at least be able to point to a bylaw that protects them.


  Trafficking in Miserable Bollox...

Nasty Brazilian politician tries to twist the law against people involved in the reality show, Virgins Wanted

Link Here 30th October 2012

virgins wanted advertThe director of reality show in which a Brazilian student sold her virginity on the internet could be charged with sex trafficking crimes, if a nutter Brazilian politician gets his way.

Catarina Migliorini is set to earn 487,000 from the controversial sale after the online auction closed last Wednesday. She was taking part in a documentary by Australian film-maker Justin Sisely entitled Virgins Wanted . The winning bidder was identified as a Japanese man named only as Natsu.

The pair will reportedly consummate the act on board a plane between Australia and the US, in a bid to avoid prostitution laws.

But Brazil's attorney general, Joao Pedro de Saboia Bandeira de Mello, ordered an urgent investigation into the virgin auction, ludicrously claiming it amounted to people trafficking . And he called on authorities in Australia, where Ms Migliorini lives, to deported her back to Brazil and revoke her visa for the exercise of prostitution .


 Offsite Article: Sex Toys without the Sex...

Link Here 22nd October 2012
Chinese sex fair shows how prudishness and liberation sit side-by-side

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 Update: The Cat's Whiskers or Whiskas Cat Food...

Fifty Shades of Grey sells well in France despite the panning by literary critics

Link Here 21st October 2012  full story: Fifty Shades of Grey...BDSM book scores an international hit

fifty shades in frenchTwo days after Cinquante nuances de Grey, the French translation of Fifty Shades Of Grey, was released, the erotic novel has become the fastest selling book in the country's publishing history.

The astonishing sales figures - of around 75,000 every day - come after the book was panned by French critics as crass pseudo-porn that reads like a Mills and Boon novel. One high-brow reviewer wrote: It's as close to literature as Whiskas cat food is to gastronomy.

A spokesman for FNAC, which accounts for around a fifth of all book sales in France, said:

It is amazingly popular. We have never stocked a book that has sold so fast.

We sold 15,000 copies on the day it was released. In some shops there were just none left.


  Star Careers...

Author interviews Japanese porn stars about their careers

Link Here 17th October 2012

japan avThe Japanese AV (adult video) industry, whose revenue comprised more than 20% of worldwide sales according to a 2006 survey, continues to grow every year. And with that growth comes an increasing number of young women who aspire to work in the industry, as reported on RocketNews24 just a couple of weeks ago.

In an interview with Atsuhiko Nakamura, author of books such as The Nameless Women and interviewer of literally hundreds of AV actresses, Shuplay News uncovered some startling facts about the sex industry in Japan, in particular the life of the women who become involved in making adult movies.

The Japanese AV industry reportedly sees an astounding 6,000 newcomers each year and 20,000 titles produced annually. Most contract girls perform in three videos, two couples scene and one solo. The rates range from about $1,900 to $3,800 depending on the girl's experience and background. But most earn at the lowest end of the scale because of the competition.

But surely the risk of being seen on a video would be enough to dissuade any self-respecting young woman from doing such a thing? Nakamura explains:

With the huge number of girls working in the industry, cases of AV actresses being recognised while going about their daily lives are quite rare. There are plenty of cases of former AV girls who are now happily married and enjoying normal lives.

In many cases, girls do a short spell making XXX videos, and then, perhaps having earned enough to support themselves financially, or simply deciding that they have had enough, choose to leave and pursue a more orthodox lifestyle. However some get more locked inti the industry. Nakamura explains:

A lot of girls find themselves unable to return to regular jobs after working as an AV model. They have worked in an often lucrative business, some for many years, so to go back to a standard job for a much smaller salary is not easy. Around two thirds of retired AV models end up in the sex industry, working in hostess bars or even working as prostitutes in 'soap-land' bath houses.


  Miserable Zimbabwe...

Country gets wound up by a couple of sexy dancers

Link Here 4th October 2012

beverly sibandaZimbabwe's controversial pole dancers Zoey Sifelani and Beverley Sibanda have been arrested for public indecency.

This follows a nutter 'outcry' after a local tabloid published sexy pictures of the two dancers performing on stage.

Beverley Sibanda has been entertaining hundreds of fans with her raunchy routines at the City Sports Bar in Harare.

Sibanda's manager confirmed the two's arrest saying that:

They had their operating permits with them. They are both registered with the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe and the Censorship Board.

The police have been questioning them, but I am not yet clear on the charges that would be preferred against the two.

Police spokesperson Inspector Tedious Chibanda confirmed the dancers' arrest over their indecent public acts in nightclubs:

We are yet to find the charges to prefer against them but at the moment we are questioning them about their dressing and alleged public indecency.