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Update: Harmful Censors...

Russian radio censor castigates programme about swingers

Link Here 27th July 2015
Russia's TV and radio censor Roskomnadzor has issued an official warning to the Govorit Moskva radio station for broadcasting a program on swingers.

In the warning, Roskomnadzor said that an episode of the station's program Underground that was broadcast in May had violated the law on protecting children from harmful information. The program rejected traditional family values, according to the warning, such programs are only allowed after the watershed. 

This may sound reasonable, but in fact the watershed hours are simply unviable being set at 11pm until 4am. Govorit Moskva's program was broadcast at 2:30 pm.

Govorit Moskva said in an online article Friday that the program was devoted to the culture of swinging, in which participants swap sexual partners.

The radio station will appeal the decision.

Under Russian law, if a media outlet gets two warnings within a year, Roskomadzor can ask a court to revoke its publishing license.



US Parents Can Lose Custody of Children Just for Being Kinky...

When exes and relatives call social workers on BDSM-loving moms and dads, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is there to help.

Link Here 2nd July 2015



Offsite Article: Les Chandelles...

Link Here 28th June 2015
Inside an upmarket Parisian swingers club

See article from



What do swingers and Syrian terrorists have in common?...

No, not going out dressed to kill, hoping to find 72 virgins

Link Here 28th May 2015
A Leeds swingers club named Isis Quest is picking up extra business from people searching for information on the terrorist group ISIS or Islamic State in Syria.

Bosses have reported takings are up at the converted mill in Leeds where adultery, group sex, bisexual bashes and cross-dressing are practised four days a week. Last night a regular told the Daily Star Sunday:

The place has been a lot busier in the last year or so. Loads of people have said they happened across it when they were reading up on the war in the Middle East and one of the owners, Dave, said the same thing.

The club, named after the Egyptian goddess of magic and life, tells customers:

Isis Quest is the original premier club in Leeds for liberated adults.

We make it our business to provide you with an evening of total relaxation and enjoyment in a smooth hassle-free environment so you can enjoy the swinging lifestyle in comfort and at your own pace.

Once you enter you can feel free to dance, socialise and cavort with other couples or singles that enjoy the same liberated adult night out that you yourself have come to enjoy.



Midnight Communion...

Swingers set up the first church in history that actually abides by the rule, 'love your neighbour'

Link Here 25th April 2015
A swingers club is planning to convert to a swingers church in Madison, Tennessee.

The swingers club recently tried to open before city and state moralists moved swiftly to ban it. So the owners now plan to open a church that caters to their club members. The United Fellowship Center will honor memberships from The Social Club, according to a member newsletter:

It's going to be a place where people can meet and enjoy fellowship. There is no sexual activity that will go on there. I assume if someone meets there and wants to do something of a sexual nature, they'll go to a hotel or a motel or go home.

A church renovation plan was approved through the city's review process, allowing a work permit to be issued, although other inspections are yet to come. Floor plans for the club, and now for the church, show the same room layout with several label changes. The club's themed dungeon room will now be for the choir. A dressing room has become the sacristy.

The move comes after state lawmakers tried to ban private sexual swinging clubs by dreaming up restrictions preventing them from locating within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, daycares or parks or commercial areas.

Metro Zoning Administrator Bill Herbert said the department takes applicants at their word, so inspectors are treating the building as a church. As long as the United Fellowship Center is in compliance with codes, it will receive permission to operate.



One Million Moms Recommend...

Neighbours with Benefits, a US TV show about swingers

Link Here 12th March 2015
The religious moralists of One Million Moms write:

A & E's new reality series Neighbors with Benefits is a show about neighbors and friends who attend parties as married couples for the purpose of switching spouses and having sex. The premiere is expected to air on Sunday, March 22 at 10:00 pm ET/9:00 pm CT.

This inappropriate program glamorizes cheating and having affairs. Why get married if you do not plan on being faithful?

This immoral show belittles and makes a mockery of marriage.



Adultery law is found to be cheating on the people...

South Korea's highest court finds that a law banning adultery is unconstitutional

Link Here 2nd March 2015
South Korea's highest court has struck down a decades-old law banning adultery, a statute that critics said is anachronistic and infringes on personal freedom.

The repressive law had been enacted in 1953 supposedly to 'protect' women in a male-dominated society.

Seo Ki-seok, a constitutional court justice, explained in an opinion representing five justices:

The law is unconstitutional as it infringes people's right to make their own decisions on sex and secrecy and freedom of their private life, violating the principle banning excessive enforcement under the constitution.

Seven members of the nine-judge panel deemed the law to be unconstitutional. Previously in 2008, the court had upheld the law, citing the society's legal perception that adultery is damaging to social order.

Critics have said the law against adultery is outdated in a society where rapid modernisation has frequently clashed with traditionally conservative values.

Several thousand spouses file criminal adultery complaints each year in South Korea, although it is rare for someone to be jailed. According to prosecutors, no one was put behind bars last year although 892 were indicted on adultery charges.



Offsite Article: Fifty Shades of Grey poses a threat to online BDSM communities...

Link Here 1st March 2015
An upsurge in interest in online BDSM communities makes long time kinksters fearful of being outed

See article from



Offsite Article: So where are all these sex clubs in Paris?...

Link Here 18th February 2015
Thanks to DSK and Fifty Shades of Grey, swinging has dominated headlines in French newspapers lately. But where are all these Paris sex clubs?

See article from


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