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 2012: April-June

 Comment: Big Sport in 2012...

Will the 40,000 trafficked sex workers turn up at Euro 2012 or the Olympics?

Link Here 9th June 2012  full story: Sport of Trafficking Hype...40,000 trafficked sex workers travelling to sports events

welcome trafficked sex workers London 2012: Will the Olympics bring more prostitutes?

As previously mentioned the BBC have done a good in depth piece rubbishing the claim that major sports events attract hoards of trafficked sex workers.

See  article from

The real exploiters of sex work

See article from by Jane Fae

Jane Fae comments on the BBC piece and follows up with a few interesting thoughts on the origins of the myth of the 40,000 trafficked sex workers, and who was set to gain from it.

Ukraine's prostitutes hope to cash in on Euro 2012

See  article from

Meanwhile the international press sort of recognise that the mass trafficking concept is nonsense, but this minor setback doesn't stop them using a sporting event as an excuse for gathering an assortment of oddments about sex workers.


1st May   

Update: Miserable Barcelona...

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Barcelona sex workers protests against a ban on working on the streets
Link Here  full story: Sex Work in Spain...Debating the regularisation of prostitution

ajuntament de barcelona logo The sex workers of Barcelona organized a protest action against a ban on street prostitution in Barcelona.

The women paraded through the streets with colorful masks and posters expressing their discontent against the authorities of Barcelona.

More than 450 women chanted We are prostitutes and we have rights , EuroMag reports.

They reminded the authorities that they also are members of the society and have rights like the others, but their rights are being violated. The participants of demonstration ended at City Hall where they read their declaration.


1st May   

Fun in the Czech Republic...

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Happy hour in Wenceslas Square bordellos
Link Here

Czech Republic flag The Czechs  sex trade is stagnating and bordellos are desperate to entice new clients; but with Czechs now top clients, the trade is moving elsewhere.

In the 1990s, Prague become a famous destination for stag parties and sex tourists, and a favored film location for shooting porno. Today, the side streets of Wenceslas Square are still lined with bordellos, but the prostitution trade is now steadily moving into the living rooms of private residential apartments (known as privaty) to cater to Czech clients, says the head of a non-profit group that aims to protect women in the sex trade.

Recently, there is a new phenomenon. In place of erotic clubs, there has been a rise in the number of large privaty, apartments with many rooms, which have their own managers. They offer discreet non-stop service, so the client can zip in for example during his lunch break, Marketa Malinova, manager of Bliss without Risk, told the daily Mlada fronta Dnes.

Although organized prostitution is technically illegal in the Czech Republic, brothels operate freely throughout the country and women advertize their sexual services openly, and explicitly, without hiding behind classic fronts like massage parlors or the offer of companionship. According to the Czech Ministry of the Interior, there are over 860 brothels in the Czech Republic, of which 200 are in Prague.

But Malinova says the sex industry is stagnating, and the bordellos have been compelled to come up with gimmicks to entice new clients and ensure return visits, including offering happy hours, loyalty discount cards and a wide range of massages.

Brothels that cater to day tourists from Austria and Germany can still be found in border towns and along motorways, such as the infamous E-55. According to Wikipedia, there are over 200 websites for prostitution services in the Czech Republic, up from 45 in 1997, which enable sex tourists to book their travel and appointments to buy sex acts before they leave home.


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