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Ladyboy sex dolls are proving a hit

Link Here 15th March 2018
ladyboy sex dollLadyboy sex dolls with boobs and functioning penises are proving a bit of a hit.

Sex dolls have been one of the most popular intimate crazes of the past year. In the race to create the best dolls on the market, manufacturers have come up with an even racier model.

This has seen the release to transgender dolls, which allow customers to enjoy both female and male body parts.

Daily Star Online spoke to Alex Phelps, a product specialist at Silcone Sex World , to find out more. He explained:

We are seeing a lot of our customers going for our transgender dolls. The dolls essentially have an insert which then allows the doll to function as a male, if you will.

Previously, we revealed that blokes are more likely to purchase the trans dolls. It's believed that male customers are snapping up the kinky items so they can be more experimental in the bedroom.


  Where silence can be taken as consent...

Denmark joins the list of countries with a sex doll brothel

Link Here 7th March 2018
dollfriendAarhus has become the first city in Denmark to gain a sex doll brothel.

Doll House, which opened last week, offers services solely to male clients. The establishment is made up of five themed rooms that cater to a range of alternative tastes and preferences. These include a: classroom, living room and doctor's room.

Customers can choose from five different sex dolls, each with different names and aesthetic characteristics. The dolls are all made of thermoplastic rubber and stainless steel, weighing roughly 50 kilos. The venue's marketing tag line is:

The place where all gentleman are welcome and where girls don't say 'no'.

Sex doll brothels are becoming a bit of a trend, Aarhus is the fourth major city in Europe to open a sex doll brothel following Barcelona, Paris and Dortmund.


  Gender equality...

Californian company is developing a male sex robot

Link Here 1st March 2018

male sex robotRealbotix, a California-based sex tech firm, is in the process of developing an advanced manbot that can offer companionship to lonely women around the world.

Designed to give women pleasure with bionic penises better than vibrators, hunky male androids will cost between £8,000 ($11,000) and £12,000 ($15,000) when they go on sale.

Creator Matt McMullen, founder and CEO of Realbotix, told Daily Star Online he is aiming to release the male version of his trailblazing female Harmony sex robot in 2018 .

Users will be able to operate the male robotic head through an app, whose machine learning technology will develop dominant personality traits.

Dr Cathy O'Neil, a Harvard University mathematician, has claimed that sex robots could rending men obsolete. In an interview with Bloomberg, she claimed it is "entirely possible" that women could choose "dashing menbots" instead of human males.


  Klubb Naket...

Stockholm nightclub gives free entrance for customers who get naked

Link Here 28th February 2018
klubb naket logoKlubb Naket, a daring new nightclub which encourages its customers to get naked opened up its doors in Stockholm this weekend. While organizers described it as a great success, the neighbouring church claimed it was a breeding ground for broken souls.

Hundreds of people attended the opening night at the venue on the capital's hipster island Södermalm.

The club plays electronic music and targets mainly a fetish and queer audience, and those that undress get free entry.

The club also offers what it describes as hinges, dark corners where clubbers can do what you feel right now and then.

But not everyone is as happy about the club's opening, miserable gits at the local church want to shut Club Naked down. Pastor Lennart Torebring at Södermalmskyrkan whinged:

Many of our youth members come from the suburbs and have been subject to prostitution and abuse, and so they have reacted very strongly. We believe in sexual purity and that sexuality needs to be protected through marriage. But aside from that, we also have to consider that we can't just do whatever we like. What happens on Södermalm now can have serious consequences, the club becomes a breeding ground for depression and broken souls.


  Sorry for the inconvenience...

Japanese 7-11 convenience store chain set to banish porn magazines

Link Here 26th February 2018
7-11 japan7-11, a global chin of convenience stores is banning porn from its more than 20,000 stores in Japan.

Up until now they have offered a wide variety of porn magazines. The store is following the lead of the Ministop chain which ended porn sales last month citing the reluctance of parents to enter the stores with their children.

Traditionally the chains earned a lot of money with porn magazines but times are a changing and the magazine publishers will now have to contemplate a significant decline in retail stockists.


  Censor bot...

Kenya's moralist censor bans the advertising of sex robots

Link Here 26th February 2018
robot samanthaKenya's film censorship board says it will not allow advertising of popular sex doll Samantha in media outlets.

KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua likened the use of sex dolls to necrophilia. He said that the even though KFCB does not have mandate over importation of sex toys, it would not allow anybody to advertise the product. He spouted:

Anybody who dares to advertise those things will have KFCB to reckon with. Our mandate is on what Kenyans consume and advertising such things is immoral and wrong.

You cannot promote sex with a robot as a way of life. We must protect our children from such things. In my view there is no difference between having sex with Samantha and having sex with a corpse.


  You've just got to have Faith...

Miserable Scottish authorities quick to stamp down on sex doll 'brothel'

Link Here 20th February 2018
sex doll faithThe UK's first sex doll 'brothel' has closed down before it had really started.

The 'brothel' was serviced by a single doll, Faith, which was rented out for £60 by Stephen Crawford. He ran the operation from his semi-detached home in a small village near Hamilton.

Steven Crawford hit the headlines when the Sunday Mail revealed he was offering romps with a lifelike latex model called Faith -- for £60 an hour. However it was early days for the business which had received just two customers.

Following publicity from media coverage, he removed the online ad for the rubber doll to avoid the risk of upsetting his neighbours.

South Lanarkshire Council said that it will be investigating to ensure public health is protected. Shirley Clelland, Head of Environmental Services at the council, said:

Environmental Services recognises that there are potential public health issues associated with this type of business and will be undertaking further investigation to determine what arrangements are in place to protect public health.

Crawford is now thought to be considering renting out the sex doll rather than let people pay for time with it in his home.


 Offsite Article: Inside the UK Age Verification Law...

Link Here 20th February 2018  full story: UK Porn Censorship...Digital Economy Bill introduces censorship for porn websites
avn logo What the new regulations mean for your US business

See article from


  View from the Oxfam lynch mob...

Catherine Bennett spewing about the Nordic model - again!

Link Here 19th February 2018

guardian whinge after oxfam Have a look - if you can tolerate it - at Catherine Bennett's latest outpouring of whorephobic, misandric bile in the Observer. The silly moo completely denies agency to sex workers.

It's as if Max Mosley's friend with the Ph.D. continuing as professional submissive - presumably as a rational choice because it yields more dosh for shorter hours than organic chemistry - passes over her head.

What is a purportedly liberal newspaper doing employing this squalid authoritarian?

See  Catherine Bennett's article: If paying for sex is wrong in Haiti, why do we still tolerate it in the UK. From


  First the Daily Mail demands that porn sites verify age...

Now when they are all set to go, the Daily Mail decides that porn sites are not fit and proper companies to be trusted with implementing the checks

Link Here 18th February 2018
mindgeek ageid logoAs the introduction of age verification for websites approaches, it seems that the most likely outcome is that Mindgeek, the company behind most of the tube sites, is set to become the self appointed gatekeeper of porn. Its near monopoly on free porn means that it will be the first port of call for people wanting access, and people who register with them will be able to surf large numbers of porn sites with no verification hassle. And they are then not going to be very willing go through all the hassle again for a company not enrolled in the Mindgeek scheme. Mindgeek is therefore set to become the Amazon,eBay/Google/Facebook of porn.

There is another very promising age verification system AVSecure, that sounds way better than Midgeek's AgeID. AVSecure plans to offer age verification passes from supermarkets and post offices. They will give you a card with a code that requires no further identification whatsoever beyond looking obviously over 25.  18-25 yea olds will have to show ID but it need not be recorded in the system, Adult websites can then check the verification code that will reveal only that the holder is over 18. All website interactions will be further protected by blockchain encryption.

The Mindgeek scheme is the most well promoted for the moment and so is seem as the favourite to prevail. TheDaily Mail is now having doubts about the merits of trusting a porn company with age verification on the grounds that the primary motivation is to make money. The Daily Mail has also spotted that the vast swathes of worldwide porn is nominally held to be illegal by the government under the Obscene Publications Act. Notably female ejaculation is held to be obscene as the government claims it to be illegal because the ejaculate contains urine. I think the government is on a hiding to nothing if it persists in its silly claims of obscenity, they are simply years out of date and the world has move on.

Anyway the Daily Mail spouts:

The moguls behind the world's biggest pornography websites have been entrusted by the Government with policing the internet to keep it safe for children. MindGeek staff have held a series of meetings with officials in preparation for the new age verification system which is designed to ensure that under-18s cannot view adult material.

Tens of millions of British adults are expected to have to entrust their private details to MindGeek, which owns the PornHub and YouPorn websites.

Critics have likened the company's involvement to entrusting the cigarette industry with stopping underage smoking and want an independent body to create the system instead.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has found that material on the company's porn websites could be in breach of the Obscene Publications Act. A search for one sexual act, which would be considered illegal to publish videos of under the Obscene Publications Act, returned nearly 20,000 hits on PornHub. The Mail on Sunday did not watch any of the videos.

Shadow Culture Minister Liam Byrne said:

It is alarming that a company given the job of checking whether viewers of pornography are over 18 can't even police publication of illegal material on its own platform.

A DCMS spokesman said:

The Government will not be endorsing individual age-verification solutions but they will need to abide by data protection laws to be compliant.


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