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2013: April-June

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Update: A Cold War...

Gender extremists vow to fight on to ban internet porn in Iceland

Link Here 27th May 2013

In Iceland a battle against people who enjoy porn is under way. Gender extremists are calling on the new government to introduce ways to block online pornography.

Defenders of the internet were given a boost at the end of April when the left-leaning politically correct administration was ousted by a centre-right coalition. However, gender extremists argue that, despite the setback, a debate has been started that will not go away.

Ogmundur Jonasson, the former interior minister, who proposed the censorship, remains adamant the issue must be tackled. There are people who want to silence this discussion, but it is a discussion that will not be silenced, he said:

People want to confuse this with an argument about freedom of expression, but I would say it is those who are trying to silence the debate who are not respecting freedom of expression

Guðrún Jónsdóttir, a spokeswoman for the campaign Stigamot said:

It would make my life so much easier not to fight porn but I have to. Why should we allow unfettered misogyny, images of rape? The argument is that we need to ban porn because it hurts our children, and that is true, but it also needs to be stopped because it is hate speech and violence against women and affects people's relationships.

She said the group planned write to all new MPs to talk to them about the porn ban. Of course the fight will continue, she said.



Update: Facebook Prudery Has Few Friends...

Facebook censors French protest against its censorship of nudity

Link Here 22nd May 2013
Full story: Facebook Censorship...Facebook quick to censor

Day of Nude on Facebook , a French protest aimed at challenging Facebook's unnecessary censorship of photos was censored when Facebook took down the event page and suspended the accounts of some involved in the online demonstration.

Launched by French photographer Alain Bachellier, the Facebook event asked its 8,000-plus participants to publish a nude picture on Monday, Le Huffington Post reports. While some chose to post of a photo of their own creation, most instead shared copies of famous nude works of art.

Coinciding with the final day of the European Festival of Nude Photography, the Facebook event sought to fight against the ridiculous censorship that flouts the basic rules of our freedom of expression in the name of Puritanism or the moral rules of another age,

A spokesman for Facebook France told the Agence France-Presse that page was closed in the early afternoon.

Facebook authorizes users to mobilize around common causes, included cultural ones, but it can't authorize the cause itself to encourage users to disrespect their conditions of use.



Forgotten Book Censorship...

Irish Justice Minister's novel set to be investigated by his own book censorship board

Link Here 22nd May 2013
Full story: Book Censorship in Ireland...Minister for censorship investigated by how own censor board

A sexy novel written by Ireland's Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, has been referred to the Censorship office. Book censors are set to investigate whether Laura: A Story You Will Never Forget is too obscene for Irish readers.

The book, which the minister wrote 24 years ago, contains steamy sex scenes and centres around the troubled private life of an Oireachtas member who is having an affair with his secretary. At one point in the book, the fictional parliamentarian attempts to force the woman to have an abortion in order to save his political career.

The Herald understands that a complaint about the book's sex scenes has been lodged with the Censorship of Publications Board. Another allegation is the novel advocates the procurement of an abortion or miscarriage. In Ireland there are two main categories under which books can be banned. The first is they are indecent or obscene while the second is they advocate the procurement of abortion or miscarriage .

A spokesperson for the Board confirmed that concerns have been raised with its secretary by a member of the public and added: The complaint will be considered by the new Censorship of Publications Board when it is appointed. Ironically, it is Shatter who is due to announce the members of the board in the coming weeks.



Offsite Article: Hungary: Rule of Law Under Threat...

Link Here 17th May 2013
Full story: Media Censorship in Hungary...Repressive media censor established in 2011
Government's Damaging Changes to Legal Framework Require EU Action

See article from



Update: Reputation Management...

Google told to censor search suggestions when they are complained about

Link Here 15th May 2013
Full story: Scientology Censors...Scientogists quick to litigate against critics

A German federal court has told Google to censor the auto-complete results that its search engine suggests.

The court said Google must ensure terms generated by auto-complete are not contrary to the wishes of those that complain.

The court case was started by an unnamed German businessman who found that linked him with scientology and fraud . Google must now remove certain word combinations when told about them, said the court.

A person's privacy would be violated if the associations conjured up by auto-complete were claimed to be untrue, the federal court said in a statement about the ruling. However, it added, this did not mean that Google had to sanitise its entire index. The operator is, as a basic principle, only responsible when it gets notice of the unlawful violation of personal rights.

The ruling on auto-complete overturns two earlier decisions by lower German courts.



Scrounging Links...

Irish film censor pressurises Netflix over providing age rating information

Link Here 12th May 2013

The Irish film censor is attempting to scrounge a website link from the US video on demand service, Netflix.

The Irish Film Classification Office (Ifco) wrote twice last year asking Netflix to redirect people looking for information about the age suitability of a film to the censor's website. Ifco wants a link to be added in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the Netflix website. Ifco wrote:

Ifco habitually receives queries and complaints, primarily from parents, relating to film content viewed without Ifco's age ratings, often online. This being the case, we feel it would be beneficial to your Irish users, parents in particular, to know more detailed consumer advice regarding your content is freely available.

Netflix have declined the link exchange citing technical difficulties.



Offsite Article: The sorry state of the Irish media...

Link Here 1st May 2013
The story of free speech in Ireland today has moved on considerably from the past, but the political class believes that they can decide just how the public conversation should be conducted. By Padraig Reidy

See article from


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