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  Sri Lanka bans 1000 porn sites...

Link Here 18th December 2013  full story: Internet Censorship in Sri Lanka...Installing ISP website blocking

Sri Lanka Sri Lankan authorities have taken measures to ban websites hosting what they claim to be obscene content and prevent the spread of such materials through the Internet, a government official said.

Director General of Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Anusha Pelpita said that over 1,000 obscene websites have been banned in Sri Lanka. He further said that the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission had recently banned several pornographic websites produced with Sri Lankans.


  Lantern Shaded...

China blocks Lantern, the US sponsored internet censorship circumvention

Link Here 12th December 2013
lantern logo Lantern is a network of people working together to defeat internet censorship around the world. Install and share Lantern, our new peer-to-peer censorship circumvention software, to give or get access to people in places where access is censored.

Unfortunately there has been a setback in China, lots of Chinese users of Lantern began posting to social media about how it was no longer working as a proxy web connection for them.

The Lantern team confirmed the problems saying that Lantern fallback servers have been blocked by the Great Firewall in China. The team stated that the network had been infiltrated by the censors. The team is hoping for a comeback after implementing countermeasures against infiltration.


 Update: Dangerous Film Websites...

Pakistan blocks IMDb

Link Here 3rd December 2013  full story: Internet Censorship in Pakistan...internet website blocking

line of freedom video IMDb, the widely used online entertainment news portal, a prominent source of reliable news and box office reports regarding films, television programmes and video games from all over the world, was blocked on 19 November, but the ban was lifted by 22 November.

Netizens believe the ban was enforced to block the movie trailer for The Line of Freedom , a film that highlights the issue of the crises in Balochistan province showing Baloch separatists abducted by Pakistani security agencies without charges in a bid to stamp out rebellion.

Nighat Dad of Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) said:

Our team did a quick survey with the help of tweeters around the country, said Dad. We checked various other movie titles but only Line of Freedom seemed to be blocked on IMDb and several other websites were accessible otherwise.

I didn't even know there was a movie by this title which was giving the government so much heartburn and so I just had to see what was so unsavoury that the government had to block the entire website. This is what happens, when you forcibly close the internet, word gets around and people get curious!

The Line of Freedom is a 2013 UK war thriller by David Whitney.
With Antonio Khela, Mansoor Al-Feeli and Tony Hasnath. IMDb

Summary Notes

In 2011, an innocent student was abducted by his country's security forces. After days of interrogation and torture, he was shot and dumped in the desert. But incredibly, he survived. This is his true story, and the story of thousands of his countrymen who have died in a secret and dirty war.


 Updated: Singapore Recommends...

Dating website

Link Here 11th November 2013
ashley madison Singapore's internet censor will block access to infidelity website following a public 'uproar' over the Canada-based site's plan to offer a local service.

Censors from the Media Development Authority (MDA) said in a statement:.

The Ashley Madison website, however, stands out. It aggressively promotes and facilitates extramarital affairs and has declared that it will specifically target Singaporeans.

Tens of thousands of Singaporeans signed petitions urging the government to block access to Ashley Madison and Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing wrote on his Facebook page that he did not welcome the site to Singapore. is an online dating and social networking service marketed to people who are already in a relationship. It had planned to launch in Singapore on November 17.

Update: Blocked  by the internet censor

11th November 2013. See  article from

mda singapore logo Singapore's government has blocked access to the popular adultery website Ashley Madison amid a public 'outcry' ahead of the company's planned launch.

The Media Development Authority, which censors the Internet, said in a statement that it has blocked access to the Canada-based website because it is in:

Flagrant disregard of our family values and public morality. We will therefore not allow Ashley Madison to operate in Singapore and have worked with Internet service providers to block access to the site.


  Censorship Exchange...

Venezuela blocks currency trading websites

Link Here 10th November 2013

dollartoday logo On the night of Saturday November 9, Venezuelan President Nicola's Maduro announced publicly his decision to block access foreign currency valuation websites including,,,,, and, all of which track the unofficial price of foreign currency. After foreign currency exchange controls were put into force in the country in 2003, unofficial or black market pricing of foreign currency was declared illegal. Nevertheless, unofficial currency exchanges remain very much a part of the Venezuelan economy.

Last Wednesday, inflation in Venezuela shot above 50%, causing the value of the Bolivar to plummet and prompting the President to accuse currency speculators of waging economic war on the government.

In his television address, Maduro also announced that Conatel, the administrative body responsible for telecommunications, has opened a case against private Internet service providers in the country, for allowing the disclosure of the price of the parallel [black market] dollar. This is just one tactic in what has been termed the economic war : amongst other measures, on Friday, the owners of popular e-commerce websites and were called to meet with members of the cabinet to establish mechanisms to regulate prices at which users can post items for sale on these sites. The decision has been carried out through the Ministry of Science and Technology, without any administrative procedure.


  Zambia blocks another website, re-arrests reporter...

Link Here 7th October 2013
zambia reports logo Zambian authorities should stop blocking access to critical news websites and halt their harassment of journalists accused of working with the websites, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today after reports emerged of widening government obstruction.

Zambia presents itself as a peaceful democracy, yet these attacks on media outlets with which government disagrees are actions that belong to an authoritarian regime, said CPJ's Africa Program Coordinator Sue Valentine. We urge government to talk with editors, journalism academics, and other members of civil society to find a common understanding of the principles of freedom of expression and the right of citizens to access information.

Zambia Reports , a news website launched in February 2012, said domestic access to its site was at first interrupted on July 16. A managing editor of Zambia Reports , who spoke on condition of anonymity fearing retaliation, said mobile phone users and customers of one Internet service provider were still able to access the site at that point. Two days later, on July 18, the site was completely blocked domestically, he said.

The managing editor told CPJ that the staff believed the government was responsible for the blocking. Zambia Reports has been critical of the ruling Patriotic Front that was voted into power in September 2011, ending two decades of dominance by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

The editor told CPJ that while the site had a reputation for expressing critical views, the staff had not broken any laws. He added that the site had not received any complaints from the government about its reporting.


 Update: Bad Talk...

Pakistan province bans Skype, Whatsapp and Viber

Link Here 4th October 2013  full story: Internet Censorship in Pakistan...internet website blocking
skype logo Authorities in Pakistan's southern Sindh province have banned Skype , Whatsapp and Viber in the name of security, triggering angry reactions from numerous users of the instant messaging applications.

The decision to enforce the ban for three months was made at a meeting chaired by Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah. Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Memon announced said:

Terrorists and criminal elements are using these networks to communicate after the targeted operation was launched (against them).

Sindh's Home Secretary will contact the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to have these applications banned in the province. According to Memon, the Sindh government would contact the federal government to ensure that illegal SIMs too are shut down.


 Update: Government Knows Them and Hates Them...

Pakistan bans first gay website

Link Here 26th September 2013  full story: Internet Censorship in Pakistan...internet website blocking

curry love advert Pakistan's first gay website has been blocked by the country's internet censors. was set up in July to offer support to the gay community. The site's founder told the BBC the ban violated freedom of speech. was launched with the slogan Know us, don't hate us and aimed to raise awareness of gay issues and offer advice and sex education to gay, lesbian and transgender people in Pakistan.


 Update: Grinding Them Down...

Turkey blocks gay dating app, Grindr

Link Here 12th September 2013  full story: Internet Censorship in Turkey...Website blocking insults the Turkish people
grindr logoGay dating app Grindr has been censored and blocked in Turkey, reported KAOS G L, the main Turkish LGBT association.

According to an online message displayed when attempting to access Grinder from Turkey, the block has been ordered by the 14th Criminal Court of Istanbul as a as a supposed protection measure.

KAOS GL's lawyer, Hayriye Kara, commented: The court decision is not published online and so we have no access to the  reason for the censorship:

It is most likely related to 'general morality', an ambiguous term used often against trans sex workers.


 Update: Internet Censors...

Malaysia blocks 6640 websites

Link Here 27th August 2013  full story: Internet Censorship in Malaysia...Malaysia looks to censor the internet
Malaysia flagA total of 6,640 websites were blocked for violating the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and other laws since 2008, the Dewan Rakyat was told yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Multimedia and Communications Datuk Jailani Johari said the websites blocked include fake bank websites and for copyright infringement, pornography and insulting the royal institution.

Up to June, 29 cases are under investigation including websites which insulted the Yang Pertuan Agong, royal institution and the sultans, he said when replying to Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan).


 Update: Running Scared...

Jordan blocks 300 news websites

Link Here 29th July 2013

Jordan flagReporters Without Borders has written to King Abdullah of Jordan voicing deep concern about the 2 June administrative decision to block access to some 300 news websites from within Jordan.

The letter urges the Jordanian authorities to end this blocking without delay. It also calls for the repeal of certain repressive provisions in the new press law, which was promulgated by royal decree in September 2012.


  Opposition website blocked in run up to elections...

Link Here 23rd June 2013

Equatorial Guinea flagReporters Without Borders condemns the government's blocking of access to Facebook and certain opposition websites since 12 May. The targets include the site of the main opposition party, Convergence For Social Democracy (CPDS), which is fielding candidates for the 26 May parliamentary and municipal elections.

At the same time, the website of the ruling Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) continues to be fully accessible.

This act of censorship at President Teodoro Obiang Nguema's behest is disgraceful and constitutes a grave violation of freedom of information, Reporters Without Borders said. We condemn this presidential offensive against the democratic process, especially in the immediate run-up to elections.


  Where Jordan Leads, Britain Seems Set to Follow...

Jordan blocks news websites refusing to register for state censorship

Link Here 3rd June 2013  full story: Internet News censorship in Jordan...News websites required to register for censorship

Jordan flagThe Jordanian government has blocked dozens of local news websites that have not yet registered or refused to register for censorship by the state-run Press and Publications Department.

The move to block the sites came after a six-month ultimatum given to news websites to register with the department in accordance with the repressive 2012 amended Press and Publications Law.

The head of the Press and Publications Department Fayez al Shawabkeh sent a memo to Jordan's Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) requesting a block on over 200 unregistered news websites by the kingdom's various ISPs.

The Coordination Committee of Electronic News Websites denounced the government's move to ban their sites.:

In this measure, The government and official agencies have violated all the commitments and promises it made to the journalism community of not resorting to blocking the sites, and their promises to make essential amendments to the Press and Publications Law.

The internet censorship law targets news websites with four main amendments, forcing news websites to register and get licensed, granting authorities executive powers to block and censor websites and close their local offices, and holds publishers, editors-in-chief, editors and managers liable for comments posted on their respective websites. The editor-in-chief is required to have been a member of the Jordan Press Association for at least four years, before a licence will be granted.


  Ethiopia blocks Al-Jazeera...

Link Here 6th May 2013

Ethiopia flag Traffic to English and Arabic Al-Jazeera websites has plummeted since the network aired coverage of protests in August last year.


  Voice of Russia Persian Blocked in Iran...

Link Here 11th April 2013

voice of russia blockedThe Persian-language website of Voice of Russia , the international broadcaster financed by the Russian government, said in a statement that it has been blocked in Iran since February 13.

According to the statement, access to its website in Iran is now possible only by using antifiltering software and proxy sites, which Iranians use to access blocked Western websites.


  Blog-hosting site blocked in Russia...

Link Here 14th March 2013

The Russian government blocked access last week to a blog-hosting site that publishes the work of two prominent independent journalists who are often critical of the Kremlin.

The site, (LJR), was added to the country's official internet blacklist. It is described as a non-profit project created to support freedom of speech, civil society and encourage the free exchange of ideas.

Two journalists who run blogs on LJR are Andrei Malgin, who has been very critical of the government, and Vladimir Pribylovsky, who has been targeted for publishing a database of government misdeeds and for disclosing official documents that expose corruption.



China blocks code collaboration website

Link Here 5th March 2013

github logo Since the middle of January, the battle between Chinese netizens and China's Great Firewall (GFW) has intensified: on January 18, the US-based code-sharing website GitHub, which Google China founding president Lee Kaifu called the preferable tool for Chinese programmers to learn and connect with the world, was partially and then fully blocked by the GFW. The site was then unblocked on January 23. While netizens continued to speculate on possible events that may have triggered the blocking, GitHub underwent another attack wherein those using the site in China were greeted with a warning message [zh] regarding the website's security certificate --- an indication that their connection to the site might not be secure.

GitHub is an HTTPS-only site, meaning that users can only access its content through an encrypted connection. By initiating what is commonly known as a man-in-the-middle attack, the attackers (who some surmise were GFW technicans or government actors) led users to believe that they were accessing GitHub through an encrypted connection, when in fact a third party (the man in the middle ) was manipulating and likely eavesdropping on their traffic. Chinese Internet censorship monitoring website reported that the attack lasted for about an hour, noting that this signifies HTTPS might no longer be safe in China.

The blocking and the attack have infuriated the Chinese software developer community, but also has ignited debates over how the site should be used. While it is meant to host resources and discussions about technology, GitHub has also been used to share politically sensitive content, such as a recently posted list of Chinese academics involved with building and providing technical expertise in service of the GFW. Coincidentally, one of the developers of the GFW publicly defended his work at an online forum, arguing [zh] that those who make blacklists to block information should take the blame for GFW censorship, rather than the technicians who built the firewall.


  Annals of the Yellow Emporer...

China bans website calling for constitutional rights

Link Here 15th January 2013

yellow emperorA liberal Chinese journal's website was shut down in the latest in another the repressive attack by Chinese authorities against online freedom of expression.

The website of the Beijing-based Annals of the Yellow Emperor was closed days after it published an article urging leaders to guarantee constitutional rights including freedom of speech and assembly.

The publication, which has links with senior retired Communist officials, had argued in the article that China's constitution lays out a road map for political reform.

Attempts to access the Annals' website led to a page with a cartoon policeman holding up a badge and the message: The website you are visiting has been closed because it has not been filed on record.


  Defamation of Free Speech...

130 websites set to be blocked in Tajikistan

Link Here 9th January 2013

Tajikistan flagTajikistan is to Block About 130 Websites Including the VKontakte Website and Websites of a Number of Russian Mass Media

The Communications Service under the Government of Tajikistan has ordered Internet service providers to block a number of websites among which there are popular social networking websites and musical and video resources.

The websites in question are Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter and By now over 30 websites, including,, and, have been blocked in Tadzhikistan.

In the end of November 2012 the Tajikistan authorities blocked the access to Facebook, allegedly because of the defamation of the government and its executives . After the appeals of international organizations including those of the OSCE and the European Union, the access to Facebook has been unblocked.


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