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Christians Recommend Christmas Shopping At...

Amazon, Abercrombie and Fitch, Nike, and Apple

Link Here16th December 2013
A religious group calling itself Faith Driven Consumer has kindly created a shopper's guide to ethical companies. The group explains:

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to stock up the pantry, scout out the sales and spend time with the ones you love.

It's also a great time to be a good steward and match your wallet to your Christian worldview by actively supporting companies that align with your biblical faith and values. 

With more than $602 billion in projected sales up for grabs this Christmas season, faith-driven consumers like you and me have an unparalleled opportunity to support companies that are friendly to our Christian faith and worldview.

Given this, we've created the  2013 Faith Driven Consumer Christmas Guide  to help you be as well-informed as possible about the degree to which the companies you spend your hard-earned dollars with are faith-compatible.

We've ranked 43 major holiday retailers according to their sensitivity to a faith-driven worldview on a five-star scale -- based on seven criteria important to Faith Driven Consumers like us.  

The group's highest accolades are for the following companies:


While Amazon uses the word Christmas in its advertisements and supports a number of charitable causes, its sale of some pornographic content and unwholesome entertainment is a concern for Faith Driven Consumers. In addition, its staunch support of same-sex marriage and the homosexual, bisexual and transgender political and social agenda is in opposition to the biblical understanding of sexuality, marriage and family. Finally, Amazon's sale of pro-abortion materials and support for the United Way, which indirectly funds Planned Parenthood, is problematic for Christians.


Apple is a market leader in computer manufacturing, software and electronics. While Apple has worked to improve its corporate philanthropic efforts and allowed a Christian employee group to form, it vocally supports same-sex marriage, actively donated to efforts to defeat Proposition 8 in California and caved in to pressure from small groups of homosexual and transgender activists and their allies by removing previously approved, faith-based apps supporting natural and traditional sexuality, marriage and family. Here, Apple showed a high level of insensitivity toward a much larger market of Christian consumers and needs to take active steps to rebuild a relationship with those who hold to a biblical worldview and values system. Beyond this, Apple promotes internet pornography and was listed as one of the Top Ten Worst Advertisers in 2012 by the Parents Television Council.


While Nike's advertising is non-offensive and it contributes to causes that encourage youth, particularly girls, to participate in sports, the company is one of the most vocal corporate advocates for abortion in America. It also fully embraces the homosexual, bisexual and transgender political and social agenda in the workplace and beyond, and advocates for same-sex marriage, creating a PAC fund to donate $280,000 to the current effort in Oregon to redefine the institution away from the natural and traditional male-female paradigm. Nike does not use the word Christmas in its seasonal promotions.

Abercrombie & Fitch

While Abercrombie & Fitch is strongly committed to philanthropy, corporate responsibility, environmental stewardship and ethically sourced products, its highly sexualized focus on the cool and popular kids, branded around highly inappropriate, exploitative and homoerotic advertising, is shocking and offensive to many Faith Driven Consumers. A&F's full embrace of the political and social goals of the homosexual, bisexual and transgender movement, including same-sex marriage, also points to a corporate worldview that is at odds with the Bible. Finally, A&F does not use the word Christmas in its seasonal promotions.



Update: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Sent to Me...

One Million Moms a Whining

Link Here 13th December 2013
The US moralist campaign group One Million Moms has had a whinge about the TV show Glee featuring a sexy shirtless male Santa. The group whines:

Unfortunately not all Christmas TV features are wholesome entertainment. Glee 's previously Never Aired Christmas episode should have stayed just that and remained unaired, considering it was complete with a bisexual Santa, transgender Virgin Mary and its fair share of drunkenness.

Other religions do not tolerate this behavior and as Christians we will not either. Why any producer or network feels mocking a sacred and religious holiday where Christians celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ is acceptable is beyond me. GLEE should not and will not get a free pass to make a joke of Christmas.

Last week's episode went too far. The mockery of the Christmas story was blasphemous and an abomination. The show featured the transgender student, Unique, portraying the Virgin Mary in their high school's nativity scene and acts out giving birth to the baby Jesus. The doll representing Jesus wore a sequin diaper and was thrown from singer to singer while they sang Love Child, Never Meant to be. Baby Jesus is tossed around like a rag doll and shown no respect.

In another scene, a bisexual Sexy Santa, gets two female characters and the show's gay male character drunk before robbing them blind - all this after making out with and tying the male character up in bed. These same females in a previous scene are elves at the local mall and tell kids to ask for mobile devices they could download porn on while wearing skimpy elf costumes.

Glee is not a late-night program and is rated TV-14 DLSV. While it currently airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT on FOX, in February it will be moving to Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT - well before many children's bedtimes



The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told...

Oklahoma pastors take offence at a play with a gay twist on the Bible

Link Here28th November 2013
Pastors from across the Oklahoma City metropolitan area say they are outraged and offended over a play featuring biblical satire and simulated gay sex.

Members of the clergy are planning a protest to be held at the city-owned Civic Center Music Hall on the opening night of OKC Theatre Company's production of, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told . The play's opening night is Dec. 6.

The comedy features a twist on stories of the Bible. In one scene at the Garden of Eden, God creates Adam and Steve along with the first lesbians, Jane and Mabel.

We feel like we have a responsibility to speak out and say, 'this is wrong,' Rev. Steve Kern of Olivet Baptist Church said. Kern, who is running for a seat in the Oklahoma State Senate, says the play accepts a sinful lifestyle and anyone involved should pray that gays become straight.

Church leaders from across the metro are asking the city to prohibit the play from being performed on Oklahoma City property.



Update: The Best US Advertisers...

As judged by those that have best offended the Parents TV Council

Link Here24th November 2013
Full story: Parents TV Council...US moralists whinge at TV sex and violence
The Parents Television Council has released its annual Best TV Advertisers List which focuses on companies that sponsor the least family-friendly TV programming.

PTC President Tim Winter explained:

This year's analysis should provide greater clarity for those members of the public who wish to 'vote with their wallets'.

We base this list purely on the sponsorship behavior we see from these companies.

We encourage the public to use this list when they're shopping.

The list is based on each company's prime time broadcast television ad buys during the 2012-2013 television season. Using the PTC's trademarked traffic light ratings system, each company was assigned a point value based on the number of green, yellow and red light shows it sponsored.

And the best advertisers of 2013 are:


  • Honda


  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank of America


  • McDonalds
  • Subway
  • Taco Bell
  • TGI Friday's
  • Red Robin


  • Welch's
  • Lipton Tea
  • Nespresso
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Dr. Pepper

General Retail

  • JC Penney
  • Kohl's
  • Macy's
  • Target
  • Old Navy/Gap
  • Burlington Coat Factory


  • Quilted Northern
  • Brawny
  • Aquafresh
  • Listerine
  • Maybelline
  • L'Oreal


  • AT&T
  • Verizon




One Million Moms Recommend...

Kmart Christmas advert featuring bell ringers with musical balls

Link Here22nd November 2013
Morality campaign group, One Million Moms are well impressed by Kmart's Christmas TV advert:

Kmart has a new commercial that is not only offensive - but this once family department store has made a deliberate decision to produce controversial advertisements instead of wholesome ones. This is a terrible plan on Kmart's part, especially at this time of year!

The title of the current ad is Show Your Joe, and Kmart includes sexual content during a Christmas hand bell choir performance. The commercial focuses on several men wearing Joe Boxer underwear thrusting in a sexualized way to the tune of Jingle Bells. They start gyrating and shaking themselves instead of the hand bells, intending to make their bells ring in song - which is highly inappropriate.

The commercial ends: Shop Your Way, Joe Boxer, Kmart. Get In Get More Christmas.

Normally, we do not provide a link since One Million Moms does not want to contribute to this filth being spread around even more, but we made an exception this time to show how ridiculous and disgusting this ad really is. The link to the commercial is provided here for reference only so you will have the information you need to voice your concern. If you would rather not watch the video clip, you may take our word on it, knowing this is not the first or second time Kmart has aired offensive commercials.

This commercial is airing during primetime, even during Christmas movies on family networks such as the Hallmark Channel, which families will likely watch together. Kmart should be more responsible in their marketing decisions.



One Million Moms Recommend...

New US TV horror on NBC, Dracula

Link Here17th November 2013
US moralist campaigners, One Million Moms are hyping a new US TV horror drama, Dracula. The group writes:

Warning! NBC's new program Dracula airs on Friday evenings at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT with a TV-14-SV rating. The gory series will air on weekends when children and teens usually stay up later. Not only is this show extremely violent, but it also includes a high level of sexual content that should be considered pornographic material.

NBC's website describes the series with words like sex, style, mystery and adventure. Even the previews included several brief clips of sex scenes that would be considered soft porn. This program is entirely too graphic in too many ways.

Previews of this program also included: terrifying screams, a rotted corpse, death, murder, a woman burned alive while tied to a stake, spirits, satanic and occult elements, homosexual content, tons of blood (mostly on Dracula's face and victim's necks) and other gore, including decapitated heads in boxes and pools of blood.

Please send an email letter to the sponsors of this week's episode of Dracula . This week's national sponsors were: Chili's (Brinker), Olive Garden, L'Oreal, Revlon, JELL-O (Kraft Foods) and Rolaids (Chattem). Urge advertisers to place the program on their do not advertise list in protest of the attempt to desensitize America and our children by promoting inappropriate content.



Parents TV Council recommends...

Family Guy

Link Here17th November 2013
Full story: Family Guy...TV programme found not so family friendly
US morality campaigners have called for the censorship of a family Guy episode:

It is a violation of Federal Law for broadcasters to air indecent material on the publicly-owned airwaves when children are likely to be in the viewing audience.

Yet that is EXACTLY what the Fox Broadcast Network (not to be confused with Fox News) did this past Sunday, November 10th, with its most recent episode of Family Guy.

The network brags to its advertisers that Family Guy is #1 with Teens ...and because it is a cartoon, the show is watched by tens of thousands of young children every week.

What were children exposed to on Sunday's episode of Family Guy? Unbelievably vile sexual content -- including jokes about child molestation, exploitation, rape, and the sexualized use of food and the perverse internal defrosting of frozen hot dogs.

Beyond the repugnant sexual content, the overall theme of the episode is that it is humorous for a boy to bully and beat up a girl.

This episode aired at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT -- only 8 p.m. in the Central/Mountain time zones.



Updated: Selfie Centred...

American Family Association plans to mount another legal action against a park statue with boobs

Link Here26th September 2013
A park statue with boobs of bronze has wound up the American Family Association (AFA) in Kansas. The AFA lost the first round of their battle after the statue was found to be not obscene. However the AFA  have now regrouped for another ludicrous legal battle.

Accept or Reject is a bronze sculpture donated to Overland Park Arboretum by sculptor Yu Chang, depicting a fractured, topless woman taking a selfie of her exposed (bronze) breasts.

Previously in 2012 a Kansas group of the AFA circulated a petition to convene a grand jury for the purpose of deciding whether the popular statue was illegally obscene. They got the necessary signatures, and a grand jury of Kansas citizens gathered to... criminally investigate the statue. Fortunately, the grand jury looked at the statue, looked at state obscenity law, and determined that the sculpture in question did not meet the legal definition of obscenity.

Kansas is among a small handful of states that have a citizen-empanelled grand jury law on the books. Under this process, a group can start a petition drive to seek a particular criminal indictment. If they reach the required number of signatures, around 4,000 in Johnson County, Kansas, a grand jury is empanelled to investigate violations of Kansas law. But until this year, the citizens' influence over the process stopped there.

That changed in 2013. Angry after a string of grand juries failed to return indictments alleging illegal abortion and pornography, groups like Kansans for Life advocated for a bill expanding citizen involvement in the grand jury process. The bill passed and is now law. Now the law requires the grand jury to call the petition organizer as its first witness, and permits the jury to pay for a special counsel or investigator of its choosing, even to replace the government prosecutor.

The Kansas AFA is now gathering signatures for another attempt at censorship, this time under the new grand jury process.

Update: Brass boobs all a bit to much for Facebook

26th September 2013. See  article from

Facebook's porn filters were apparently so offended by a statue by sculptor Yu Chang that depicts a fractured, topless woman taking a photograph of her exposed (bronze) breasts, that they removed a post last week by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The photo linked to an article about the artwork, which has been the subject of a concerted campaign by social conservatives to get it removed ever since it was installed at the Overland Park Arboretum, south of Kansas City, in 2011. The removal of the link was accompanied by a 24-hour ban on the ACLU's ability to post to its Facebook page, according to the Washington Post.

Mistakes happen, of course, but in its efforts to appeal the mistaken censorship, the ACLU found out the hard way that getting through to Facebook is a daunting task in and of itself, and that, as the Post put it:,

That's a happy ending of sorts for the ACLU, but as the organization's Lee Rowland points out , ordinary users may not be so lucky. If you don't represent a prominent national organization, it can be a challenge to get Facebook's attention.



Offsite Article: Morality Trip...

Link Here22nd September 2013
Assistant DA for Austin, Texas whinges about the incredibly popular Breaking Bad TV series, just as the 5th and final season is about to wrap up

See article from



A Nasty Morality...

Morality in Media cast libellous aspersions about attendees of XBiz adult trade conference in London

Link Here29th August 2013

The Radisson Hotel is set to host the XBIZ porn conference in London on September 22-25th.

US nutters from Morality in Media, as well as casting libellous aspersions about attendees, are calling in supporters to write to the Radisson asking managers to end the conference. Morality in Media claim on the Porn Harms website:

We are outraged that they will provide space to an industry that is based on making a profit from brutalizing women.

Email Radisson and let them know your opposition. The hotel is not only supporting the sexual exploitation of women but also putting female employees at risk because men who sexually abuse women for profit will be staying there and in close proximity to female employees.

Pornography puts all women at risk by teaching men that women only have value as sexual objects, are always available as willing participants, and are thus legitimate targets of sexual harassment, abuse and rape.

The group offer a template letter for supporters to send to the hotel:

Dear Radisson Board Members,

I am writing to protest your hotel hosting the XBIZ porn conference in London on 22-25th September. I am outraged that you would provide space to an industry that is based on making a profit from brutalizing women.

Moreover, pornography puts all women at risk by teaching men that women only have value as sexual objects, are always available as willing participants, and are thus legitimate targets of sexual harassment, abuse and rape.

You are [especially] putting at risk all the female employees who work at your hotel during the XBIZ conference because men who sexually abuse women for profit will be staying in your hotel, eating in your hotel, and will be in close proximity to women employees who work at your hotel so they can feed themselves and their families.

Please take this letter as a warning notice regarding these risks. Should a female employee be the victim of sexual harassment or assault, then your knowledge of these risks will increase your negligence and liability. Should you ignore this letter, our campaign could cause serious damage to your reputation and revenue.

Please consider this before you provide a venue to an industry that does serious damage to the health and well-being of women and children.



Comment: Parents TV Council Recommends...

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the MTV Awards

Link Here28th August 2013
Full story: Parents TV Council...US moralists whinge at TV sex and violence
The Parents Television Council has issued a whinge in response to MTV's Video Music Awards. PTC Director of Public Policy Dan Isett enthused:

MTV has once again succeeded in marketing sexually charged messages to young children using former child stars and condom commercials -- while falsely rating this program as appropriate for kids as young as 14. This is unacceptable.

This much is absolutely clear: MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children.

MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate 'twerking' in a nude-colored bikini. How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds?

How is it appropriate for children to watch Lady Gaga strip down to a bikini in the opening act?

How is it appropriate for 14-year-olds to see a condom commercial and a promo for an R-rated movie during the first commercial break?

PTC Advisory Board Member and former BET Executive Paul Porter said:

The Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke performance simply substituted talent with sex. Viacom has a set of corporate broadcast standards that were obviously broken in this case for financial gain. While the performance was shocking to the audience, MTV approved it during the show run prior to the broadcast. Heads should roll at MTV.

Offsite Comment: Daily Mail Outrage

28th August   2013. See article from . Thanks to Dan

Mail Hack Outraged Over Miley Cyrus' Display Complete With Pics In All Their Raunchy Innocent Children Corrupting Glory

...See the full article

...And if you want to see the naughtiness in all its glory, the Daily Mail is more than happy to oblige, see article from



Update: Janet Jackson's Malfunctioning Wardrobe Not Yet Lain to Rest...

FCC reveals that, by a majority of 1000 to 1, consultation responses called for a continued policy of fining broadcasters for fleeting nudity and strong language

Link Here 5th August 2013
Full story: FCC TV Censors...FCC wound up by nudity and fleeting expletives

The Parents Television Council (PTC) has issued a press release commenting on the FCC proposal to end fines for broadcasting fleeting strong language and nudity like Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction'.

The PTC President Tim Winter wrote in a press release:

The FCC asked for the public's comment, and they got it. By a margin of nearly 1,000 to 1, the American public told the FCC to enforce existing broadcast indecency law, and not to weaken it. The only question now before the FCC is whether to heed or disregard the public's comments that they, themselves, asked for.

The broadcast networks and their agents continue to cloud the issue at hand by arguing against the very existence of the broadcast indecency law. They are trying to re-litigate the Supreme Court cases that they lost, rather than focus on the FCC's proposal to focus only on 'egregious' instances of indecency.

It is essential for the FCC to remember whose interest it is that they are mandated by Congress to serve. The sheer volume of public comments -- over 102,000 comments that were individually filed by individual Americans, and were roughly 1,000 to 1 in favor of keeping existing indecency standards -- speaks louder than the broadcast networks that want to dismantle the law.

The American people have spoken. We call on the FCC to hear and to heed the public's overwhelming support for the existing broadcast indecency law. And we call on the Commission to reject the proposed change to the law as crafted by its outgoing and now-departed chairman.



Updated: Miserable Morality...

Morality in Media turned down in their quest to get adult magazines banned from military bases

Link Here1st August 2013
Full story: Morality in Media...Misreable campaigners for censorship

Ungrateful US moralists from Morality in Media have been aggressively campaigning to get porn magazines totally banned from military bases.

But now a top Pentagon official has stood up for the troops explaining that adult magazines are allowed for sale on military installations because they do not meet the definition of indecent material.

According to a story in The Military Times , Frederick Vollrath, assistant secretary of defense for readiness and force management, in response to a complaint from Morality in Media, said publications such as Playboy, Penthouse and Nude, do not meet the federal definition of indecent material, and are thus allowed for sale on Department of Defense property.

Morality in Media had complained that the magazines should not be sold on DOD property because it violates the Military Honor and Decency Act of 1996 which prohibits the sale or rental at military exchanges of material in which the dominant theme ... depicts or describes nudity, including sexual or excretory activities or organs in a lascivious way.

Morality in Media subsequently spewed that his response would be hilarious if it were not so tragic. The group said it does not understand why the Pentagon will continue to sell porn magazines despite being in the midst of its unprecedented sexual exploitation scandal.

Update: Freedoms not worth fight for

1st August 2013. See  article from

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) have decided to remove porn  magazines from their shelves.

The development comes after the release of a Department of Defense letter claiming that pornography magazines can be sold on base.



A Learning Lesson...

Rappers J Cole and Drake apologise over lyric using 'autistic' as an insult

Link Here25th July 2013

Rappers say 'outrage' over lyric on leaked track Jodeci Freestyle was learning lesson. Drake has joined J Cole in an apology for mocking autism on their new single. They said that the offending lyric will be removed from the upcoming official release.

The track had included Cole rapping: I'm artistic . You niggas is autistic, retarded.

Cole apologised:

Recently there's been a trend that includes rappers saying something offensive, only to be attacked for it in the media and pressured to apologise. I do not believe that an apology is needed every time someone is offended, especially when that apology is really only for the sake of saving an endorsement or cleaning up bad press. With that said, this is not the case today. This letter is sincere. This apology IS necessary.

Autism Speaks were among the 'outraged' organisations who spoke out against the line, accusing Cole of perpetuating negative stereotypes against people with autism.



Update: Exploiting Sexualisation...

Parents TV Council claims that teenage girls are being exploited on US TV

Link Here11th July 2013
Full story: Parents TV Council...US moralists whinge at TV sex and violence

New 'research' from morality campaigners of the Parents Television Council's 4 Every Girl Campaign claims that teenage female characters on primetime broadcast television are more likely to be presented in sexually exploitative scenes than adult women, and the appearance of underage female characters in a supposedly sexually exploitative scene increased the probability that the scene would be presented as humorous.

Study results revealed that out of 238 scripted episodes which aired during the study period, 150 episodes (63%) contained sexual content in scenes that were associated with females and 33% of the episodes contained sexual content that rose to the level of what the PTC see as sexual exploitation.

Topics that targeted teenage girls and were presented as humorous included: sexual violence, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, pornography, and stripping.

PTC President Tim Winter claimed:

The frequency with which viewers are able to watch and laugh at these sexually exploitative situations supports the notion that entertainment media is creating an environment that encourages and even facilitates the sexualization of women. When we laugh about dead hookers, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the mistreatment of sex workers as a national civil and human rights issue. The same can be said for child molestation or sex trafficking.

The prevalence of images that trivialize sexual exploitation can be interpreted as sanctioning the sexualization of women. When these messages, images and ideologies are delivered via mass media, the definition of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors are communicated both implicitly and explicitly to viewers. Similarly, when the media associates humor with sexual exploitation they are sending a strong message that these issues are harmless and require neither urgency nor a strong response.

We hope that these disturbing findings will spur concern, increased dialogue, and a collective responsibility to find answers that will result in a qualitative difference in the lives of young girls and women everywhere.



Fruitless Deeds of Darkness...

Hateful christians publish website pictures of customers of gay bars, sex shops and strip clubs

Link Here26th June 2013

A Christian group in Texas has begun taking photos of people's cars as they patronize sinful businesses and posting them online.

The Repent Amarillo group announced they would be photographing vehicles that patronize strip clubs, porn shops, and gay bars, and then posting the images to their Facebook page. The group posted:

Think of it as God's public sex offender list. So, if you want to know if your friends, husbands, boyfriends, co-workers, or family members are visiting these places then STAY TUNED!

They're calling it the Ephesians 5:11 Project after a Bible passage which reads, Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.



Update: Kick-Ass PR Stunt...

Jim Carey hypes Kick-Ass 2 by refusing to hype Kick-Ass 2

Link Here25th June 2013
Full story: Kick-Ass...Movie hype featuring cussing teen assassin

Jim Carrey plays Colonel Stars and Stripes in his new movie Kick-Ass 2.

He has generated loads of international press coverage by bashing the film's extreme violence in the wake of last year's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Carey tweeted:

I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence.

My apologies to others involved with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart.




Hype for Kanye West's new CD

Link Here20th June 2013

Rapper Kanye West may have the US number one album next week, but may have lost a few customers after offending the American Parkinson Disease Association.

The album Yeezus contains the track On Sight with the lyric:

A monster about to come alive again.
Soon as I pull up and park the Benz,
We get this bitch shaking like Parkinson's.

Gossip site TMZ reports that the American Parkinson Disease Association VP, Kathryn Whitford, said:  We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance.



Let's Get Zesty...

One Million Christian Moms get easily offended by sexy Kraft advert

Link Here19th June 2013

One Million Moms is currently whingeing about  Kraft Foods for its new Let's Get Zesty salad dressing advertising campaign. The campaigners argue that the advert uses sex to sell by promoting a nearly-naked Zesty Guy as the official spokesperson for the product.

The group One Million Moms was founded by the nutters of the American Family Association. The groups spouts on its website in a post entitled Shame on Kraft:

Kraft has gone too far and will push away loyal, conservative customers with this new ad campaign. Christians will not be able to buy Kraft dressings or any of their products until they clean up their advertising. The consumers they are attempting to attract -- women and mothers -- are the very ones they are driving away.

The nutter group amusingly adds that it has to use asterisked words to get round email filters set up especially to please nutter groups just like them:

Who will want Kraft products in their fridge or pantry if this vulgarity is what they represent? One Million Moms cannot get over the gall of this company. It is unnecessary for Kraft to use s*x to sell salad dressing!

Kraft has explained its advertising campaign, describing it in a recent statement as a playful way to promote salad dressing.

Our Kraft dressing's 'Let's Get Zesty' campaign is a playful and flirtatious way to reach our consumers. People have overwhelmingly said they're enjoying the campaign and having fun with it.



Fighting Against Freedom...

Morality in Media hails a US Navy order for an annual workplace inspection for porn

Link Here15th June 2013

Anti-porn miserablists of Morality in Media (MiM) hailed the US Navy after it ordered a fleet-wide inspection to eliminate porn and patently lewd, lascivious or obscene images on display in public workplaces.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ordered the annual inspection but probably disappointed  MiM when a Navy spokeswoman confirmed that Mabus's order does not ban the sale of adult material in Navy and Marine Corps exchanges or forbid sailors and Marines from viewing it privately. The MiM issued a press release claiming that porn would be banned from Navy bases entirely

Under his instruction, officers and senior enlisted leaders cannot search government laptop or desktop computers (with the exception of visible screensavers), assigned individual barracks rooms/living quarters, assigned desk drawers, assigned cabinet drawers, clothing (e.g., coats), assigned lockers, purses, briefcases, backpacks, private automobiles and personal electronic devices (e.g., iPads, iPhones, etc.).

But Mabus did order that ships, hangars, training centers and all other department workplaces be free from materials that create a degrading, hostile or offensive work environment. Essentially, the Navy does not want a female pilot to have to work in a squadron ready room adorned with, say, a bikini pinup calendar.

The anti-porn group Morality in Media said Friday that it applauds Mabus for his order and challenged Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to take it to the next level: Will Secretary Hagel follow suit and make this order military-wide? it asked.



Extract: Is It Moral to Lie?...

Taking issue with ludicrous claims about porn by Morality in Media

Link Here15th May 2013

US moralists wrote in a press release:

Morality in Media wholeheartedly supports the effort announced last week by U. S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to remove pornography and other sexually exploitive materials from military workspaces, as the U. S. Air Force did in a similar effort last year. Secretary Hagel was responding to a Pentagon survey which estimated that 26,000 people in the armed forces were sexually assaulted last year, up from 19,000 in 2010.

Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of Morality In Media said:

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates a link between pornography consumption and increased sexual violence and objectification of women. It is no surprise that the Pentagon sees an increase in sexual assaults when it allows the prevalent use of pornography on bases and even allows the sale of pornography in its facilities.

The next step for Secretary Hagel should be to order the military to stop selling pornography in military exchanges which would send a strong message that sexual exploitation is unacceptable.

Does Porn Cause Violence?

But Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon disagrees with the ludicrous claim: "Research overwhelmingly demonstrates a link between pornography consumption and increased sexual violence"

See  article from

Enforcing basic sexual boundaries in the workplace is one thing. Blaming sexual assault on pornography, which is what the MIM press release goes on to do, is another. It reads, Research overwhelmingly demonstrates a link between pornography consumption and increased sexual violence. What that sentence suggests is that there is a demonstrated link between porn-watching and an increase in perpetration of sexual violence --- and that is patently untrue. The availability of Internet porn has been shown to be associated with a decrease in sex crimes.

Now, that isn't to say that porn-viewing necessarily causes a decrease in real-world sexual violence; some have argued as much, but I haven't seen evidence that convincingly goes beyond correlation to indicate causation. It's simply to say that there is no evidence that pornography consumption causes, or is even associated with, an increase in cases of sexual violence. Period. End of sentence.

...Read the full article



Lego Gettin' Dirty...

Humourous Lego stickers offend the politically correct

Link Here8th May 2013

Josh Stearns, a father of two young sons posted photos of a set of LEGO stickers on his Tumblr account. Stearns was "appalled" by the image of a hard-hatted construction worker waving at an unseen passersby, shouting HEY BABE! He wrote:

I was so disappointed to see the brand affiliated with a product that normalized street harassment and cat-calling.

The Internet chattered. Bloggers weighed in; people began posting negative reviews of the product on Amazon.

LEGO took note; last week Stearns logged onto his computer and found an email from Charlotte Simonsen, senior director at LEGOs corporate communications office in Denmark. Simonsen explained that the stickers had been licensed by a company called Creative Imagination and have already been discontinued and apologised:

LEGOs typically uses humor to communicate the Lego experience. We are sorry that you were unhappy with the way a mini-figure was portrayed here.

Steams also received a response from Andrea Ryder, the head of the LEGO Outbound Licensing Department who said that the product was no longer available and that we would not approve such a product again.



Indecently Moral...

Parents TV Council launches #NoIndecencyFCC week to maintain TV censorship of fleeting nudity or strong language

Link Here7th May 2013

US morality campaigners of the Parents Television Council have launched #NoIndecencyFCC Week, May 6-10. They are hoping to encourage moralists to file public comments to the FCC's proposal to limit broadcast indecency complaints.

PTC President Tim Winter said:

We are focusing on #NoIndecencyFCC to let the FCC know that we consider its proposal to limit broadcast indecency complaints extremely troublesome. Only pursuing so-called 'egregious' complaints from the public about indecent TV or radio content will lead to broadcasters pushing the decency limits even further -- including the airing of nudity or harsh profanity when millions of children are in the audience.

Federal law limits the broadcast of indecent material to the times of day when kids are much less likely to be in the audience, making no distinction for 'egregious' instances. Either material is legally indecent or it is not, and the 'egregious' nature of violating the law should only dictate the punishment a broadcaster faces for breaking that law. It is unnecessary for indecent content to be repeated many times in order to be actionable, and it is unwise for the FCC to pursue a new course that will guarantee nothing but a rash of new litigation.

We are encouraging the public to share its concern with the FCC in a public comment by the deadline of May 20. To date, over 90,000 public comments have been filed, most of them expressing outrage that the FCC would even consider such a proposal.

If this proposal is adopted, the greatest harm will fall upon our children and grandchildren, who already face waves of explicit content when they use the airwaves of which they, too, are co-owners. The FCC proposal erodes a parent's recourse for broadcast decency enforcement and, instead, cedes control of our airwaves entirely to the entertainment industry. It's time to say #NoIndecencyFCC!

The PTC is also encouraging people to take to Twitter using the #NoIndecencyFCC hashtag.



Hardly Turning the Other Cheek...

Miserable bishop whinges at student prank

Link Here3rd May 2013

Students at Carnegie Mellon University say it's freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh whinges that it is inappropriate and disrespectful.

At an annual art school parade, a female student dressed up as the pope, and was naked from the waist down while she passed out condoms. Witnesses say the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross.

The Pittsburgh Diocese has asked the university to take action. Bishop David Zubik whined:

I think we all know that when we're growing up we do stupid things but to cross over the line in this instance shouldn't happen with anybody.



Eyeing Easy Offence...

Rajan Zed whinges at Selena Gomez for wearing a Hindu forehead decoration

Link Here17th April 2013

Perennial Hindu whinger, Rajan Zed, has had a knock at Selena Gomez for donning a Bindi on her forehead during her performance of Come and Get It at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards.

Traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of concealed wisdom . According to followers of Hinduism, this chakra is the exit point for kundalini energy. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It is also said to protect against demons or bad luck. The bindi also represents the third eye. In modern times, bindis are worn by women of many religious dispositions in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and is not restricted to Hindus.

Officials at the Universal Society of Hinduism have referred to Selena's use of the religious symbol as insensitive, with spokesman Rajan Zed telling WENN:

The bindi on the forehead is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance... It is not meant to be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fashion accessory aiming at mercantile greed.

Selena should apologize and then she should get acquainted with the basics of world religions.



Updated: Losing the Gift of the Gab...

US song lyric has prompted an call to action by the Parents TV Council

Link Here12th April 2013

US moralists of the Parents TV Council have issues a call to action against the lyrics of song being played on US radio stations:

Radio stations across the country are playing a song called U.O.E.N.O. that talks about drugging a woman and taking her home to rape her. Millions of teenage boys and young men are hearing---and absorbing---this message condoning date rape.

Take action below to call on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate every radio station that chooses to promote date rape by airing this song.

Put molly all in her champagne
She ain't even know it I took her home and I enjoyed that
She ain't even know it.

The song is released from a selection of Rocko's Gift of Gab 2 mixtape , featuring Future and Rick Ross. Ross is claiming the controversy to be a misinterpretation of the lyric.

One radio station, WUVS-103.7 in Muskegon, Michigan, has pulled all Rick Ross songs.

Update: Rick Ross Given a Kicking by Reebok

12th April 2013. See  article from

Sports shoe retailer Reebok has terminated its relationship with rapper Rick Ross, whose song lyrics have kicked off a little 'outrage'. Ross had been promoting Reebok shoes in print and TV adverts. The company said in a statement:

While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse.

At this time, it is in everyone's best interest for Reebok to end its partnership with Mr. Ross.



Morality in Media Recommends...

A Dirty Dozen list of top notch facilitators of adult sex entertainment

Link Here2nd April 2013

The family values campaigners of Morality in the Media have just issued their Dirty Dozen list commendations for top notch facilitators of adult sex entertainment:

Attorney General Eric Holder

Mr. Holder refuses to enforce existing federal obscenity laws against hardcore adult pornography, despite the fact that these laws have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and effectively enforced by previous attorneys general.


Major cable and satellite TV companies such as Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, DIRECTV and DISH provide hardcore pornographic premium channels and pay-per-view movies to tens of millions of American homes. Comcast is the largest of these. With the growth of the Internet, pay TV pornography does not sell like it once did, but it still sells and pollutes countless minds.


The world's most popular social networking site has become a top place to trade pornography, which we have reported on numerous occasions. According to reports, even child pornography is regularly shared on Facebook and women and children are trafficked on the site.

Google Play

Google has essentially no restrictions on the types of apps allowed in their app store, Googleplay. Pornographic apps are in every category and in many of the categories there are countless porn apps available.


This is the company that provides most of the in-room TV pornography to major hotels and motels. Despite the federal and many state laws, which prohibit obscene materials on cable and satellite TV, LodgetNet has made untold millions by providing hardcore pornography to its customers. Children have also been exposed to this material.


This hotel chain, like Hyatt, Starwood and many other top hotel chains, provides hardcore pornography movie choices; and it's "adult" channels that are often the first thing advertised when you turn on the TV.


Twitter's policy reads: "We do not regulate Tweets that link to content on external websites, including pornography." For this reason, Twitter has become the new 'micro-porn' service with tens of thousands of porn tweets an hour. Of course, there is no way to keep this from children.

American Library Association

For years, this self-styled champion of First Amendment freedoms has worked to encourage public libraries to keep their computer unfiltered. The ALA's misguided campaign has resulted in countless patrons of all ages being able to access or being inadvertently exposed to hardcore adult pornography and even child pornography on library computers.


The popular encyclopedia-type website houses thousands of pornographic images within its articles. According to news reports, even child pornography has been found on Wikipedia. Despite this problem, Wikipedia leadership refuses to monitor the site or to code the pages as having "adult content" so that filters can block the pages.


This staple of the supermarket checkout line may be as pornographic as Playboy magazine, but without the pictures. This publication has steadily declined from a somewhat inspirational women's magazine to a verbally pornographic "how-to" sex guide, further desensitizing young women and girls to the pornified culture around them.

Barnes & Noble

This Fortune 500 company, operator of 689 retail bookstores and a very active website, is a major supplier of adult pornography and child erotica. Nearly two dozen porn magazines are currently for sale at one store we randomly checked.

US Department of Defense

The Pentagon has a serious pornography problem, and it is doing next to nothing to combat it. In fact, it seems to be embracing pornography. Morality In Media receives a steady stream of comments from servicemen and women and their spouses regarding the widespread availability of pornography in the US Military.



Update: Parents TV Council Recommend...

Spring Breakers

Link Here24th March 2013
Full story: Parents TV Council...US moralists whinge at TV sex and violence

Former model Nicole Clark and director of Cover Girl Culture joined the new 4 Every Girl campaign to call for 'concerned' parents to contact the Federal Trade Commission about the marketing of R-rated Spring Breakers to a largely underage audience through Seventeen magazine. Clark said:

Many teens grew up watching Vanessa Hudgens in Disney's High School Musical franchise and Selena Gomez in Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place -- both entertaining and wholesome programs enjoyed by millions of children over the years.

It is natural that as these actresses enter their late teens and twenties they will take on more mature roles. This does not justify marketing their new R-rated film to their child fans. Seventeen magazine and the film's distributors are promoting an R-rated film to readers who are 12 - 19 years old. 2/3 of Seventeen readers are underage for this film.

According to the MPAA's ratings there is strong sexual content (one of which is a three-some), nudity, drug use and violence throughout. If tobacco companies are banned from marketing cigarettes in teen magazines, why would sex, violence, and drugs get approval?

This stunt has inevitably given the film free press coverage. There should be a price to pay for this inexcusable and irresponsible act against our young girls. Too many companies have learned they can earn national, free press coverage through shock and awe stunts. There needs to be a heavy fine to deter this irresponsible behavior.

The Federal Trade Commission has an obligation to examine the ways this R-rated film has been marketed to children.

We hope that Hearst and Seventeen magazine will take responsibility for the harmful sexual and violent messages they've promoted and remove the harmful ads aimed at their young readership. We will be asking all concerned parents and families to join us in contacting the FTC to advocate for responsible advertisements.



Mass Resistance Recommend...

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, a play by Paul Rudnick

Link Here16th March 2013

A gay-themed play that re-imagines stories from Christianity is drawing the ire of a Massachusetts family advocacy group, as well as condemnation from religious organizations nationwide.

Titled The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told , the production retells Bible stories portraying biblical characters as gay. The self-described satirical comedy by playwright and novelist Paul Rudnick opens its weekend run Friday night at the Academy of Music Theater in downtown Northampton. The actors are students from the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School in nearby South Hadley.

Brian Camenker, founder and director of MassResistance, claims religious organizations nationwide are 'outraged':

[The characters] Adam and Eve are 'Adam and Steve.' In the second act, they have the nativity scene where Mary is a lesbian who says all kinds of gross things. It's just a terrible play.

At one point, the Virgin Mary shouts:

I'm not supposed to be pregnant, I'm a bulldyke!

Camenker believes Christians must openly oppose such 'atrocities':

And the trouble is that this is tomorrow's America that's learning this stuff, and we need to take it a little more seriously than we are

According to Camenker, religious groups around the country have protested vociferously. He says one local newspaper reported the school had received nearly 12,000 emailed petition messages against the production.

The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield spouted:

I didn't know it was the responsibility of charter schools to teach religious bigotry. [...That's the responsibility of the church!]

The school says it has no intention of canceling the play or changing its content. PVPA's head of school, Scott Goldman, has stated the play is consistent with the school's philosophy and is, in the school's view, an appropriate theater piece for its students.



For God's Sake Chill...

Catholic League gets 'outraged' at Loaded magazine cover

Link Here9th March 2013
Full story: Catholic League...Always ready for a good whinge

A US catholic nutter organisation is claiming 'outrage' over the cover of the latest edition of the UK's Loaded magazine.

The 'offending' cover has glamour model Lucy Pinder cantily covered in priestly regalia with the headline For God's Sake .

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, whinged to TMZ:

Lucy Pinder shouldn't have any problem turning men's heads, so it is all the more gratuitous to see her wearing a priest's stole, stitched with crosses, nicely covering her plus-sized chest.

If Lucy has any guts, perhaps next time she'll carefully drape herself in some Islamic garb during Ramadan. And then run for the hills.

Lucy Pinder retorted:

The shoot is meant to be fun and very tongue-in-cheek, so chill, Catholics.



Thou Shalt Not Covet your Neighbour's Sugarbaby...

Nutters have a whinge at poster for ArrangementsFinder website

Link Here6th February 2013

Close to a dozen pastors, reverends and bishops crowded the entrance to the Steen Outdoor Advertising building in Southwest Philly on Tuesday to protest a billboard that makes a cheeky edit to the 7th Commandment.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery, reads the I-95 ad for an online adult sugar daddy-mistress matching service, with the Not artfully crossed out.

A.J. Perkins, a marketing rep at notes that the Toronto-based website site is family friendly, but his definition refers only to the fact that outright nudity is prohibited. The home page greets visitors with shapely lingerie-clad legs framing a would-be paying customer and the tagline, Intimacy with a Twi$t.

A group of Port Richmond third-graders from nearby St. George Catholic School already protested the sign last week. Philadelphia Unification Church Pastor Crescentia DeGoede said her group gave the company notice they were going to hold a protest of their own three days ago, after Steen representatives refused to meet with area religious leaders.

Perkins couldn't speak to the future of the sign, but said its efficacy was assured by a 600 percent increase in members from the area sign-ups in the past few weeks.



Updated: Slavish Outrage...

Django Unchained action figures cause a little 'outrage'

Link Here19th January 2013

Action figures depicting characters from Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained are sparking a little 'outrage' in the US.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association partnered with the Weinstein Company to release eight-inch tall figurines for sale on Amazon. However there is no sign of them on Amazon at the moment, so presumably they have been pulled.

Najee Ali, director of the advocacy group Project Islamic Hope, told AP that the collectible line of movie merchandise is a slap in the face of our ancestors and is hoping for their removal from the market. He feels the plastic personifications of the characters in the film trivializes the horrors of slavery and what African Americans experienced.

As the racial debate over Django Unchained continues, the movie is raking in big bucks at the box office. With over $108 million accumulated domestically, Tarantino's latest is on pace to become his biggest success yet at the box office.

Update: 'Outrage' adds to collectability

19th January 2013. See  article from
See example being offered at US Amazon for $699.99

The Weinstein Company, the production company behind Django Unchained has backed down in the face of the film's most unexpected controversy.

The nutter group, Project Islamic Hope, had asked for the movie's action figures be banned claiming that the dolls trivialize the atrocities of slavery. The group's leader Naji Ali said:

I actually enjoyed the movie, but we cannot support this type of commercialization.

The LA Times reports that Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network joined the clamour and called for supporters to boycott the collectible figures.

The Weinstein Company has responded by withdrawing the figures:

In light of the reaction to the Django Unchained action figures, we are removing them from distribution. We have tremendous respect for the audience and it was never our intent to offend anyone.

Of course the ban has resulted in the figures becoming even more collectible and the prices on Amazon have rocketed to several hundred dollars.



Updated: Shooting Itself in the Foot...

The US gun lobby takes a break from blaming video games to launch its own shooting game

Link Here17th January 2013
Full story: US Mass Shootings...Gun lobby vs violent media

After a particularly vitriolic attack on the media industry for violent games and films, the US National Rifle Association has launched its own shooting game for the iPhone and iPad.

The game, which simulates a shooting practice, has been approved for children from 4 years old.

NRA: Practice Range , billed as the NRA's new mobile nerve center, says it strikes the right balance of gaming and education and delivers a one-touch access to the NRA network of news, laws, facts, knowledge, safety tips, educational materials and online resources .

The player can practise shooting at targets, including some in the shape of coffins, and has a choice of nine firearms. Some of the guns can be upgraded for $0.99 each. The game is available in the UK.

There have been calls for gun law reform after 26 children and teachers died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. US Vice-President Joe Biden is expected to make recommendations on gun control to the White House on Tuesday. Last week Biden met with video game makers to discuss gun violence in popular media.

President Barack Obama has also announced that he will lay out his plans for tackling gun violence later this week.

Update: Shooting up the Ratings

17th January 2013. See  article from

When the NRA-branded iOS app NRA: Practice Range launched earlier this week it carried a rating of ages 4+.

Well it looks like Apple has reviewed the rating (no doubt after the game gained national attention by the mainstream media and some harsh criticism from several high profile politicians) and deemed that it was just too low.

The game now carries a rating of ages 12+, meaning that your young children are no longer able to play the app for free. Apple's ratings descriptor for the game says that it contains Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence. That descriptor is debatable given that the realistic simulation only contains target shooting.



Two Mothers One Father...

Utah nutters whinge at films showing at the Sundance Film Festival

Link Here17th January 2013

A Utah group claims that the Sundance Film Festival's lineup features 'obscene' movies and is therefore at odds with Utah's culture of family values, and wants the state to pull its financial backing.

The Sutherland Institute claims the state shouldn't back a festival that features films about porn stars and women having affairs with one another's adult sons. This is referring to a pair of mainstream Hollywood movies, the R Rated Lovelace and the not yet rated Two Mothers starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.

Derek Monson, Sutherland Institute's director of public policy spewed:

There are a lot of people here that find that kind of thing objectionable. We are a family friendly state and we endeavor to be so because we value the benefits that strong families bring to society.

Utah state officials stand by the backing, saying the money is an investment in a festival that brings major economic impact and international exposure to the state.

Utah expects to spend $300,000 supporting the festival again this year, but the University of Utah estimated that last year's festival brought $80.3 million in economic impact for the state.



Is Video Game Violence a 'Big' or a 'Small' Problem?...

US nutters survey parents then add the 2 figures together to find that nearly all agree it is 'a' problem

Link Here12th January 2013

Common Sense Media and the Center for American Progress commissioned SurveyUSA to conduct a nationwide survey of parents who have a child under age 18 living at home.

1,050 parents were interviewed 01/04/13 and 01/05/13.


  • 89% of parents nationwide say violence in today's video games is a problem. (albeit 44% from this total said it was only a minor problem).
  • 75% of parents say shielding children from violence is difficult.

All parents were shown video of an advertisement for the video game Hitman: Absolution . 84% say the advertisement is inappropriate to show on TV at a time when children are watching.

Parents were also shown a video of an advertisement for the movie Gangster Squad . 63% of parents say the advertisement is inappropriate to show on TV at a time when children are watching.



Updated: Our Souls...

Connecticut town asks that people trash their violent computer games

Link Here10th January 2013

A Nutter group from Southington in Connecticut is holding a violent video game return program in response to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last month.

SouthingtonSOS said it will host the event on Jan. 12. The town of Southington will have a trash bin there for the collection of the games, and anyone returning games will be offered a gift certificate donated by a member of the Southington Chamber of Commerce as a token of appreciation.

The Board of Education said it sent out information electronically about the event last week to Southington residents.

Nutters of SouthingtonSOS said the group's action is not intended to be construed as a statement declaring that violent video games were the cause of school shooting ...BUT... said:

There is ample evidence that violent video games, along with violent media of all kinds, including TV and movies portraying story after story showing a continuous stream of violence and killing, has contributed to increasing aggressiveness, fear, anxiety and is desensitizing our children to acts of violence including bullying.

Update: Games burning event called off

10th January 2013. See  article from

In the days following the announcement of the program some experts were critical of the idea; the parenting editor at Common Sense Media likened the collection and destruction of video games to censorship, and Texas A&M International University researcher Christopher J. Ferguson wrote the group warning them that their efforts might cause more harm than good. Many editorial writers and advocates saw the buyback program as the equivalent of an old time book burning.

With all that pressure, the group decided that they would not host the Buyback program after all this week, but a spokesperson for the community organization called their efforts successful because it raised awareness about violent media, reports Polygon.



Offsite Article: Recommend...

Link Here8th January 2013
All My Babies' Mama's, an upcoming US reality show featuring a rapper with 11 children by 10 different mothers

See article from

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