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 2013: April-June

 Update: Every Little Ban Helps...

Tesco chairman says he is willing to take a look at changes to policy on selling lads' mags

Link Here 30th June 2013  full story: Lads Mags...Blaming lads mags for all the world's ills

lose the lads magsThe chairman of Tesco said Britain's biggest supermarket chain will consider taking lads' mags off its shelves, after revealing that reading one had left him startled . Richard Broadbent said:

I bought one of these lads mags recently. I was startled at what I saw. But I think we should be thoughtful in our response. I don't immediately know what the answer should be. But I am willing to look at changes.

The chairman of the country's largest retailer was responding to a female shareholder at its annual meeting. She asked for the titles to be removed from stores because they were offensive to women.

The annual general meeting saw a small demonstration from organisations wanting to ban lads' mags. UK Feminsta and Object are coordinating the miserable campaign under the banner: Lose the Lad's Mags.


 Offsite Article: Campaigners are making impossible demands of Google over internet porn...

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Google logo Why doesn't Google hit most of the content it's meant to block?... Because most paedophilic content is not accessible via Google or any other search engine.

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 Update: A Blast from the Past...

Modern miserablists symbolically condemn the fun times of the 70's when people enjoyed Village People and Page 3

Link Here 21st May 2013  full story: Page 3 Girls...Miserable campaigners whinge about page 3 fun

Ymca Women from the No More Page 3 campaign have staged a 1970s inspired flash mob outside The Sun headquarters in an attempt to get the tabloid to remove images of topless women from its Page 3.

The protesters danced and sang in front of the Wapping office block to the 1970s tune Y.M.C.A --- using their own lyrics and choreography.

They sang:

Page 3 puts porn on the bottom shelf.
It's not 1970 anymore, there's no place for this sexism today.
We're here to say we want No More Page 3!

Saturday's demonstration was organised by the No More Page 3 campaign, which was kicked off by writer and actress Lucy Holmes during last summer's London Olympics. The campaign has grown into a full-time operation staffed by a team of 12 volunteers.


 Offsite Article: Perspectives: How far can you go?...

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Father Ted Series 1 DVD Is religion an impediment to humour, and is it more acceptable to make fun of Christianity than other faiths?

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 Offsite Article: Falling Crime...

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Ragged Union Jack Nutters claim that society is being harmed by sexualisation, internet porn, violent movies and violent computer games. So how come Britain is getting a more peaceful place with significantly reducing violent crime?

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