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2013: April-June

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Offsite Article: Extortion Universal Style...

Link Here 31st May 2013
Universal Music bills four Danish mayors for $42,000 for a Gangnam Style parody viewed by 8,000 people

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Offsite Article: Hollywood Studios Censor Pirate Bay Documentary...

Link Here 20th May 2013
Caught abusing take down notices for a film where they do not own the rights

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Offsite Article: French Report Says: Kill Hadopi, But Let Its Legacy Live On...

Link Here 14th May 2013
Full story: File Sharing in france...Early action against internet file sharing not entirely successful
French action against internet file sharing is not proving entirely successful

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Update: Transatlantic Ludicrous Demands...

Media industry set out to criminalise temporary copies of internet media, as required to read websites or view images and video

Link Here 11th May 2013
Full story: TTP Trade Restrictions...Trans Pacific Partnership

The biggest global threat to the Internet. That's how legal experts describe the controversial international agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP agreement threatens to criminalize the use of your favourite websites -- including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, your favourite blog -- and even your online comments.

Provisions in leaked drafts of the TPP could prohibit use of temporary copies , which according to policy experts at InternetNZ, are crucial to how the Internet works. As the EFF explains, this means that, anyone who ever views content on their device could potentially be found liable of [copyright] infringement . Legal experts are now warning that under the TPP, normal online activities could lead you to be cut off from the Internet, have your computer seized, be fined up to $150,000, or even land you in prison.



Sharing Names...

Norway proposes law requiring ISPs to block file sharing websites and identify downloaders and website owners

Link Here 6th May 2013

Norway is taking steps against online copyright infringement by amending the Copyright Act. The revisions are popular in parliament and if passed will grant authorities the right to block sites at the ISP level.

The proposed amendments also will require ISPs to hand over information to identify both website owners and end-users of unauthorized material online.

The new legislation would allow rights-holders to take to court site owners involved in illegal content sharing and order the internet service providers (ISPs) to prevent or impede access to sites that have extensively made available material that clearly violates copyrights , Torrenfreak quotes the amendments.

Norwegian internet campaigners have said that the draconian measures would lead to widespread censorship. Blogger Morten told

It is simply wrong and we will not put up with this and if that means holding massive protests to do so it will happen.

We understand that there is tension right now in the government, but action must be taken by us young people to make certain our freedom of speech is not attacked.



Offsite Article: US Keen to Impose One Sided Copyright Laws on American and Asian States...

Link Here 1st May 2013
Full story: TTP Trade Restrictions...Trans Pacific Partnership
TPP: The Biggest Global Threat To The Internet Since ACTA

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