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Playing a Rating Game...

ESRB adds more information to its game rating app

Link Here24th August 2013
The US games rating group, the ESRB, has updated its video games rating search app to improve the information for parents about the content of games.

The ESRB recently expanded its rating system to offer more details on interactive elements associated with digital games and apps, such as the sharing of personal information, sharing location-based data with others, or the ability for users to interact, communicate, or share media like photos or videos. This information has now been added to the app.

The app also offers expanded search filters for finding games by their specific ratings, content type, or platform. And the app offers improved ratings summaries for retail games with straightforward explanation(s) of the content that factored into a game's rating.



Clearer Ratings...

ESRB game rating symbols slightly updated for readability

Link Here3rd August 2013

The US Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is altering the appearance of its game rating symbols for the first time in more than a decade. The organization is tweaking the icons so they're clear and easy to recognise.

This redesign is a subtle shift from the existing style The ESRB has removed the tiny font phrase: content rated by, leaving only the ESRB name below the rating letter. The name of the rating now appears in black text on a white background. And the registered trademark symbol has been moved from the top left corner to the bottom right.

The goal is really to ensure that our symbols are displaying as clearly and legibly as possible in the increasing variety of environments that they're being displayed [in], including online and [on] mobile devices, said Patricia Vance, president of the ESRB, to Polygon over email. The old icons were originally designed to appear in prominent locations on game boxes and in trailers and advertisements, and for the new style, the ESRB wanted a design that would be just as clear at a lower resolution.

Vance added that the ESRB didn't want to radically redesign the rating icons because they're familiar symbols parents have come to recognize and trust.



Offsite Article: Violence and guns in best-selling video games...

Link Here1st May 2013
Pretty diagrams show that about half have some violent content noted in ESRB ratings

See article from



Green Policies...

Green Band Trailers adopted by the US games rating body

Link Here14th March 2013

The US Entertainment Software Ratings Board has implemented changes that will impact the way Mature-rated (17 rated) games are advertised on the Internet.

Most notably, video games marketing will be following the lead of film. Publishers now have an opportunity to produce and distribute trailers for Mature-rated games at a much larger general audience. As per green band trailers for movies, trailers suitable for all ages will have a green slate that airs before the trailer rolls, and is required be on-screen for at least four seconds.

Such green band trailers will not require an age gate on websites, but have to be approved by the ESRB prior to release. Green band trailers will also be allowed for in-game promotions in games with a lower rating.

This concession is not allowed for 18 rated, Adults Only games.

Another small change is that the ESRB will now allow promotional material to display both US ratings and international ratings such as PEGI. The previous prohibition had undesirably resulted in international promotional material being stripped of rating information entirely.

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