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 Offsite Article: Don't let copyright box us in...

Link Here 22nd September 2016
fcc logo A call to the FCC to disallow big media company copyright control freakery from being applied to Internet TV. By Mark Lemley

See article from thehill.com


  Blurred thinking...

TV blurring of a nude painting reveals ludicrous US TV censorship rules

Link Here 14th November 2015
modigliani nude Stephen Colbert showed a penis on CBS's The Late Show . He showed it for only two seconds, the maximum length of time that the US network's censors would allow.

He also attempted to show numerous sets of female breasts and pubes, but they had to be blurred out for broadcasting at 11.30pm.

The explanation of the network's ridiculous censorship policy came about because Colbert noticed that some network news accounts of the record-breaking sale of Modigliani's Reclining Nude couldn't show the actual painting without blurring out her Hootie and the Blowfish , as he so delicately put it.


  Dishing out new fees...

The FCC changes the basis for censorship fees

Link Here 25th May 2015

fcc logo US TV censors at the FCC have announced that they will change the basis for determining censorship fees.

In particular, satellite TV providers like Dish Network and DirecTV a per-subscriber fee as it does cable and telephone TV providers. Currently the services pay a fixed fee for satellitle providers.

The FCC is considering lowering the fees for cable and IPTV now that satellite firms are paying more. However Dish and DirecTV argued that DBS generated nowhere near the regulatory costs of cable.