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  Naked Attraction...

British TV series goes down a storm amongst the moralists of New Zealand

Link Here 30th November 2017  full story: Family First...New Zealand TV nutters
naked attraction in nz whines:

A reality TV dating show with full-frontal nudity has proven to be a turn off for some Kiwi viewers.

TVNZ confirmed the broadcaster has received complaints about UK series Naked Attraction, which sees potential love interests introduced by gradually stripping bare in completely uncensored footage.

Season one of the show has joined TVNZ 2's Friday night line-up, with the first episode featuring an average of five penises and two vaginas every minute, according to the Daily Mail.

A TVNZ spokeswoman said the show was unlike anything screened on TVNZ 2 before:

We feel that Naked Attraction is revealing and made to be entertaining.

As the programme contains nudity it is screened in a 9:30pm Adults Only time slot. It carries a clear content and nudity warning before broadcast, giving viewers the choice over whether they would like [to] remain watching the programme, or prefer to watch another TVNZ channel instead.

Lobby group Family First lashed out at the show earlier this month in a public letter to the Minister of Broadcasting Clare Curran titled State broadcaster competes with porn sites for content.

National director of Family First Bob McCoskrie compared the show to porn and questioned why it was screened on a Friday night when children were likely to be watching TV.

Full frontal nudity has always been off-limits on television but it now seems that anything goes and that it is a race to the most offensive and shocking content possible. 'Broadcasting standards' is an oxymoron. 'Family viewing' should now be treated with great caution.

Family First said they had been swamped with complaints from families horrified at how the show has caused free-to-air TV standards to hit rock bottom.


 Offsite Article: Iran? Well I've never heard of it, it doesn't exist...

Link Here 16th May 2016
holocaust cartoon A group in Iran has organized a Holocaust-themed cartoon? competition. The Daily Mail claims 'fury' from the international community, but I can't say I have noticed any

See article from


  Recommending Honey Birdette...

Taking offence at the sexy shop window of an Australian retailer

Link Here 2nd May 2016
honey birdette264 people have signed the following petition:

Remove the pornographic advertising from your window displays in family shopping centres!

Please take down your pornographic materials from your display windows in family shopping area's and keep your sex toys out of view of children. The blatant sexual objectification of women is damaging to women and children on many levels. Studies have shown that this type of media advertising contributes greatly to violence against women as well as promoting false ideals to boys and men. The fact that this advertising is directly in front of my local food hall where families dine is horrifying to say the least.

This article showing the results of a 10 year study may help you in gaining a better understanding of the damage and sufferring communities have to deal with via sexually objectifying women.


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