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Solo Summers...

A new club applies for a sex entertainment licence in Colchester

Link Here26th May 2020
A new venue has applied for a sex entertainment licence in Colchester. It is set to open in the old Embassy Suite building, in Balkerne Hill.

The Solo Summers concept is made up of varied events some that do not require sexual entertainment venue licensing. However Batchelor and Bachelorette nights are events that require a sexual entertainment venue licence are actually made up of both male and female dancers.

The icense is being opposed by feminists on morality grounds.



Dance on...

Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield survives shut down attempt by feminist campaigners who commissioned secret video filming without consent

Link Here27th April 2020
A strip club harassed by feminist campaigners has had its license renewed. Sheffield council's licensing committee had met for eight hours to discuss whether Spearmint Rhino should have its sexual entertainment licence renewed.

Private investigators employed by campaigners had secretly filmed dancers who reportedly sexually touched customers and each other. The dances were filmed without consent of either the dancers or the customers.

Dancers from the club had campaigned to save the licence. Celia Lister, who dances at the club, said:

It's been a huge milestone in breaking the social stigma around sex work and I think much to the displeasure of [anti-strip club campaigners], this scandal has actually helped us gain the publicity we needed to do this.

The council said full reasons for the renewal would be given soon but fter the secret filming council officers inspected the club monthly.



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