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Political attempt to ban sex wrk


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Red light window owners to go to court against repressive regulations proposed by the mayor of Brussels

Link Here 12th February 2016
Full story: Sex work in Belgium...Political attempt to ban sex wrk
The Brussels muslim mayor has proposed laws intended to suffocate the red light window business located near Brussels North station.

According to sex workers, the owners of the buildings are opposing a regulation brought forward by Mayor Emir Kir. Twenty two bordello owners on Linne street will now take their case to court.

The new laws mean that window owners will see the fees rise from 950 to 3000 euros. The sex workers will also have to show conformity and medical certificates. Their working hours will also be reduced by 25%.

One of the owners, Pascale De Bruycker, said:

We have been trying to provide a conformity certificate since August, but the commune has always found ways to refer the issue. The mayor Emir Kir does not want to give new certificates, but he will close our bordellos if we don't have any.




Authorities saddle students with massive debts and then whinge at a sugar daddy website for offering a way out

Link Here 26th September 2017
Full story: Sex work in Belgium...Political attempt to ban sex wrk
A website's ad campaign telling young women they could fund their studies by dating a sugar daddy has provoked a wave of 'outrage' at Belgian universities.

Vans have been driven around universities displaying messages such as Hey students! Improve your lifestyle and Zero euro student loan? Date a sugar daddy. The website also sent out press releases claiming it was aiming to sign up 300,000 Belgian members by the end of 2018.

Politicians and universities are taking legal action the website to stop the campaign. The website is currently fighting similar censorship in Norway.

The man behind the website, Norwegian Sigurd Vedal, told Belgian media that his website was not promoting prostitution at all, although he argued that money was part of every relationship.

The Federation Wallonia-Brussels, which covers Belgium's French-speaking community, says it will sue the website for encouraging debauchery and prostitution. Meanwhile Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) has complained to Belgium's advertising regulator.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian consumer ombudsman said the campaign on posters, Facebook and YouTube had to be scrapped or changed immediately as it broke advertising rules on sexual discrimination.


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