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The Wolf of Wall Street

Banned and cut around the world


Update: Kenya Recommends...

Kenya's film censor bans The Wolf of Wall Street

Link Here17th January 2014
The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned the sale, exhibition and distribution of a Hollywood film The Wolf of Wall Street.

When contacted, the board's communications office said the film has been restricted due to elements that include nudity, sex, alcohol, drugs and profanity.

She said that  the board has the mandate to restrict the distribution of a film if it tends to prejudice the maintenance of public order or offend decency, or the public exhibition or display of which would in its opinion for any other reason be undesirable in the public interest.

The communications office however clarified that the restriction stands for five years and can be reviewed again.



Update: Cowardly Wolves...

The Wolf of Wall Street self censored in Malaysia

Link Here16th January 2014
Sarawak Report has heard that movie theatres have decided it is not worth even trying to show The Wolf of Wall Street at all in cinemas in Malaysia. One movie business insider, who has made enquiries, told Sarawak Report:

I spoke with some film industry contacts in Malaysia and I'm told 'Wolf of Wall Street' was originally on the schedule for a local release, but after exhibitors saw the film, they realised there was no way they could get away with screening it in the country, due to the drugs, nudity, profanity.



Update: Wall Street Crashes in Dubai...

UAE cinema goers walk out of The Wolf of Wall Street after 45 minutes of cuts render it incomprehensible

Link Here 15th January 2014
The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 USA crime comedy biography by Martin Scorsese.
With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. YouTube icon IMDb

The National Media Council (NMC), the UAE film censor, has weighed in on the uproar caused by Hollywood film The Wolf of Wall Street in the UAE. Audiences of the Martin Scorsese film, which released on Thursday, have complained that scenes were haphazardly chopped and dialogues muted, making most of it incomprehensible.

The film's runtime is 180 minutes on IMDb but cinemas in the UAE, however, list it at 135 minutes.

It seems that the film was massively pre-cut so that a single version could be distributed throughout the Gulf region. Juma Obaid Al Leem, director of the Media Content Tracking Department at the NMC said that the cuts were made even before it came under their review:

We didn't touch the film. The distributor already made the cut [when it came to us]. When we asked the distributors, they said they cut all those scenes and words, because they want to distribute the film in GCC.

Al Leem added that, following complaints from moviegoers, the NMC has instructed distributors to leave the editing to them.

[We have told them] next time, don't touch the film. We will make the cuts. We will decide. Maybe some scenes will be accepted. Don't make any cut outside till they bring the full film and we will decide about the film, he said. We told them very clearly.

Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall posted disclaimers outside its box office:

The Wolf of Wall Street contains muted words, and some scenes have been removed as they were not considered suitable. Reel Cinemas has no control on the censorship and we apologise for an inconveniences caused.



Update: Nepal and Singapore Recommend...

The Wolf of Wall Street

Link Here 11th January 2014
The Wolf of Wall Street is a 2013 USA crime comedy biography by Martin Scorsese.
With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. YouTube icon IMDb

The Nepal Censor Board has decided to ban the film completely, forcing local distributors to apologize to their customers who had been waiting to see the movie. The censor chairman Umakanta Parajuli said that the film was banned:

Due to Vulgarity. Nepal is orthodox regarding vulgarity.

Meanwhile in Singapore, fans are calling for a total boycott of the version of the film cut by 4 minutes by the local censors. Movie goers want to be able to watch the original uncensored version.



Update: Fucks Per Minute...

The Wolf of Wall Street excels in strong language with 506 'fucks'

Link Here5th January 2014
Martin Scorsese's new film, The Wolf of Wall Street can claim one triumph: no non-documentary film has ever dropped quite so many 'fucks'. According to a report by Variety , with 506 'fucks' in its two-hour, 59-minute running time, Wolf uses the word approximately 2.81 times a minute.

The previous record holder was Spike Lee's 1999 serial killer drama Summer of Sam , which contained 435 instances of the word.

In an anecdotal ranking compiled by Wikipedia, of films with 150 or more instances of the word, the director's Casino (1995) and GoodFellas (1990) are also in the top 20, with 422 and 300 respectively. Notable by its absence, however, is Scorsese's 1980 film Raging Bull , which contains perhaps the Oscar-winner's best-known use of the word: when Robert De Niro playing Jake La Motta asks his brother: Did you fuck my wife?

The top 10 contains two British films, Gary Oldman's 1997 directorial debut Nil By Mouth , and the Welsh crime film Twin Town , from the same year.

The identity of the first use of the expletive on film is disputed, though the word appears in two pictures -- Ulysses and I'll Never Forget What's'isname -- from 1967.

Yet all of the above pale in comparison to the overall record-holder for the most fucks in any film: a documentary about the history of the expletive in question called, simply, Fuck . Director Steve Anderson elicits exclamations of fucks from a broad selection of celebrities, racking up a surely unbeatable 857, at a rate of 9.21fpm.

Update: And a little hype from Margot Robbie

12th January 2013. See  article from

Martin Scorsese's forthcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street has been criticised for its sexual scenes and foul language, but it could have been even more explict, according to Margot Robbie, who appears in a nude scene.

It was actually a lot more risque than the final cut, the Australian actress tells Mandrake at the film's premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. A lot of it got cut in the final edit, so you lot haven't seen the half of it.



Update: Censors Howl...

Indian film censors cut 6 minutes from The Wolf of Wall Street

Link Here1st January 2014
India's films censors have cut 6 minutes from Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street .

A source from one of the multiplex chains showing the movie said Indian audiences will be denied visuals of frontal female nudity, intercourse and masturbation as well as the dialogue, "All nuns are lesbian". These cuts, amounting to a little over 6 minutes, bring down the movie's running time from 180 minutes to 174 minutes.

Three scenes were cut: a gay orgy, co-star Jonah Hill's public masturbation sequence and the opening scene of the film that features DiCaprio blowing cocaine into a woman's derriere using a straw.

The Indian release will also include an anti-smoking disclaimer, which is now mandatory for any film that features cigarettes.


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