Winding up the moralists

  Unapologetic Censorship...

Modesty vigilantes staple clothes to Rihanna poster to cover her up

Link Here 13th June 2013  full story: Rihanna...Winding up the moralists

Unapologetic Rihanna Rihanna's topless but unrevealing posters for her Diamonds world tour have offended the insensibilities of some Dublin residents, who took it upon themselves to cover her up by stapling clothes to the images.

The posters feature the image from her Unapologetic album and depict the singer apparently naked from the waist up but covered by her elbow and the album title.

She will be performing at the Aviva Stadium on June 21, and hopefully the modesty vigilantes will not be present at her show.


 Update: Even in a Burkha...

Rihanna Manages to Offend

Link Here 21st October 2013  full story: Rihanna...Winding up the moralists

rihanna instagram Even dressed head-to-toe in a hooded black jumpsuit Rihanna has managed to provoke 'outrage'.

She posted images on her Instagram account showing her posing at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in UAE, where she is currently on tour.

Despite a very conscious effort to tone down her usual attention-grabbing-garb, she is seen sporting crimson lipstick and wearing dark red fingernails while adopting a series of trademark sultry, pouting poses that some have deemed disrespectful for a place of worship.

Her picture prompted a few trivial outraged tweets such as the whatever she does is wrong tweet:

Rihanna may look gorgeous and all but she's covering her head out of fashion not out of respect for the mosque, wrote one user.


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