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Evil Dead

Remake re-awakens the franchise


Update: More Evil Dead...

Fede Alvarez reveals plans for the release of an Extended Cut.

Link Here10th September 2016
  Evil Dead is a 2013 USA horror by Fede Alvarez.
Starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Jessica Lucas. IMDb

Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

Director Fede Alvarez has been active on the PR circuit of late with his latest film,  Don't Breathe, being a hit. During a promotional interview he announced that:

[The 'Evil Dead'] extended cut will come out on blu-ray. Just a few hours ago we talked about the study and it seems that Halloween will be available.

The theatrical version of Evil Dead was cut to obtain an R rating so there is certainly some additional material available. Actually an extended version was accidentally broadcast on Channel 4, so fans have been keenly awaiting an official release.



Update: Dead Lucky for Viewers...

Channel 4 has noted that the extended version of Evil Dead was an incorrect version for broadcast which then had to be sent back to the distributor

Link Here2nd February 2015
Evil Dead is a 2013 USA horror by Fede Alvarez.
With Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas. YouTube iconBBFC link IMDb

On Sunday 25th January Channel 4 kindly broadcast a mysterious extended version of Evil Dead. It featured about 4m:40s of mostly additional material and includes a little more gore.

See article from for pictorial version details of Channel 4's broadcast

And it does seem that this version is an unreleased Director's Cut or Unrated Version. Anthony wrote to Channel 4 who returned a fascinating reply:

Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding Evil Dead.

We apologise for the delay in responding to you, after investigating with our distributor it seems that the incorrect version of the film was supplied, and subsequently broadcast. Unfortunately this means we have had to send the version back and we will not be able to broadcast it again, nor do we have any further information regarding the incorrect copy.

Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries



Update: More Dead...

Channel 4 airs an extended version for the 2013 Evil Dead

Link Here29th January 2015
Evil Dead is a 2013 USA horror by Fede Alvarez.
With Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas. YouTube iconBBFC link IMDb

An extended version of Evil Dead, the 2013 remake, has just been broadcast by Channel 4.

This unheralded version has sparked interest on forums, but is something of a puzzle. The version featured about 4 minutes of additional material and seemed complete in terms of violence. This rather disproves theories about it being a US TV version. It is a common pattern for US TV to add in deleted material to replace or compensate for the cutting of any sex and violence.

Director Fede Avarez has been asked about the current extended version but wasn't able to throw any light on the matter.

Before the release of the original release of the film the director spoke of brief cuts to achieve a US R rating and also of the possibility of an extended version. But shortly before the premiere, Alvarez proclaimed that the Theatrical Version was his Director's Cut and no more was heard of an alternative version...until now.



Update: Cuts Now a Dead Issue...

Fede Alvarez declares the cut theatrical version of Evil Dead to be his Director's Cut

Link Here17th July 2013

Director Fede Alvarez was interviewed about work on the sequel. During the Interview Alvarez explained that the cut Theatrical Version of his Evil Dead remake is now considered to be his 'Director's Cut'.

Alvarez : It's easy to come up with crazy, violent scenes, the hard part is to get an R rating and not an NC17. It's a crazy game of standing right on the line, on top of the line, juggling the ideas, and not falling on the NC17 line. Because nobody puts an NC17 movie in wide release these days. So basically that's the real challenge, how we managed to be violent, and crazy, and outrageous and keep it inside the R-rating, which is basically timing it right.

Collider: Did you end up having to cut a lot to make that rating?

Alvarez : I think all we did to get the R-rating was basically just cut down the frames, the amount of time we exposed the audience to certain images. Like when Mia was cutting her tongue or Natalie was cutting her arm. There's a lot of graphic violence that instead of showing it for two seconds we have to just show it for one second on the screen. So that's what we lost on the editing floor when we cut it down to an R-rating. That was it basically. There were no scenes that were cut out just for that reason.

Alvarez : Do you have any intention of ever putting those seconds back on the film and releasing a director's cut?

Alvarez : Eventually if they do that. I don't know it's really not up to me. Usually you always see first cut is an extended version, because it's basically everything you shot, and you have that version and then you start cutting stuff out. Just to pick up the pace or sometimes stuff didn't work out the way you wanted it to so you cut it out. Definitely my favorite cut is the one that got put out. That's my favorite version of the film, the one that I put in theaters. That's my directors cut, there's no question about it. The producers that could have come in and said, We're going to cut this a different way . That never happened. Sam saw my cut and said That the version that it's supposed to be. The cut I showed him was the cut I put out there. So what everybody saw in the theaters is the director's cut, and this first DVD is the director's cut.



Update: GI Joe Banished to the Cellar...

Evil Dead remake easily tops the US box office

Link Here8th April 2013

The box office returns for the weekend are in. While many expected G.I. Joe to hold firm in the top position but Fede Alvarez's reboot of Sam Raimi's beloved 1981 classic, Evil Dead chopped through the competition over the weekend.

Evil Dead , which was reportedly shot on a $17 million budget, pulled down $26 million domestically, to clear the top slot by a clean $5 million.

Alvarez's thrilling rendition pretty much disregards the comedy that Raimi's original infused, instead leaning on a very dark mood. The film moves at a terrific pace, offers outstanding loads of gore and, in the end, proves to be a completely unforgiving picture. In short, it's the horror film we've all hoped for.



Extract: Tongue Wagging...

Writer-Director Fede Alvarez Talks Evil Dead, Cutting Down to an R-Rating, the Appeal of the Extreme Violence, Evil Dead 2, and More

Link Here20th March 2013

Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez spoke of his experience of film censorship at the MPAA:

The MPAA is actually a bizarre thing. You don't have to try to understand it.

We didn't butcher any scene or anything. We just had to trim. We took out frames here, You know, when she cut her tongue, we were showing a lot. You see the tongue, you get to see the tongue moving. Probably there was a version where we showed more frames. We've cut about 20 frames here, that kind of stuff, where you take that out and you get your R rating.

They were very nice to us. They were very nice to us because they were saying it was supernatural horror, which means it's not real, like the other is real. It's kind of a fantasy universe, so that makes it more friendly. Don't ask me.

...Read the full article



Update: Evil Dead...

Evil Dead remake passed 18 without BBFC cuts for UK cinema release

Link Here14th March 2013

Evil Dead is a 2013 USA horror by Fede Alvarez.
With Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: Passed 18 without BBFC cuts for strong bloody violence, gory horror and very strong language for:

  • UK 2013 cinema release

The director Fede Alvarez has revealed that his remake of Evil Dead received an NC-17 rating from the MPAA when it was first submitted for consideration. The director noted that they indeed made some cuts to secure an R-rating, but I imagine we'll get to see the full unrated cut when the film hits Blu-ray and DVD.


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