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Colorado Massacre

Mass murder at a cinema showing Batman


Extract: Thanks Preach...

Great message to share with the grieving families of the Aurora Tragedy

Link Here24th July 2012
Full story: Colorado Massacre...Mass murder at a cinema showing Batman

What I find utterly revolting and indecent, however, is the rush by the Religious Right to exploit this tragedy to trash their enemies, judge the victims, and bully people into joining their religious and political movement.

On the American Family Association's radio program AFA Today, the hosts wasted no time lining up a far-right Evangelical minister, Jerry Newcombe of Truth in Action Ministries, to tell the audience that among the dead in the theater only those who were true Christians have gone to heaven. The rest, he suggested, are already consigned to hell.

Thanks, Preach. Great message to share with the grieving families. Of course, AFA Today doesn't give a turd about their feelings; the lesson of the day was not of comfort or comprehension; it was yet another opportunity to scare their listeners into joining the flock. And not just any flock. The program went to great lengths to discredit any minister or church that deviates from the Old Time Religion view of God as a stern and wrathful judge. How, according to Rev. Newcombe, should we respond to the shooting?

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Update: Rising Sensitivity...

Warner Bros cancels worldwide premieres for The Dark Knight Rises

Link Here23rd July 2012
Full story: Colorado Massacre...Mass murder at a cinema showing Batman

Warner Bros. has cancelled two more red carpet events for The Dark Knight Rises in the wake of an attack at a midnight screening of the film in the US.

It said cast members would not be making appearances in Japan and Mexico scheduled for Monday, due to the tragic events in Colorado. A Warner Bros spokeswoman also said that out of respect for the victims and their families, Warner Bros. Pictures will not be reporting box office numbers for The Dark Knight Rises throughout the weekend.

Warner Bros already cancelled the movie's Paris premiere, which was to include appearances by the cast and crew, including director Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, who plays Batman.

Twelve people were killed and 58 hurt in the attack at a Century 16 cinema in Aurora, near Denver.

No Sensitivity

Thanks to MichaelG.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail seem to be taking great delight in trying to pin the killer's behaviour on something that can be readily demonised.

See  Dark Knight gunman 'lost touch with reality' after becoming obsessed with computer games as it emerges relationship break-up could be to blame for killing spree from

See The Joker thinks he's in a movie: 'Crazy' behaviour of Dark Knight massacre gunman in prison revealed from



Offsite Article: Batman Cinema Massacre...

Link Here21st July 2012
Full story: Colorado Massacre...Mass murder at a cinema showing Batman
Daily Mail looks to blame killer's membership of adult website, whilst US commentators more wisely consider that the problem may be best addressed through gun control

See article from


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