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Internet Censorship in Iraq

Draconian penalties for the usual computer offences



Iraq blocks 400 porn websites

Link Here8th November 2022
Full story: Internet Censorship in Iraq...Draconian penalties for the usual computer offences

Iraq's Minister for Communications, Hiyam al-Yasiri, has decided to block all pornographic websites in the country, Iraq's State News Agency (INA) reported citing a statement by the ministry. A committee tasked by the minister has blocked 400 websites.

A similar bill was passed in 2015 by the Iraqi parliament but never implemented.

While the decision was widely welcomed, several others have argued that it is insufficient since the bill does not include social media platforms.

Many Iraqi social media users wrote that many could still open porn websites by downloading a free VPN application.



Sh! Don't tell the Tories, they'd use it as another weapon to bash the unemployed...

Iranian government dreams up an internet censorship scheme with personalised website blocking according to age and occupation

Link Here7th December 2017
Full story: Internet Censorship in Iraq...Draconian penalties for the usual computer offences
Iran's telecommunications minister says that his ministry wants to customize Internet blocking based on user's occupation, age, and other factors.

The attorney general's office has conditionally agreed with this plan, Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced on December 4.

Without providing any details, he said his ministry had reviewed suggestions made by the attorney general and prepared appropriate technical responses. He expressed hope that the office would give its final approval for the implementation of the plan.

Despite the regime's extenisve efforts to censor the Internet, Iranian users currently get around the restrictions by using anti-filtering programs or virtual private networks.


9th April

Life Threatening...

Draconian internet crimes law proposed in Iraq

Proposed legislation in Iraq has free speech and human rights watch groups on alert.

According to a translation from the Centre for Law and Democracy, Articles 3, 4, and 5 of Iraq's IT Crimes Law would impose a mandatory life sentence for anyone using a computer or the Internet to do any of the following:

  • compromise the unity of the state;
  • subscribe, participate, negotiate, promote, contract or deal with an enemy ... in order to destabilize security and public order or expose the country to danger;
  • damage, cause defects, or hinder [systems or networks] belonging to security military, or intelligence authorities with a deliberate intention to harm [state security].
  • promote ideas which are disruptive to public order ;
  • implement terrorist operations under fake names or to facilitate communication with members or leaders of terrorist groups ;
  • promote terrorist activites and ideologies or to publish information regarding the manufacturing, preparation and implementation of flammable or explosive devices, or any tools or materials used in the planning or execution of terrorist acts ; facilitate or promote human trafficking in any form ;
  • engage in trafficking, promoting or facilitating the abuse of drugs .

The Act also includes provisions to punish network users who create chaos in order to weaken the trust of the electronic system of the state, provoke or promote armed disobedience, disturb public order or harm the reputation of the country, or intrude, annoy or call computer and information network users without authorization or hinders their use.

Copyright infringement and hacking would also land users in big trouble under the Act, which proposes a 2- to 3-year prison term for either offense.


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