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15th May

Update: Nutter Prayers are Answered...

GCB cancelled on US TV

GCB has been canceled by ABC. That's the word from entertainment website

The wickedly funny comedy series, which focused on a group of church women/Dallas socialites, has garnered its share of controversy since its first debuted March 4 to modest ratings. Based on the novel Good Christian Bitches, the series' original title was changed to Good Christian Belles and later to just GCB .

Although viewership did increase, the series never caught on with enough viewers.


9th April

Update: Parents TV Council Recommends...


ABC's new Sunday night program GCB (original title: Good Christian Bitches ) imitates the Desperate Housewives formula: take a number of shallow, materialistic, sex-obsessed women; give them some pretext, no matter how flimsy, for acting catty and sniping at one another; and add a few bumbling, clueless, token husbands. Result: a new nighttime soap. Unfortunately, the Disney-owned network has also found it necessary to inject an insultingly caricatured and totally one-sided image of religion into the picture. All of the villainous, vengeance-crazed women are devout Christians.

The program's protagonist, non-believer Amanda -- supposedly the queen bitch in high school -- possesses the virtues of a saint. Meanwhile, the show's churchgoing good Christian women -- particularly their chief, Carlene Cockburn -- are presented as petty, two-faced, back-stabbing, liquor-swilling, sexually aggressive hypocrites.

This one-sided portrayal of Christians as uniformly wicked, and the show's sleazy mixture of sex and religious sentiment, reveal the attitudes of GCB's makers. The ONLY time Scripture is quoted on the program is when Carlene uses it as a hypocritical excuse to perform some blatantly un-Christian action. The ONLY thing viewers see occurring during the church service is Carlene offering a back-stabbing, slanderous prayer to attack other people. And the ONLY decent, likeable character on the program is also the only one who professes no religion. On GCB, Christianity is ALWAYS a farce, and ALL Christians are hypocrites, who ONLY use their religion to attack others and justify their own sinful actions.

GCB is merely the latest and most extreme example of the entertainment industry's uniquely unfair treatment of Christians and their religion. When does scripted prime-time television ever show Christianity as a positive influence, either in private life or in society as a whole?


14th March

Updated: Good Christian Bitching...

One Million Moms Recommend ABC's new TV show, GCB

One Million Moms (OMM) is a nutter project from the American Family Association. The Southern Poverty Law Center who monitors such groups designates them as an anti-gay hate group.

OMM's is currently calling for a boycott against Toys 'R' Us for selling the gay wedding issue of Archie. They have also called for a boycott of Dallas-based J.C. Penney store. The reason was the company's new spokeswoman, Ellen DeGeneres who is gay,

OMM director Monica Cole has now told a Christian news website that the group is calling for a boycott of GCB , the new ABC show about drunken, back-stabbing, big-hair, Park Cities ladies. On their website, One Million Moms put out an action alert about the show, which reads:

OMM is disgusted with the new program Good Christian Belles which is blasphemy at its worst! It is based on the book Good Christian B*tches and mocks Christianity repeatedly.

This anti-Christian program blasphemes God, Jesus Christ, God's Church, and the Bible. As Christians, we will not stand for this Christian-bashing program. No other religion has to contend with this ridicule so why should we?

The network's irresponsible behavior must be accounted for. They are deliberately attempting to sabotage our faith. Their actions are damaging and destructive to our religion.

As Christians we must demand respect. Together we will defend our Christian values and beliefs.

And they're already claiming a victory.  Kraft pulled their ad for Philadelphia Cream Cheese a few days ago, which OMM claims the company decided to do after consumer complaints started to pile up.

Update: One Million Moms Ignored

14th March 2012. From

Newt Gingrich has now joined the nutter attack on ABC's GCB , claiming it to be anti-Christian bigotry.

The group One Million Moms has called for a boycott of the show, labeling it blasphemy at its worst. B ut after just two weeks on the air, GCB seems to be doing OK.

It's common for a new series to lose 20% of its audience between the pilot and the second episode. But GCB dropped only 4%, going from 7.56 million viewers in week one to 7.25 million in week two. That's impressive audience retention. Much more importantly, GCB gained share among 18- to 49-year-olds, those coveted, credit card carrying, disposable income-laden consumers.


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